Taxed Enough Already – I Want The Flat Tax

December 20, 2011 5:30 am 3 comments

There has been a lot of talk about a national sales tax being a fair tax. The reason behind this is that everyone buying a new product would pay the tax so, in theory, illegals and welfare recipients would share the tax burden. However, I personally have never bought a new car or motorcycle and I doubt that they would, so it would primarily still be the middle to upper class paying the bill. Besides, I’m afraid to give the federal government a sales tax to play with.

We all know that the progressive tax system has to go. The idea that a person pays a higher percentage of tax the more money they make is strange. Isn’t the American Dream to be prosperous? This system penalizes you for being successful, as if it were a crime to make money.

Property tax is worse still. This tax takes us dangerously close to the surf system. We rent the land from the government. On a whim, the government changes the value of the land. If you can’t pay your rent, you get kicked off and a new tenant gets his turn. It doesn’t matter how much you paid for the land of how much you put into it, you’re gone with nothing in your pocket. Then, if eminent domain is imposed, they will not pay you the price you have been taxed at. Suddenly the land is not near that value, proving that they have been overtaxing you.

So, what would be fairest for the average citizen who goes to work each day or owns a business? Well, first return the definition of wages to compensation. The idea that my wages are 100% profit says that my time and my skill have no value. As far as taxes, a flat income tax is probably the best you can do. There is no penalty for gaining wealth. You would still pay more dollars for more income but the percentage would be the same, and that’s fair. Tax a welfare check just like you do a social security check.

What I like best about it this. Say a person makes $50,000 this year. Next year they make $30,000. Sales tax won’t go down. Property tax won’t go down to match the loss in revenue. However, income tax will. In my case, I have a cattle operation on the side. If I pay tax on the net, and the tax follows my net without increasing in percentage, I have a better chance of staying afloat in the lean years, and I don’t have to worry about just crossing into the next tax bracket in the good years. I just pay as I go.

Submitted by By Lynn D Talafuse – Louise, Texas
Houston Catering


  • Lynn evidently does not understand the FairTax as proposed. Besides, no matter how we are taxed, Congress will try to raise it so they can spend it. Study a little further, Lynn

    • So i guess you are going to do the same as many Americans have done for far to long. Complain without saying why or what you would like to see.

      Do you like the Tax system we have now?

    • Lynn D Talafuse

      Lynn has heard many a speach on the sales tax AS PROPSOSEd. Lynn also knows that congress will not care how it is proposed and what will come out of congress will look very little like what went in. The Idea that congress will lovingly just create this tax as proposed is funny.

      What Lynn knows is sales tax goes up. What Lynn sees is that the cost of new products will increase, so Lynn will continue to buy used whenever possible, as will most citizens, causing congress to either raise the sales tax or tax used items just as the states do.

      What Lynn likes about the sales tax is that he has farm exemption, at least on what he buys for his cows. But then again, will he?

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