Killing Us Softly: The Battle for the Future of Civilization

October 5, 2011 11:33 am 3 comments

Dying civilizations have a few things in common.  One of the most significant is the progressive devaluation of human life and elevation of pleasure over the social responsibility to reproduce.  Without a “go forth and multiply” mindset, societies once proud and dominant will whither and decay.  Ruling the world is a constant battle to rule the future.  The nations that value life, but more importantly, the nations that understand the connection between respect for human life and numerical strength, will rule the future.  Rome was destroyed not only by Goth invaders, but by its refusal to reproduce in sufficient numbers to repel invasion.

America must value life, or the last best hope of mankind will fall, creating a power vacuum in which those anti-freedom elements with the highest levels of reproduction will gradually assume control of western institutions.  Islam has already achieved effective control over European nations with high levels of immigration from Islamic states, displacing the local population and installing Sharia law in once peaceful communities.  The militant Islamic “call to prayer” rings out every morning over Oxford, England.

This is not something to push until tomorrow.  This is a problem to address today.

To quote Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a changin’.”
No longer the staunch defender of human life of past decades, America is fast becoming a nation that worships death as a “right.”  Nations that trod this path eventually prey on their citizens, gradually but consistently extending the newfound “right to die” to more and more categories of people, until death is viewed as the consummate answer to life’s problems.  America has joined in a deadly embrace.  There is still hope, however, because those who remember America’s true form are still living and can reclaim America’s true identity.  Only, they must have the moral courage to do so.  The push to enshrine death as a right must be stopped before the present generation passes away, because those who will replace the previous generation of Americans have a utilitarian view of human life, as something to be capriciously discarded as the circumstance dictates, be that an unwanted pregnancy or a Medicare recipient who is draining taxpayer dollars and depriving future recipients of care.

Societies built on such selective death begin with the move against the historic western responsibility to protect the old and nurture the young, and end with the young perishing by the cruel machine they set in motion.  Recall the famous sci-fi classic, Logan’s Run, or the equally notable Soylent Green.  In both of these worlds, the old are sacrificed on the altar of resource distribution.  In Logan’s Run, an age limit exists.  Those who reach age thirty must die.  In Soylent Green, the old are euthanized and then liquefied for the nourishment of the living.  Both movies illustrate moral principles by means of a literary extreme, but America is not exempt from the application of these principles.  Should we think that because we deny treatment to the elderly under President Obama’s healthcare reform measure to “save” Medicare, thereby removing potentially life-saving treatment from those who need it, that we are not committing mass acts of murder?  No, there are no camps.  No, there is no executioner.  The American people stand as executioner, collectively judging who is worthy of life.

Death is all around us.  Because we call murder a “choice” and hire doctors to perform the grisly deed, we consider ourselves morally divergent from gruesome totalitarian regimes like the Nazis or even the Communists.  Because babies with autism are aborted instead of euthanized as adults, Americans wrongly think themselves morally superior to the likes of Joseph Mengele, who murdered children, or to the German doctors who willingly euthanized the mentally ill.  To those who would rationalize the slaughter of innocent life with deceptive monikers like “mercy” or “choice,” it may be useful to examine the following principle:

If it’s not a human, kill it; no defense is necessary.  If it is a human, then no defense is possible.

The word “human” is actionable, which is why arguments surrounding the nature of the word “person,” the legal term used to define citizens with all the rights enumerated in the Constitution, most important of which is the inalienable right to life, usually seek to de-humanize the word when applied to unborn fetuses.  In the attempt to undercut an infant’s right to life is a tacit acknowledgement that to kill a human being would be unconscionable and unconstitutional.  By classifying infants as “non-persons,” those in favor of death-on-demand are absolved from criminal wrongdoing.  Problematically for abortion advocates, the words “person” and “human” are used in encyclopedias interchangeably and scientists are fairly sure that human fetuses will not transform into aardvarks on delivery.  Furthermore, fetuses feel pain at 20 weeks gestation, when most abortions take place.  How then, is this line of thinking justifiable?  How then, can infants be considered “non-persons”?

Partial birth abortion, a procedure that President Obama vocally favors, consists of removing an otherwise deliverable, healthy fetus several inches out of the birth canal, whereby the abortionist inserts a scalpel into the skull of the infant.  The fetus feels this incision.  The scalpel is then followed by a vacuum, which is used to suck out the brains, crushing the cranium and making the next parts of the procedure less cumbersome.  The fetus is then disemboweled and tossed into the trash.  America is so much more civilized.  We don’t gas people in pretentious showers; we exterminate in the womb.

It is one short step from abortion to selective abortion, whereby families select the genetic features of their infant, and abort fetuses that fail to match up.  America has already embraced this “brave new” approach to childbearing.

From there, it is one short step to euthanizing living infants, and then young adults, the elderly, the mentally handicapped, and those who can’t “go on.”

Holland is a cautionary whale.  Holland began with voluntary euthanasia for those with significant and debilitating infirmities and ended with involuntary euthanasia for any and every class of person as a medical cost-saving measure.  Involuntary euthanasia accounts for over 1,000 deaths in Holland annually.  Children 12 and older can now request euthanasia for any reason without parental consent.  Living infants are euthanized in Holland under the Groningen Protocol for things as medically irrelevant as the size of a newborn male’s implement, and the psychological problems this may cause the male later in life.  In short, the Dutch have grown perverse.  Would anyone today believe that it was Dutch doctors who refused to implement Nazi eugenicist policies at the cost of their own lives?  Holland actually has a committee to decide who lives and dies.  Holland has joined the ranks of the Twilight Zone.

Humans cannot be trusted to wield the power of life and death responsibly, which is why free nations typically invest the right to life in a power higher than human agency, so that it stands above reproach.

The jury is out. At present, the future is ruled by nations and people groups with political, cultural and legal traditions inconsistent with the principles of freedom, and these nations and people groups are descending on America in the form of immigrants.  For a moment, put away the preconditioned response to such logic as “racist bigotry” or “xenophobia.”  Facts are facts.  Islamic peoples have demonstrated traditions inconsistent with freedom.  Hispanic peoples, when in control of the political machinery, are historically prone to revolution and the institution of social disparity as a means of control.  Even Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Casteneda agrees, advising America that it would have to get used to revolutions as part of any intended economic merger with Mexico under the Free Trade Area of the Americas umbrella.[i]

At present, America and the halls of freedom do not rule the future.  Abortion, mercy death, selective healthcare rationing, and the elevation of sexual pleasure over procreation are doing their job.  The UN estimates that Europe will lose 200 million people by 2050 as a new Muslim majority dawns.  Census estimates for the US show natives being displaced by persons of foreign origin by 2050.

Despite the dire forecast, it is not too late.  America can rise to face its demons and reclaim the future, not only for our people, but the people of the world, who would be forever lost without the burning lamp of freedom and truth that is the United States of America.  Which destiny will we choose?

[i] Jorge G. Castaneda, Companero:  The Life and Death of Che Guevera, (New York: Vintage, 1998), 371.



  • Alas, America is Rome, circa 450 AD. Most people are just too ignorant or stupid to realize it. When America disintegrates, Islam will take over. Bet on it.

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