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Michelle Obama Invigorates the Economy By Purchasing $50,000 Worth of Lingerie

The Obama’s are serious about kick starting the economy. They are so serious about it, that Michelle Obama single-handedly tried to boost the “fancy underwear” industry by recently spending $50,000 at “luxury lingerie” retailer, Agent Provocateur.

Some would say that the Obama’s are “out-of-touch” with the American people. Perhaps they forgot that unemployment rates remain extremely high, that a gallon of gas costs American’s twice the amount it did when Obama was elected, and that they have helped accelerate our national debt to a pace that our children will never be able to repay.

To be fair, she didn’t take all those undies back to the White House. She invited her girlfriend, the Queen of Qatar – Sheikha Mozah, to join her.


Vote Democrat and Win Life’s Lottery

Throughout America’s history communists and socialists have camouflaged themselves and hidden behind seemingly innocuous words like progressive, new freedom, new dealer, liberal, and Democrat. This year, President Obama has recycled an oldie but a goodie to mask his socialist policies, the buzzword for his re-election campaign is “populist.”

You see, for more than a century, socialists knew that they had to hide behind the veil of secrecy because if anyone ever pulled back the curtain of truth and exposed them, the American people would reject their subversive policies every time, because they are decidedly un-American. They made a grave miscalculation when Barack Obama was elected president; they thought they could finally come out of the closet (pardon my faux pas), that America was finally ready to accept socialism. However,


I Agree With Ron Paul

Well there are a few things in my life I never thought I would hear myself say. There are many areas with which I strongly disagree with Ron Paul. But Ron does have areas within his platform, with which I can agree. Mainly, I can agree with his views on our nation’s monetary policy.

Although I can agree that our nation should be more selective in what we do and how we act in regards to helping other nations I do not share his isolationist views.

But Ron Paul is dead-on when he says that we live in a police state and anyone who disagrees, to be blunt, is just blind to reality. There is nothing that we do or say that is not being monitored by “Big Brother.”

Merciful Hellfire

What is Hell? Is it a place of fire and brimstone, a literal place of burning judgment? Or is it something else? I suggest that it is both.

Whereas God’s presence is there, it is qualitatively different than it is elsewhere in creation, and due to that difference, it is more merciful to those who chose Hell than it would be for them to exist for an eternity in the full presence of the Glory of the God-head in Heaven. There are many passages in scripture that discuss the nature of the Glory of God and that support this notion. There is also some support for the notion that it is merciful to the believer for the unregenerate to go to Hell rather than everyone winding up in heaven (the Universalist heresy).

Hell exists. End of Story. Some of the few passages that discuss Hell are in terms of Gehenna (the garbage heap that was perpetually burning outside of Jerusalem, also seen as the Lake of Fire that was made in reservation for the Devil and his angels.


Obama And Ron Paul Playing Footsies With Iran

Just look at the dangerous situation Obama has created; and if elected, Ron Paul would advocate for the same thing.

Obama ran on a platform of having “nice” conversations with the Iranian rulers; and when elected, Obama immediately apologized to Iran for America’s “imagined wrongs.” This signaled to the Iranians that Obama would be a weak President and that it would be “open season” on America.

Now Iran has brought our drown down by spoofing its GPS system; Obama refused to allow our military to blow up the drone; and Iran is taking the drone apart piece by piece to capture our remote-control signals and communication mechanisms used by our U. S. control center.

On 1.1.12, Iran announced it had produced its first nuclear fuel rod, a feat of engineering which could lead to the production of nuclear weapons