The Church That Preaches Inequality – Who Am I?

November 4, 2011 1:19 pm 0 comments

For the first time in my life, someone told me I am not black enough and it happened in, of all places in the church? The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church meeting in Mobile Alabama to elect the leaders of the church decided to elect an indigenous Bishop for Africa, with limitations: The Bishop essentially will not have the same rights and privileges as an American Bishop: The African Bishop cannot preside over an American District, the African Bishop will be paid half the salary of an American Bishop, the African Bishop will perpetually be a junior Bishop and cannot become a Senior Bishop in the church. Basically, he/she will be a half Bishop, and they General Conference of the church passed the motion when the African delegation had no one seated. So I got up and raise a point requesting that copies of resolutions and reports be placed on the table of the African delegates, when the African delegates returned to the hall almost 2 hours after the resumption of business session, I got up and raise a point that the resolution to elect and African Bishop and to divide the African continent into 2 and give one to an American Bishop was passed with the African Delegation present, and that if an African Bishop is to be elected, he/she should not be limited by any rule or statute, he should be at par with the other Bishops of the Church. Before the Chairman could answer my question I was surrounded by the Bishop and all his minions who flew into a rage and we went into a meeting where I was told that we have to start from somewhere. I gave them a lesson in starting somewhere: 50 years ago, Bishop JHU Edidaha handed the United African Congregational Church to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church; in appreciation the CME church demoted Edidaha to the post of presiding Elder, because according to them, he did not have enough education and appointed an American trained neophyte to preside over Edidaha. The CME in Nigeria was told that they have to start somewhere. For 50 years African American Bishops have been coming to Africa and going back rich men, when it came time to elect an African Bishop this time, they chose to make them sign the limitations which made my dad withdrew from the race because he refused to sign and sell his soul to the devil.

Reverend (questionable) Mary Campbell McKinney, so-called Missions Coordinator (which in CME lingo means a perpetual hangers on and personality cult member) and wife Florida Region Presiding Elder Roscoe McKinney called me and told me that to see an African Bishop would be a milestone, which I do not understand because I do not have a slave background because I was not born in America. This is in a church that is 100% African Americans, one of the historically black denominations. Then she went on to make an example that even though Barack Obama is not really black, but was supported by African Americans, so I asked that means I am not black enough and Obama is not black enough and she answered…….wait for it…..YES! This in the church of God that was founded by ex-slaves because of how they were treated in the Methodist Church South; Black on black racism in the church, no wonder we are stagnated! So all the African delegates came out and sing the Bishops glory for giving them a Bishop and the Bishop decided to be generous and gave each of them 5 dollars for snacks. That is how cheap our African American church leaders paid for Africans fresh off the boat!

Dr. J. Prophet Mbong runs Zoe Heritage SP, an Evangelistic & Publishing business and Author of Miles’ Vision of an Essential Church – 140 Years Later. ( A look at Historically Black denominations, homosexual and corrupt Bishops and church leaders and Black Liberation Theology they preach) available on Amazon, B&N and

Author of : The Jonah In Us: Finding Faith and Life’s Purpose a Personal Experience (an overachieving Pastors child is lost when he accomplished his goals early, he finds faith and purpose in the most unlikely places: The Criminal Justice system). A story of redemption, faith, respect, selfless service and second chances.

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