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Now What Do We Grassroots Citizens Do?

We grassroots citizens are very saddened by Rick Santorum’s decision to suspend his campaign today but understand that he feels he must take care of his fatherly responsibilities to be with Bella and his family.

From Santorum’s letter to his supporters sent today at 2:20 P. M., we learned that Bella came home from the hospital last night but still has pneumonia. This is her second bout with pneumonia in a few months’ time.

Santorum praised the commitment of the 160,000 people who contributed to his campaign and stated, “We have been outspent in most states 5-1 or even 10-1. And we still won, or we’ve come incredibly close. Our average donation has been only $73.10. Few races in history have had so many people give so modestly to preserve liberty.”

Racism, Hate, And Violence – Political Tools For The Left

I have been watching how a very sad and unfortunate incident has become a cheap political tool. It is sad that a teenager died in such a sad circumstance, but the fact that it has been used to stoke racial tensions a few months before a very important election is quite ugly; it seems that Democrats have already found their excuse in case they lose this election. The President has a very bad case of ‘Foot in Mouth’ disease and diarrhea of the mouth; he has the knack for stepping into explosive racially sensitive issues at the wrong time, using the wrong words, that is the exactly the same thing he did in the Louis Gates Jr, issue.

But we should not be surprised; he just got caught on a hot microphone saying something he had no business saying on the world stage. As for the same old cast of unruly characters that are always looking for racial issues to be a part of,