Love Wins The Culture War

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What is the culture war? It is the struggle between Christianity, European progressivism, and Islam for the hearts and minds of humanity.

Love is the answer to the culture war.

God is Love and Love is the greatest power in the universe, and if we choose to love something more than Love, we start the path to destruction anew and begin to hate ourselves and the rest of creation alike. How can we choose to love in the midst of this world? By staying apart from the world by coming to understand the destructiveness inherent in its obsession with sin.


What is love? The love that I am referring to is unselfish action on the behalf of another due to valuing them more highly than you value yourself, not passionate love (which looks for fulfillment in another), or even love because you like someone (friendship), or love because you have to for some reason (familial love). This unselfish action due to valuing another is the strongest power in the universe. If it is to last in human beings, it must spring from the fact that God is that way toward us. God is Love, and our love for Him will show itself in our ability to value others properly.

How is Love the answer to the culture war? Love is the antidote to apathy and hatred. If we choose to value people as human beings who were created in the image of God, they will not know what to do with it. However, if we choose not to do that, it will become a viciously destructive circle which is exactly what the Enemy wants. I am not saying that we should run around like a bunch of hippies trying to like people into the Kingdom, because that is not the kind of love that we are called to. We are called to acting positively toward someone who you may not have positive feelings toward even when you are having those negative feelings toward them. This love will also lead us into purity, and cause us to be examples, shining like stars in the universe (Philippians 2:15).

Purity from the World

How can we be pure then? We must choose to forsake our liking of the things of the world and replace it with a properly ordered love (value system [agapan]), with God at the top, then others, then ourselves. If we put the proper value on things and other people in relation to God, think of Plato’s structure of the tri-partite soul and you will begin to get where I am coming from.

If our love for God is paramount in our lives, we will desire to do what is pious, that is what it is that pleases Him; which is for more consistent than that which might have pleased the Greek gods that Socrates and Euthyphro discussed those 3500 years ago in Athens before Socrates’ trial for “corrupting the minds of the youth”. We know what it is that pleases Him because He has told us what that is in His Word. We certainly know what does not please him because that is what is commanded against in the 10 commandments, and the reason why He told us not to do those things is that He knew that those actions would hurt us in the end. So, love God above all, with all your heart, mind, and strength, and you will become more sanctified over time.

What does it look like to love God with your whole person? To prioritize time with him over all other things in life, and through that time to become more present with him and with those whom we are called to live alongside of. Presence is the key to holy living, and to living in purity while in the midst of the World. If we are present, we will have the clarity to know what the wisest course of action will be. Wisdom is righteousness, which is holiness in the context of relationship.

Humanity’s Obsession with Sin

Sin is to improperly love a person or thing that is lesser than our Creator. We become addicted to these lesser loves after we are hurt and lied to by people or circumstances and become convinced that these lesser things are what will fulfill us and heal our hurts rather than the One Proper Love. The root of these obsessions is often pride. Pride is the thought that I know better what will fulfill me than my creator does. The problem with pride is that it is self-worship. We were designed to worship something, thus we have that colloquially termed “God-shaped hole” in our hearts, and there is only one person or thing that can truly fill that space in each of us without causing harm to us in the long-run. We are not the answer to that equation, in that we are contingent beings. We were designed to seek the only being who is self-sufficient, and that is God, the God who is Love.

We were designed to love Love, and when we try to place any other person or thing in the place of Love, it hurts us in the long-run. We will worship anything on the altar that should be filled with all that we are as an offering to Love. The trouble is that when we replace Love with something other than Itself as the object of our love, that thing will destroy us, whether quickly or rot us slowly from the inside out. Addiction and obsession are large parts of what the path of destruction is, and they reduce the value of the soul of any person caught up in it to far less than it should be. This destruction is what is fuelling the culture war, both here at home and abroad.


The culture war is the fight for the hearts and minds of humanity. Destruction is fuelled by improper loves, which ultimately return to their source in the pits of Hell. Those who have become set in their foolish ways and have committed to the path of destruction will look to drag more onto that path to the pit, because misery loves company. Thus what we do with Love is the answer to the culture war, do we spread it all over the world or keep it to ourselves, ever so quietly? Do we allow Love to radically change us as only He can, that we would be conduits of Him into His world or do we hide our lights under a bushel, not letting Love do what He desires to do?


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