Will The Republican Party Survive Past 2012?

January 2, 2012 7:00 am 1 comment

Will the Republican Party survive this election cycle? Probably. Should they? Not if after everything they have done so far in the primary, they bring in a ringer candidate. At the very least, they should see a large falling off of membership as a new party emerges.

Why? Well consider that Romney started as the front runner. How did that happen? Who was for him? He didn’t do all that well in the last race. Then consider the coverage that various candidates got. There were some candidates we didn’t know existed until the debates started. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if a Party was up front and let you know all your options from the start? Let’s face it; the media does what the Party says. After we get to know the candidates, should a front runner emerge on their own merit, not because they are hand-picked? Does that not sound more like representative government?

Look at the debates and the news coverage. We heard some very smart ideas from people who only got a minute or two of air time, and some very troubling remarks from people who were put center stage. Why, because the Party is trying to get you to vote for who they want, not who is best.

Here’s what’s interesting about the Party. They have no problem putting an R in front of Romney, even though he is so moderate that you can barely call him a conservative. Perry has an R assigned to him even though he’s neither conservative, moderate, liberal nor anything other than for Rick Perry. Newt has an R even though he has just discovered that there really is a 10th amendment, which should be the starting point for all conservatives, and he didn’t find God until recently which is also a hallmark of a conservative. Bachmann and Santorum actually have earned their Rs but get very little air time from the Party. Ron Paul on the other hand keeps getting an L put in front of his name, yet he is the most consistent candidate in that he constantly holds to his oath to defend and protect the constitution which, in my view, is the definition of conservative.

Now there is speculation that the Party will throw in a ringer at the convention if they don’t get what they want in a candidate. If this happens, there should be mass uprising. There should be a mass exodus. How are we to get representative government when a major political party refuses to let the person the membership of the party have selected move on to become a candidate? A move like this would reveal something rather ugly about the Party and its leadership, a Party which already looks rather bad due to the actions of its hand-picked Speaker of the House.

The system is already set up so that they could barter for what they want. I’ve read some on how we got to the split delegates per state system. If what I read is truth, then it does make some sense in that the voters are represented. I don’t like the winner take all system most states use for the Electoral College in that a person getting only 51% of the vote from a state gets all the votes leaves 49% unrepresented. The other thing it does is put all states in play rather than having everything decided on Super Tuesday. So, the concept is basically good, but only if the Party elite keep their hands off it? Of course, it would have to happen in the year my candidate of choice has a chance to win the first two states and California.

Why will the Party survive no matter what? People. See, people are the problem. I have a friend who was complaining that his property tax went up $1000. In the next topic of conversation, he said that he was thinking about voting for Rick Perry because he didn’t think Perry was all that bad. I asked why in the world he would vote for the person who raised his property tax and then went on TV and said that taxes had been lowered. Many people are even willing to forgive Perry for the corridor because it didn’t go through. Never mind how many Texas Tax dollars he spends on lawn care and body guards, kinda like someone who is in the Oval Office. People, or rather there self-induced amnesia, are what’s wrong with our current political mess.

So, in trying to wrap all this up, I personally believe we would be better served with a three party system. Many of us are not represented well by either party. If perchance a conservative party were to come together, the three parties might look like this. The Democrats could pursue their socialist agenda, the Republicans could pursue money and world domination, and the conservatives could pursue the return of God, the constitution, and a proper balance of power between the states and general government to the country. Is the time right for a third party? Yes! Will it happen? That depends on how far the Republican Elite will go to push their will and how much people can stand before they can’t stand any more.

Submitted by By Lynn D Talafuse – Louise, Texas

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  • This I fear is a somewhat common misunderstanding of Republican Politics that many have. It is easy to say the party is picking the candidates but it is simply false. There may be some working from within the party to promote their candidate. But this is not the party.

    You wanted us to look at the coverage the candidates got as if to suggest the Republican Party controls media coverage? Now if they did do you not think the media would put them in a better light?

    The debates so far have not been help by the party but help by for the most past the liberal media. So how can we blame the Party? I would say that these debates are set up by the press and the individual campaigns. It silly to think the party as a hole is giving one candidate a fair shake and another not a fair shake.

    The Republican Party is made up of individual voters and each has its county Party then they have the State Party and then the national party. Everyone has their own opinions one who should win and they push as individual whom they please. There is not mass conspiracy to pick anyone by the party…

    I do agree we seem to get moderates pushed to the front more that I like…But what do we expect when we let Iowa, and New Hampshire pick our candidates? What do we accept when we only will tolerate people who speak well like Obama? We all say we do not like Obama then we tar down anyone who cannot speak as well as he does…

    I would say the Party and America would be much better off in Mitt did not win; we need one of the Ricks, Michele, or Newt. But that’s not up to the party is it up to the people…Now we all know that the Media will not put any good people in a good light..They will do all they can to make the good look foolish and the dad look good.

    Then we come to Ron Paul. The media really does not need to make him look foolish. All they do is give him a microphone and a camera and Ron takes care of himself. Ron is indeed conservative on some issues but it those issues that he is so far off base that kill any chances he has.
    In the end the party is made up of we the people if this election does not go the way some like it and they leave then they help the left…We split we are done. Fight from within for conservative change; don’t take your toys and leave.

    But remember this is the Republican Party not the Libertarian Party and many are fighting from within to make it a Libertarian party and this will fail…

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