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Harris County Commissioner Jack Cagle is Ready To Build In Precinct 4

n October 3rd, 2011, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett made a great decision by appointing Jack Cagle as Harris County Commissioner of Precinct 4.

The Houston Chronicle featured a great piece on “Cactus Jack” Cagle. Here is an excerpt:

JACK Cagle plotted a road map for his life when his peers still were daydreaming of being superheroes or race car drivers.

The plan was simple but ambitious: He would become a lawyer, then a judge, then hold another elected office that would allow him to shape public policy.


Another Islamic Terror Threat In Texas?

Call from Southwest Flight to Amarillo international airport said someone was trying to break into the cockpit. Iranian man Ali Reza Shahsavari was shouting on Southwest Airlines Flight 3683: “You are all going to die. You are all going to hell. AllahuAkbar.”

The flight with 136 passengers and five crew members on board wisely made an emergency landing. Ali Reza Shahsavari was arrested. TSA agents say they could not talk to him because of a “language barrier”. Other news reports say he was allegedly born in United States. I know a lot of Iranians, but do not know of any Iranians born in United States who cannot speak fluent English!

It is reported that someone identifying herself as his sister was flying with Ali and given charge of his luggage.

OWS: The Perestroika Deception Develops a Face

In recent weeks, every American has watched with morbid curiosity as swarms of hate-filled, sputtering communist loons and Hippie-wannabees have taken to the streets, shutting down cities and leaving a path of destruction wherever they go. Although many Americans disagree with the stated agenda of these radicals, most think them harmless, dismissing their acts as pathetic attempts to resurrect the failed social movements of the sixties.
But this group of determined radicals is not to be laughed at. Lisa Fithian, the primary OWS organizer, is an unrepentant communist and proponent of government and economic destabilization as a means of achieving totalitarian centralization along communist lines.

Bachmann Is Right On National Security – Nuclear Powered Islamic Republic Of Iran!

We must never allow a nuclear powered islamic republic of Iran. Those of us who have lived under islamic regimes especially in Iran, know how dangerous the madman terrorist leader Ahmadinejad and his spiritual advisors are to the rest of the world! While Hussein obama has lied about his promise to never allow a nuclear powered Iran, and sent apology letter to islamic republic of Iran, Iran was caught recently trying to commit mass murder on our streets. The videos in the full story will reveal Ahmadinejad calling alongside of Millions of his supporters the awful chant: “Death to America” even as he tried to bamboozle the world on his nuclear ambitions. National Security is obviously Michele Bachmann’s strength since she serves on the Armed services committee. All the GOP candidates should have spent less time bickering and come to support one another when the right moment was upon them. The Bachmann video reveals one of those important moments when hussein obama’s failed policy on Iran and the rest of the islamic world was exposed for the world to act now.

Where Military Headstones Come From

I spent my final few months in the Army as the NCO in charge of military funerals. For those that don’t know, our veterans have the option of having full military honors at their funerals. This entails the famous 21 Gun Salute, military pallbearers, and of course the flag draped coffin which is folded graveside and presented to the family.

This was probably the toughest assignment I had during my five years of Army service. Supervising the details of the funeral wasn’t what was hard – what was hard was presenting the flag to the grieving family.

As a veteran, I’ve already told my wife that I would like full military honors when God calls me to the promised land. Part of this honor is classic white marble headstone which comes from Vermont.