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Obama, Pelosi, And Cecile Richards: The Evil Threesome

Everything is politics with the Obama administration, particularly during this campaign season. Let’s consider how they have carried out a well-orchestrated plan to vilify Rick Santorum and other pro-lifers who actually care about the health and well-being of women all over this country.


Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood (PP), has close ties to the Obama White House and is a constant visitor there. Richards and her cohorts have managed to place a stranglehold on our country and upon our taxpayers’ dollars, giving them almost unlimited amounts of money and power.

To learn more about Cecile Richards, please go to my article published on 2.16.12 entitled “Who Is Cecile Richards?”


The Worthy Office Holder

If DEFEAT is not possible – Where is the VALOR?

If FACING defeat is not possible – Where is the HONOR?

If SUCCESS cannot be envisioned – How can it be ACHIEVED?

If SETBACKS equal defeat – Be glad Washington in Valley Forge did not see it that way

To those who TRUST in the LORD, all things are possible – GOOD will prevail in the end

The only political candidate or office holder whom I can trust is one who can face defeat. He must plan to win, and has no honor if he does not give it his full measure; but, if he cannot face defeat then he cannot take a principled stand against all opponents.

It is not that our leaders should be a rubber stamp of our sometimes fickle collective will; and, it is not that being responsive to the electorate means taking a poll every day;


The Perfect Presidential Candidate

… Why We Do Not Need One, …And What We Really Need
In this age of crisis, where our, security, our solvency and our very freedom are at stake, one is tempted to look for the perfect presidential candidate; however, we should not get into “the man on a white horse” syndrome. When we do that, we put too much focus on the candidate and not enough on ourselves. When we do that we are more subject to falling prey to manipulation and to a spirit of dependency. Each of the four Republican Presidential candidates has some strengths and some weaknesses. One does not have to be a Mitt Romney fan to know that the Constitution and religious freedom is safer in his hands than in Obama’s. One does not have to be a Rick Santorum fan to know that unborn children will have better prospects under his leadership than under Obama’s and that the military will be better supported.


Fluke Is Poster Child For The Left

Sometimes it takes a few days for a “poster child for the left” to be exposed by the researchers, but now we know who and what Sandra Fluke really is. She is a political operative who has been deeply involved with various leftists in the Obama camp such as Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y, pollster Celinda Lake, Nancy Pelosi, Berta Colon, Georgetown Law Professor Rosa Brooks, George Soros, and John Podesta.

Fluke is definitely not some poor, struggling 23-year-old Georgetown University Law School student who is seeking to make sure that needy women have access to birth control.

Please go to the link to the article, and you will see that Fluke is a 30-year-old, long-time activist who is the co-editor of an article in the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law that urges LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) people to sue their employers for not covering sex change surgeries.

Justice delayed is justice denied

Two terrorist attacks were attempted November/December 2009. The first – the Fort Hood massacre caused 42 casualties, 13 killed/29 wounded, by U.S. Army major Hasan – occurred 11/05/2009.

The second – Christmas Day aboard a Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit – injured only the Islamic militant nicknamed “the underwear bomber” when the bomb caught fire in his underwear. If successful, he would have killed 288 innocents and himself.

On 02/16/2012, that terrorist pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. During his trial and sentencing this unrepentant Muslim twice proclaimed loudly “Allahu akbar”, “God is great”. He defined his failed attack as “divinely inspired”.

Prior to his murderous attack, Major Hasan also shouted “Allahu akbar” and then began firing. Obama issued a statement of sympathy for the fallen but cautioned against a “rush to judgment”.