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The Fruits Of Socialism And Capitalism

Hugo Chavez recently blamed his country’s economic woes on “unfettered” capitalism. In the same breath he said that if a particular industry could not deliver its goods and services to the consumer at the prices set by the socialistic government of Venezuela that he would nationalize that industry.

The absurdity of these conflicting notions becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in the hands of a “compassionate” dictator.

Beneath the velvet glove of a “compassionate” dictator, lies the mailed fist of a tyrant. When we leave the corporal works of mercy to the government we will be enslaved rather than free, and we will be made poor rather than prosperous, and our souls will be made sick.

You can see what the Socialists really have in mind for us through the glimpses


Will Big Brother Ride Shotgun With You?

God may be your co-pilot, but Big Brother is calling dibs on shotgun in your car. Actually, rather than occupying the front passenger seat, he may be hiding away in a less visible location in the vehicle. Gearhead blog The Truth A

bout Cars reports that the new Transportation Bill may mandate black boxes in all new cars which will record data about where and how you drive:

The new highway bill recently passed by the U.S. Senate, the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act or MAP21, has come under some criticism, in part because of a provision that would give the IRS power to strip American citizens of their U.S. passports if they own the federal government enough money. Another provision of S.1813 also has civil liberties implications, particularly for motorists. If the Senate’s version of the legislation survives the reconciliation process with the House,

What Can I Do To Stem The Tide Of Racial Division That Obama Has Promoted?

love today’s article in American Thinker by Lloyd Marcus; he is a Black, conservative patriot. I am a White, conservative patriot; and I am having the same troubling thoughts as Marcus is having. What can I do to stem the tide of racial division that Obama and his crowd are stirring up and promoting in this country?

My husband coached for 36 years in Texas. I was a classroom teacher for more than 33 years and taught in 14 different schools. I grew up in New Mexico, a melting pot of people, many from various Hispanic origins.

I served as a Presidential appointee to the National Commission on Migrant Education where I spent personal time traveling, studying, researching, talking, and doing site visits so that I could

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What Conservative Media?

Media bias has been fact of political life for such a long time that many conservatives can’t remember a time when the media listing hard to port. At least we could, until quite recently, take solace that we had our own conservative media bastion, although it was nowhere near the size and the scope of the “lamestream media” (a term coined by Bernard Goldberg and made popular by Sarah Palin).

But at some point after the turn of the century, just as a majority of Americans began to visualize the true proportions of the larger media’s malpractice, our own little conservative press safe house had suffered a nasty termite infestation. Out of sight and out of mind behind the virtual walls of our conservative citadel of communications, hungry little pests were devouring the very foundation of that once proud citadel.

Student loans – American Senior Citizens Continue To Face The Problem

Paying the tuition fees of the college has become a burden for the Americans which are creating chaos and confusion among the senior people. According to the new research made by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, it is seen that the U.S. people aged 60 years and above owe $36 billion in student loans. The report shows that more than 10 percent of the senior citizens seem to be delinquent in their loans. The customer advocates have said that it is common for Social Security checks to be garnished and the debt collectors to call up and harass the borrowers for student loans when they are in their 80s.

The senior citizens of America, being saddled with student loans, throws light on what the economists, financial experts and lawmakers say. This has become a central quarrel in the higher education system of the nation.