Our Elected Dictator?

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President Obama is fast becoming the equivalent of an elected dictator, and Republicans are stopping short of the necessary action, placing political considerations connected with the fallout following the Clinton impeachment proceedings above the safety of the United States.  This past week at the Jobs Council meeting, President Obama announced that he would begin to spend the American people’s money without the legislative authorization of Congress, an unprecedented step.  As President Obama brazenly declared, “Scour this report, identify all those areas in which we can act administratively without additional congressional authorization and just get it done.”   Action must be taken.  The halfhearted pseudo measures must stop.  Criminals don’t respond to verbal mudslinging.  If President Obama refuses to play by the rules, then the modus operandi of the opposition must change.

Since he was elected, President Obama has employed executive orders and other unconstitutional instruments to arbitrarily seize power.  Although seemingly harmless to those unfamiliar with American legal precedent, President Obama’s actions have serious implications for freedom in America.  America is in real danger.  This is not just politics as usual.

Thanks to President Bush, national emergencies have now been transformed into power-grabbing devices via National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD) 51.  NSPD 51 empowers the president to co-opt all state and local government authority in the event he declares a national emergency, a self-declared power not subjugated to the National Emergencies Act of 1976 as in previous directives.  Under NSPD 51, President Obama is now virtually uninhibited by Congress, free to flip the switch at any moment.

And just what are some of the things Obama might do with this newfound power?  The evidence is all around.  Abuses of power have characterized Obama’s first year as President:  Through his czars, Obama has gained virtually direct control of banks, manufacturing, healthcare and wages.  Entire industries, e.g. the energy sector, have been assaulted by the Obama White House, and federal court orders demanding the president cease this type of illicit economic intervention have been willfully ignored.

Czars have taken control of all too many key policy areas.  If it moves, it probably has a czar.  In fact, free speech has been openly assaulted by Obama and his regulatory czar, who promises to usher in speech codes and outright bans of certain ideas unfavorable to the President’s policy agenda.  Maoists have even begun making policy in the Whitehouse, in some cases stating their preferences with alarming candor.  It would appear that such preferences were a major part of the climate change agenda.  And although some of these officials were removed, the fact that the Obama Administration ever employed such persons is appalling.

In a previous article, I made some predictions regarding the manipulation of swine flu concerns to lay the foundation for martial law.  Looking at a series of seemingly unrelated events, an alarming picture emerged.  The military was discussing plans for regional deployment locations to fight swine flu.  Defense Secretary Robert Gates asked for the authority to post 400,000 active-duty troops in communities all over the United States.  Obama began implementation of a Bush-era plan to base 80,000 troops domestically to address “civil unrest and crowd control.”  He also advanced new quarantine regulations which give him the unbridled power to imprison anyone with a disease listed in Executive Order 13375, including the much-hyped swine flu.  These regulations even permit “provisional” quarantine of persons not actually carrying any virus, for any reason.  Those who do not agree to be vaccinated can also to be quarantined.  In this context, when President Obama prepares to “bypass federal rules,” an ominous note fills the air. The evidence would appear to indicate that swine flu sensationalism was just a dry run, intended to secure despotic power, a goal apparently prized by Obama.

Martial law indeed appears to be the aim.  Last year President Obama blatantly ignored federal statute regarding the deployment of national guardsmen within domestic US territory, appointing a Council of Governors (COG) to identify potential uses of guardsmen in civilian situations.  Now a council that is accountable only to Obama will be able to deploy the military anywhere in the US.  If this is the new normal, Americans should feel highly vulnerable.  By proposing COG, Obama is clearly relying on the self-declared authority given to him in Directive 51 to ensure “continuity” of state and local government, a power not mentioned in the Constitution.

Army studies are already making calls for a permanent national police force to work in conjunction with the President’s new designs.  This force would be in addition to the new and potentially mandatory civilian national security force, which has been given broad power to address national “needs” related to “natural and other disasters,” “infrastructure improvement,” “environmental stewardship and conservation,” “energy conservation,” and “urban and rural development.”  The genesis legislation reiterates that the corps will “combine the best practices of civilian service with the best aspects of military service.”  Whenever these two spheres have been combined, horror was the result.  Think Lenin’s Cheka.

With such a preponderance of political power, only one thing stands in President Obama’s way:  Americans.  Under the pretense of fighting homegrown terrorism, Obama has implemented a program that allows the CIA to assassinate US Citizens.  Should the President decide to arbitrarily classify political opponents as terrorists, he would only need issue a hit order, instead of a court order.

The America we knew has been forever altered.  Emergency powers, executive orders, and the complete restructuring of American government along undemocratic lines, have made the presidency an effective dictatorship, with only the limits that those with power concede.  Certain state governors would like to formalize the present situation and bypass national elections in 2012.

No matter how hard Congress may try to stop the dam from breaking, it is a fact that seizures of power like those mentioned long outlive their welcome.  And Congress, far from protecting the Constitution, is aiding and abetting its demise.  In fact, only a year ago Senate leaders talked about abolishing the historic filibuster, removing the last vanguard against complete and unfettered despotic rule.  And, as recently as the ObamaCare debate, House leadership sought the power to ignore roll-call votes and “deem” legislation passed. Midterm elections slowed the momentum of such proposals, but the seeds of destruction are still present.

America is blessed that it has taken so long for public officials to abuse their sacred trust.  But besides President Lincoln, there are few men with the moral stamina to take all power, and then voluntarily give it back.  And in the hands of a man like President Obama, seizures of power like those mentioned before are breathtakingly dangerous.  Americans must resist.

America’s existential clock is ticking.  This may be our last chance.  Troops are not yet marching into suburban neighborhoods and rounding up political criminals, but this type of scenario is no longer impossible due to the broad nature of President Obama’s suspicious executive orders and NSPD 51.  In fact, the new National Security Strategy suggests neighborhood spy programs designed to root out “radicals,” a subjective term with chilling implications for freedom of thought.

The hour is late and Americans must speak up.

The intensity and frequency of Obama’s abuses cause Americans to daily re-set to a “new normal” avoiding a painful reality that demands action.  American passivity has only emboldened this perversion of a presidency.

Americans owe it to their children to legally, but actively, resist what Obama is doing to our country.  What will future generations say if freedom fails and we plead ignorance?  America has bounced back from two world wars and a Great Depression, an east-west struggle challenging the very core of freedom, and a devastating terrorist attack.  America can and must survive Obama.

The founding fathers had a word to describe the events transpiring in America today, the disregard of the Constitution, the centralization of power in a few hands: tyranny.

This will either be a nation of free men and women, or it will be the next in a long line of tyrannies.  There is no one to save America if America falls.  This generation must decide the fate of American liberty.  And we must start by knowing our enemy, even if he is our own president.

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