Mexican Drug Cartels Infiltrating US Law Enforcement

August 20, 2011 8:01 am 2 comments

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Bill Kneer

The Houston Chronicle has a story, the headline of which got me thinking so I did what one should never do; I read the story in the Chronicle. The headline ” Cartels lure S. Texas officers to dark side Nine charged or imprisoned over drugs or guns in the past 16 months Here is the first  first paragraph:

Nine South Texas lawmen have been charged or sent to prison in the past 16 months for using their badges to sneak drugs or guns through the U.S.-Mexico border region from Laredo to Brownsville.

I am so happy that we have caught a few of the corrupt LEOs but I fear this is only the tip of the iceberg. The drugs are everywhere and most people seem to not even care. In the Cy-Fair School district I have heard that they sell right out in the open with officers there knowing what is going on. They are not implying that the officers are corrupt or in on this evil but they also do nothing. The story I hear is that they are afraid and apathetic, that it will do no good to stop the little guy because the cartel will just find another student to sell their drugs.

Although I do understand this it, makes me mad because we all know what is going on and yet nothing is done to stop it.

Mexico is overrun by corruption, the cartels are active in every area of government and now as a nation and as a people there is little they can do. Now because of the open borders policies that are supported by the left (and a few on the right even here locally in Houston) and our nation’s lack of will to do anything top stop the crime associated with illegal immigration, the effect of these Mexican cartels is seen here and its digging in deeper and deeper and yet we do nothing. We accept the open borders, and we accept the sanctuary cities.

We have had some fine police on the border do their jobs and do them well but when they cross the cartels our own nation puts them in jail. Johnny Sutton put many in jail for doing their jobs and then helped the drug runners by giving them freedom and access to this nation. So what do we expect will happen? It is not hard to figure out. If we harm those who protect us and help those who hurt us, the morally weak will just change sides. This is our fault. We have trained them through our actions as a nation to look the other way, out of self interest.

So now they are infiltrating the border guards and the police? Well this is something as a nation WE have set into motion by our unwillingness to do the right thing.

If we as a nation and as a people want to stop this we need to change our policies and our actions. The Federal Government needs to secure our borders and enforce our nation’s laws and we need to give assurances to those in law enforcement that we will be behind them and on their side. We need to let them know we will honor them for doing their jobs, not put them in prison and ruin their lives.

If we do nothing soon we will be just as bad and corrupt as is Mexico. Its up to you!


  • If these officers are in jail for allowing guns and weapons to cross the border then why is not the ATF and the DOJ and the wWhite House in JAIL?? They are not above the LAW. Our government is corrupt at this point and heads need to roll. It is our obligation as Americans to get those public servants out of office and in jail and the sooner the better. Obama and Holder should resign for their part in this, The fact they are not all over this shows their involvment. Nixon even said that the top needs to take responsibility and he did over Watergate and he resigned. Obama and Holder are so involved they stink with it.

    • give me some facts that prove that obama or Holder are involved in drugs and guns? We have conspirators testifying that the president and his assistants were violating many laws and that is why he resigned, otherwise, he would have been indicted. he was pardoned by Ford to keep him out of jail. You just make stuff up and that is slanderous and doesn’tt help a very grave situation. I ggurantee you that Obama and Holder work all day and niht on these issues and are working and giveeing Calderon a lot of help to try and crush the cartles. You should examine the facts before you make such blanket statements. If you are a good American, as I’m sure you believe you are, it is incumbent upon yourself to find the facts before you make such allegations about corruption. I do not care from what point of view you have, but you sure will not convince a soul with empty rhetoric

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