Democrats Use Science As A Weapon

August 17, 2011 8:25 am 1 comment

Maybe Al Gore should try practicing what he preaches. - Courtesy:

For the better part of a century, socialists (Democrats) have been using science as a weapon to destroy the very fabric of American society. Today they propagate the global warming myth, forty years ago they were sounding the global cooling alarm, and they’ve used junk science to teach evolution in our nation’s schools.

To the socialist it is somehow easier to believe that aliens put us here or that we emerged from some primordial sludge than it is to believe in God. Socialist leadership, under the guise of “organizing”, use the environment, gay rights, immigration, or any number of causes as a form of religion to keep their unwitting masses in line. Their absence of God, and therefore morality, leaves these desperate souls longing to believe in something. How else can you explain a human being that is willing to risk their life to save a tree or a whale, yet they have no qualms about aborting a baby or assisted suicide?

I’m not sure who first coined the phrase science is a weapon but the great Ayn Rand used the phrase in her epic first novel entitled We the Living. The book is loosely based on her experience of growing up in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution. She finally flees communist Russia in 1926 just prior to her twenty-first birthday.

Rand is famous for her characters giving lengthy speeches throughout her books. In We the Living, the book’s main character Kira, is attending technical university. She is sitting in the lecture hall listening to candidates for student council give their campaign speeches. That’s when Pavel Syerov takes to the stage and opines “Comrades! The doors of science are open to us, sons of toil! Science is now in our own calloused hands (after the communists seized power). We have outgrown that old bourgeois (capitalist) prejudice about the objective impartiality of science. Science is not impartial. Science is a weapon of class struggle.”

We see science used as a political weapon all the time. The “Climategate” scandal demonstrated that there is widespread falsification of data and corruption among the world’s leading climate scientists. However, the socialist democrats and their propaganda machine (the mainstream media) continue to cling to this red herring and claim global warming is fact when in reality it is a poorly conceived hypothesis that has been completely disproved.

More recently, Charles Monnett, the scientist who stated that polar bears are in danger if they have to swim farther for their food is being investigated for “unspecified integrity issues,” which is socialist speak for lying.

Even though Al Gore’s book and movie An Inconvenient Truth have both been thoroughly debunked, it still doesn’t stop this socialist buffoon from continuing to repeat the great global warming lie and pocket hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. Just recently Gore went on an expletive laced tirade championing the granddaddy of all falsehoods. Of course no one in the mainstream media calls him on it, in fact, useful idiots like Chris Matthews actually help him perpetuate the myth.

A few weeks ago Matthews went on the war path claiming that anyone who presents an opposing view to global warming is “evil and corrupt.”  Matthews spews this lunacy even with recent reports from NASA and the Air Force that blow more gaping holes in the global warming hypothesis.

The NASA report shows that the earth’s atmosphere is allowing heat to escape and that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not trapping heat (the greenhouse effect) as has been widely speculated.

The Air Force report is even more damning to the socialist cause; it says that the sun is going into a period of decreased activity and that the earth is on the brink of a mini ice-age.

So you see, to the socialist democrat, science is just another means at their disposal to further the destruction of a free American society. To them the ends always justifies the means. In other words, they will lie, cheat, and steal to implement their dream of a socialist state.


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  • Once again Todd you have hit the nail on the head…I sure wish we could get some elected leadership in office to fight with us instead of against us…

    I sure hope when (Yes when because Obama is though) We the People bestow the rains of power back to the Republicans that they will stand by us and lead the way in taring down all the destructive policies that have been enacted upon us due to this lie from the left..Well i guess we need to include Mitt Romney since he agrees with them..

    If the elected leadership really wants to save this nation get out of the way of we the people and take all those destructive policies with you!!

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