The Response Rally – The Only Thing Political About It Was The Media Covering It

August 8, 2011 4:01 pm 2 comments

The floor of Reliant Stadium was packed with Americans praying for a nation in crisis.

Houston, TX – There was a smattering of protesters greeting attendees of the Response Rally in Houston, Texas on Saturday. No more than two or three dozen by my estimation compared to more than 25,000 who flocked to Reliant Stadium to pray for a nation in crisis.

The majority of the protesters were there in support of gay marriage. There were also a few people who were protesting for separation of church and state and, of course, there were a few atheists protesting God knows what.

A representative from Americans United for a Separation of Church and State was passing out a press release from their leader, Reverend Barry Lynn that asserts that Governor Perry is not recognizing “America’s wide spiritual diversity.”

Perhaps the good reverend would be better served to study his bible rather than Alinsky since his church has more in common with the radical socialist left-wing in this country than it does with mainstream Christianity.

Reverend Lynn talks about America’s great diversity but even with our vast melting pot more than three-quarters of Americans consider themselves to be Christian. Even with this overwhelming Christian majority, nothing prevents Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, or any other religion in America from building places of worship. Nor does anything prevent Atheists from not participating religious activities.

The gay rights groups protesting outside of Reliant Stadium were holding up signs that said “hate” on them. What these groups fail to recognize is that Christians do not hate them. We believe their chosen lifestyle is a sin but it is for God pass judgment not us.

We believe, as do the vast majority of Americans, that marriage is between a man and a woman. It is our constitutional right to defend that belief just as it is your constitutional right to protest against it. In America you are welcome to live your life as you wish, that is why so many people risk life and limb to get here. Try living the gay lifestyle in any middle-eastern or northern-African country, you will be stoned to death if you are even suspected of being gay. If getting married is that important, you have the freedom to move to New York or Massachusetts and live happily ever after.

For those making the separation of church and state argument, those words do not appear anywhere in the U.S. Constitution; what the Constitution does say is: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” So I ask you, how does Governor Perry exercising his right to pray establish a religion? It does not.

The rally was funded entirely by private donations not with tax dollars. Although the same cannot be said for abortion, global warming, and many other government boondoggles.

Using that logic, Christians could easily make the argument that government tax dollars are being spent to teach creationism in our nation’s schools, therefore, government is in fact establishing atheism as the national religion.

Many media outlets have tried to portray some of the pastors endorsing or participating in the event as “radical.” The leftist media loses all credibility with this argument when they still don’t hold President Obama accountable for his twenty-year association with the radical Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his belief in Black Liberation Theology. Not too mention his many blasphemous and seditious statements about his country.

The Response rally was exactly what it was purported to be, an uplifting day of prayer and worship. There were blacks, whites and Latinos. Young and old. Jews praying with Christians.

There were those that looked like they stepped out of an 80’s hair band video praying alongside those that looked like Larry the Cable Guy. There were those wearing khakis and an oxford shirt worshiping alongside women dressed wearing a hijab (head scarf). There were people reaching to the heavens and those so moved that they fell to their hands and knees.

There was nothing political about the Response other than the media that covered it. Most of the media members isolated themselves in a room far away from the power of the day’s events, watching on closed circuit television, and stuffing their faces with free food and drink. Only a small handful of the media sat in the seats reserved for us. They were the only two empty rows of seats until you reached the stadium’s third tier.

Rest assured that the Houston Texans wished the crowds that come to watch them play were as loud as the crowd that turned out to see Governor Perry, Dr. Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King Jr.), David Barton, Luis Cataldo, Laura Allred, Doug Stringer, Florida Governor Rick Scott (who appeared by video), Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, and Tony Evans to name just a few. There were times that the stadium seats were shaking from the crowd noise in response to the message and music of the day. Peyton Manning would be hard pressed to run his offense in the face of that much crowd noise.

But then again Peyton is a Christian…



  • Thanks, this was well said..Its sad that Christens are made out to be hateful people because we pray for others and those who hate and demonize Christens are looked at by the world as loving kind people…The homosexual community is hateful and brutal…

    People can say what they want about Rick Perry but at least he had the courage to do what he knows to be right…The bible says to pray and Rick and a leader has the courage to do so despite all those on the left and right that will hate him for it…Not me…I love the fact that he knows what the problem with this nation is and he has the right attitude and idea of what we need to fix it…

    Rick knows the problem with this nation is man…Man is at his core evil and without GOD we can do no good. We have been electing people to lead this nation that reflect us.. and since we are an evil people we get evil leaders…If we want to change this nation we change it by turning away from evil and asking GOD for his help..

    So to all those who claim to want to save this nation you need to do as Gov. Perry did and ask GOD to change you…and by doing so you will be helping to save this nation….We will only get GODLY honorable leaders when we become a GODLY and honorable people..

  • i agree that prayer is the answer for this nation. however, it is disturbing that rick perry would host a prayer rally immediately before announcing his run for the presidency. this isn’t a testimony to perry’s belief in the power of prayer. instead, it is perry’s attempt to pull in votes of the conservative christian. please look at perry’s support of Al Gore to see his true colors. perry isn’t any more conservative than bush 2.0 was. bush betrayed the conservatives and so will perry. there are better options than being fooled by a neocon again.

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