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Does Santorum Want To Be Vice President?

The news headlines on Tuesday, 3.27.12, screamed:

“Santorum: ‘Of Course’ I Would Serve As Romney’s Vice President

GOP Contest Nearing End, Santorum Will Take Vice President

Santorum, Are You Ready for Vice President?

To the casual reader, these headlines sent out a clear and intended message that the Santorum supporters should just fold up their tents and go home.

However, it is the liberal media and the country club Republicans who have arbitrarily chosen Romney as the GOP candidate – not the common, everyday, working people who make up the majority of this country.

The leftwing media obviously wants Obama to win and believes Romney would be easily defeated by Obama because RomneyCare is the twin sister to ObamaCare.


New Black Panthers Place $10,000 Bounty On The Head Of George Zimmerman

This week the New Black Panthers circulated a “wanted dead or alive” poster and placed a $10,000 bounty on the head of George Zimmerman after the fatal shooting of black Florida teen Trayvon Martin, the citizen journalism site reported.

George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch leader of hispanic descent, fatally shot Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, after Zimmerman had reported him to the police as being a “suspicious person” in his neighborhood.

Although the police and DA appear to be ruling the shooting as self defense, and neighbors witnessed Trayvon Martin attacking Zimmerman, racial group leaders from the New Black Panthers have put a price on Zimmerman’s head – dead or alive.

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New Book Titled “A Gift For The Muslim Couple” Explains The Proper Methods For Beating Your Wife

A new 160-page book, titled “The Gift For The Muslim Couple” published by Idara Impex in New Delhi, India, and written by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, gives an honest view into the treatment of Muslim women.

In the book’s opening pages, it is written that “it might be necessary to restrain her with strength or even to threaten her.”

Later, its author advises that “the husband should treat the wife with kindness and love, even if she tends to be stupid and slow sometimes.”

Page 45 contains the rights of the husband, which include his wife’s inability to leave “his house without his permission,” and that his wife must “fulfill his desires” and “not allow herself to be untidy … but should beautify herself for him … ”

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Disloyalty: Barack Obama’s Systematic Destruction Of America

The exponential growth in executive power under the leadership of President Obama is a daily fact of life to which Americans must daily adjust. New offenses against the Constitution and liberty are sustained nearly every week, and almost every day, by the lusty and lawless individual claiming the hallowed title of “President of the United States.”

But how does a President of the United States whose allegiance is to his country knowingly and in plain sight sabotage his nation’s defenses? Until recently, the discussions of severe military cuts remained in the appropriate realm of working groups, and few seriously considered Obama’s radical campaign promises to eliminate nuclear weapons from the US arsenal to be of any real validity. After all, many Democrat presidential contenders before Obama had pandered to pacifists and the armies of the naïve swelling the Democratic base in order to get elected.

Americans Still Under The Burden Of Credit Card Debt

Almost all individuals in the U.S. are infected with the habit of making the indiscreet use of credit card that results in incurring them overwhelming credit card debt. According to the latest statistics of the U.S. Census Bureau, 2010, U.S. citizens have over $886 billion in credit card debt and the figure is expected to rise to $1.177 trillion. Thus, people in the U.S. are under knee-deep credit card debt and looking for a way to achieve debt relief.

Around millions of people spend beyond their means and get racked up with outstanding credit card debt. Due to this never ending burden of credit card debt, consumers ran into trouble when global financial markets rose and the housing market went down.

The latest research by credit card comparison website CardHub indicates that consumers are charging more and more on their credit cards.