America’s Savior – The Rise Of The American Tea Party

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Before the War for Southern Independence until the mid-twentieth century, the Democratic Party was the more conservative party, and by that,I mean it believed in a proper balance of power between the states and the general government. Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was a clear step towards the left and quite frankly kept us in the Great Depression for 10 years while Europe only had a two year depression, a fact not lost on our current Democrat leaders as they work to bankrupt our country possibly paving the way for a one world government.

When the Nazis moved through Europe, Communists fled to New England. They worked their way into the Democrat party and by the late 1970’s, it was clear to a then 20-year-old GI that the Democrats had gone the way of big, centralized government, leaving those conservative families who had voted Democrat for generations in the dust. Unfortunately, far too many of these people don’t pay any attention to what’s going on and still vote Democrat. I have uncles like that. They were taught to hate Republicans because of the War, and by that I mean the War Between the States.

For a brief time, the 1970s and 80s, the Republican Party became the conservative, “states-rights” party. Then, the worst thing possible happened. They became the party in power. Soon, lobbyists were swarming all over them. This was in the 1990s when the ME generation was in full swing. Republicans very quickly became the Party of ME and, just like in the Reconstruction Era, Republican votes where once again for sale to the highest bidder. When John Boehner became Speaker of the House after a particularly bad episode of Lobbyist scandal and denied there was any reason for reform, the Republican Party was sunk and the Democrats had a straight shot to the White House.

Where did this leave we conservatives? We had no party. Here in Texas, we began to go toe-to-toe with our Republican Governor, Rick Perry. First, it was the Trans Texas Corridor, which we fought tooth-and-nail for years and is seemingly part of an alleged “North American Union” concept, then it was the sudden drastic increase in taxable property values in rural counties, presumable so that Perry could tell cities that he had lowered Property Tax .  And finally, it was trying to force all Texas girls to take an untested vaccine. The Texas Republican Party was and perhaps still is following the lead of the National Party. Right now, the Texas Senate is claiming to have found “new” money for the government by trying to raise gas taxes and other such things, claiming “no new taxes” all the while.

While the National Tea Party movement is only a few years old, Texas had Tea Parties and Black Land Coalitions and many more conservative organizations in 2004 all over Texas. We also had and have “Independent Texans” which was the first big catch-pot for people from both parties who felt disenfranchised.

I would like to be able to say that the Tea Party is in line with the views of the Founders. However, a full study of all the founders finds that they were divided on the proper role of government. If I’m not mistaken, Hamilton wanted to erase all state lines and have one all-encompassing national amalgamation. Adams wanted to be made president for life and then hand the post down to his son.

Most Americans, and specifically conservatives, are in line with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. These men, respected the Constitution. Madison explained it as the federal government being strong on foreign affairs and weak on domestic affairs and the states being strong on domestic and weak on foreign. This is the true American experiment in government and that is what conservatives want. It was largely the Southern view of government, which got us the Constitution we have. I remember seeing bumper stickers claiming” The South Will Rise Again”. Well, in the Tea Party, we have!

Why is it necessary for the States to be strong on domestic affairs? Because the people are sovereign! Our personal sovereignty is best protected by state sovereignty. With the seat of power close to home, each state can take care of its own needs and protect its own culture. How can someone in New York know what is best for Texas? How can you write one-size-fits-all laws for domestic needs? A good example of bad federal legislation are the various farm bills.

One definition of a nation is that it has a common culture, history, and language. We have 50 different cultures, histories and dialects. We also have different regional histories. We are not “one” people by any means but we unite very quickly when attacked from abroad. The best way to describe us is family. Our Yankee cousins are strange folk but don’t attack them or we Southerons will kick butt.

By Lynn D Talafuse Louise, Texas

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