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America The Beautiful – Fall From Grace

Today as I look around at the city I live in, the state I live in, the nation I live in and the world we all live in, all I see is a world ruled by evil people that are attempting to take us all down with them. We are ruled by an evil class of people that steal from the people for their own personal power and their own personal gain.

For many of the minions that are used as labor or fodder to feed the evil desires of the ruling class, most hide their pain within the world in a culture of evil and escape into the fantasy of the worldly lust that is freely given by television and the culture at large.

As I sit and ponder, I wonder “how did things ever get so bad?” How did this once mighty and Godly nation that was founded upon the biblical principles that God laid out for us in his Word fall so far.

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Muslims Demand All Citizens Stop Celebrating Christmas Or There Will Be Hell To Pay!

Faithful Muslim leaders in Europe and their allies in United States begin a campaign to stop all of us from wishing  “Merry Christmas”. According to their document just released, we should all go to hell for even putting up Christmas light. They threaten hell to pay on those who celebrate the birth of our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Will you be intimidated this year and only say “happy holidays” or “seasons greetings” or hide your Christmas tree in schools and censor out Christianity from the front of our public buildings out of fear of what the muslim terrorists might do to you if you dare celebrate the most important event in all of history?

The Implications of Proliferating Regional Government

All over the world, regions stand where nations once stood. The world is on the cusp of a revolution in political arrangements, as the citizens of the world are losing control with hardly a word spoken.

After the successful Aunschluss of the Lisbon Treaty took place, historic European nations fell one by one to the power of the European Union. Recent reports indicate that a small elite now governs Europe, through a highly removed and secretive process. Examples of this newfound European collectivism were observed recently in Greece, when EU officials threatened to place the nation of Greece in suzerainty, due to unsustainable debt obligations. A nation reduced to province? But this trend is not limited to Europe.

Texas Death Panels – Why Is Texas Killing Old People?

With the noise making about the health care reform now called health insurance reform, people on the left and right are busy throwing stones and shouting down each other, including our governor who if he is not threatening secession is headlining a ‘tea party’ with Glen Beck. Then is the first in line to call the Federal Government to send vaccines, or playing politics with stimulus money to pay unemployment insurance but turns round and borrow money from the Federal Government for the same purpose (Thank God for some sensible people in the Texas Legislature) How I wish November 2012 will come quickly let’s get this joke over with.

Anyway back to the killing old people stuff. During the governorship of George W. Bush, the Texas Legislature enacted a little known provision called The Advance Directives Act as part of a Health and Safety Code,

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Herman Cain’s Accuser Filed Same Complaint At Her Next Job

Karen Kraushaar is the “anonymous woman” who filed the sexual harassment complaint against Herman Cain while they were at the National Restaurant Association. Yesterday Karen’s brother-in-law “outed” her.

Today we learn that Karen filed a similar complaint while at her next job (INS in Justice Department); but when confronted by the news media about that complaint, she said she just could not remember the details. Huh? She can remember every last detail from her complaint against Cain (1999) but cannot remember the details of her own complaint in 2003 while at INS.