Obama Pushed The LGBT Agenda And Bans All Religious Items From Walter Reed Medical Center

December 8, 2011 5:00 am 0 comments

When a new administration comes into power in the White House, the top politicos in each government agency/department/cabinet leave.  This is what happened when Pres. Bush left office and Obama entered the scene.

Upon coming into power, Obama began putting his leftist politicos into the top agencies/departments/cabinet. As time has gone by, those people have implemented their Obama-administration policies; and as attrition occurs among the non-politicos within these government entities, leftists of the same ilk as Obama are being hired until saturation finally occurs.  This explains why each day we see new horrendous policies emerge from the Obama administration.  Here are examples in the last two days:

( 1   The State Department announced that the amount of foreign aid to other countries may be tied to how tolerant they are of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) agenda.

(2  We also heard that the Obama Defense Department’s tentacles are spreading out into such places as Walter Reed Medical Center where our wounded warriors are brought for medical attention.  New regulations now say, “No religious items (including Bibles, reading material, and/or artifacts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit.”

If we allow Obama to get re-elected, his destructive policies will become so deeply embedded in every agency, in every department, and in every cabinet position that our country will be changed forever.

It is because of this great threat that I have dedicated the major part of each day toward fighting to oust Obama from the White House.

To get rid of the tentacles, we have to get rid of the octopus. This is what the ballot box achieves.

I believe just as many other Americans do that our Great American Way cannot survive another term with Obama at the helm.

From Gary Bauer, Campaign for Working Families


The Associated Press reports that Barack Obama issued a memorandum today ordering the State Department to use your hard-earned tax dollars “to promote rights for gays and lesbians abroad, including combating attempts by foreign governments to criminalize homosexuality.” According to other reports, the Obama Administration may condition foreign aid on a country’s gay rights record.

So while the administration is downplaying Christian persecution overseas, it is elevating homosexuals to a protected class. I’m sure promoting the idea of men “marrying” other men will win over many converts in the Middle East, especially as the Islamists seem to be taking over one country after another.

With the nation mired in debt and unemployment still unacceptably high, why is the Obama Administration focused on these issues? That tells you all you need to know about Obama’s priorities. As Obama writes off white working-class voters, he is once again pandering to his left-wing base in advance of the 2012 elections.

From Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

The Walter Reed Medical Center is where our wounded soldiers go for their bodies to be healed, but are their souls left out in the cold? Last week, FRC obtained an internal memo in which Navy officials had announced that “no religious items (including Bibles, reading material, and/or artifacts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit.” The new orders are buried in a four-page document about patient care, which an Army officer forwarded to us in disbelief. Effective immediately, families, friends, and even pastors would have to check their beliefs at the door to visit one of the largest military hospitals in the United States.

We immediately brought this memo to the attention of Congress. After working with concerned leaders like Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and talking with staff at Walter Reed, we were assured that the Navy was rescinding the policy. Todd Starnes at Fox News also contacted hospital officials and was offered similar assurances.

While we’re glad that hospital officials are working on changing the policy, the change has yet to be implemented. Given the recent track record of the Obama Administration’s disrespect for religious liberty in the military, nothing is certain. We need your help to show military leaders that the American people will not stand for Bible bans such as the one at Walter Reed. Our brave wounded warriors are worthy of the same religious freedom that they themselves fought for.

Please go to this link to sign a petition against this ban:

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