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Taxed Enough Already – I Want The Flat Tax

There has been a lot of talk about a national sales tax being a fair tax. The reason behind this is that everyone buying a new product would pay the tax so, in theory, illegals and welfare recipients would share the tax burden. However, I personally have never bought a new car or motorcycle and I doubt that they would, so it would primarily still be the middle to upper class paying the bill. Besides, I’m afraid to give the federal government a sales tax to play with.

We all know that the progressive tax system has to go. The idea that a person pays a higher percentage of tax the more money they make is strange. Isn’t the American Dream to be prosperous? This system penalizes you for being successful, as if it were a crime to make money.

Property tax is worse still.


Why We Should Resist The European Financial Transactions Tax

London, December 17, 2011 – The European Commission has recently proposed the imposition of a Financial Transactions Tax. This is completely the wrong priority and would especially harm the UK. As Conservatives we have an instinctive distrust of higher taxes and this article sets out the theoretical, historical and practical reasons to oppose this tax.

Growth stalling, confidence plummeting, credit restricted. So what does Europe want to do? Introduce a financial transactions tax that by its own admission could wipe out almost 2% of EU GDP. Plans for such a tax demonstrate either breathtaking naivety, an unbelievable ignorance of basic economics or just plain stupidity. Perhaps most disheartening is that it is Conservative European leaders such as Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy who are some its loudest supporters.

The Iron Lady’s Real Economic Record

With the death of Ronald Reagan seven years ago, many heard for the first time about the successful economic policies advanced in the eighties, and the resulting expansion in the United States. As media coverage broadened, Americans also became reacquainted with his contemporary Margaret Thatcher (who recently celebrated her 86th birthday), and learned that under her leadership, a similar phenomenon had occurred in Britain. Alas, this period of even-handed factual reporting was short-lived, and the media filter is once again in place. But a new generation is catching on—conservative policies work wherever they are implemented. And conservative economic success (and the resulting rancor from the left) is not just an American phenomenon.

The Labour Party in Britain has for the last decade spread falsehoods about the period during which Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, riding the 1990 recession into four terms of parliamentary leadership.


Lowe‘s Pulling Ads From All American Muslim Is Not Bigotry, It’s Good Business

Home improvement giant Lowe’s has been taking some heat from liberal media outlets, opportunist politicians and civil rights organizations for pulling its ads from the reality show All American Muslim. The Blaze is reporting that about one hundred people protested outside a Detroit area Lowe’s yesterday, which is where the reality show is located.

First and foremost, this is America and a company is free to choose when and where to spend its advertising dollars. That being said, the company’s decision to pull its ads from the poorly rated cable television show, is simply a good business decision; not the blatant bigotry that the protesters are asserting.

That’s right, according to the Hollywood Reporter, TLC’s reality show the All American Muslim is one of the lowest rated shows on television.


N.Y. Teens Suspended For Tebowing In School Hallway

The left in America continues to wage war against Christianity, and, in doing so, demonstrates a pathetic understanding of the Constitution. A few teenagers who decide to exercise their Constitutional right pray, even if it is at school, does not establish a national religion that everyone must follow. Yahoo Sports has the rest of the article:

Just when everyone thought the trend of “Tebowing” had reached its zenith in the greater cultural Zeitgeist, it finds a way to completely jump the shark: On Wednesday, a group of high school athletes at a Long Island school were suspended for staging a spontaneous bout of Tebowing in their high schools hallway.According to Connor Carroll, a senior at Riverhead N.Y. High on the North Fork of Long Island, the Riverhead administration handed out one-day suspensions