Racism, Hate, And Violence – Political Tools For The Left

April 1, 2012 5:45 am 0 comments

I have been watching how a very sad and unfortunate incident has become a cheap political tool. It is sad that a teenager died in such a sad circumstance, but the fact that it has been used to stoke racial tensions a few months before a very important election is quite ugly; it seems that Democrats have already found their excuse in case they lose this election. The President has a very bad case of ‘Foot in Mouth’ disease and diarrhea of the mouth regarding the Trayvon Martin case; he has the knack for stepping into explosive racially sensitive issues at the wrong time, using the wrong words, that is the exactly the same thing he did in the Louis Gates Jr, issue.

But we should not be surprised; he just got caught on a hot microphone saying something he had no business saying on the world stage. As for the same old cast of unruly characters that are always looking for racial issues to be a part of, we would be stupid to expect more from them. It kind of surprises me to see what country the New Black Panther Party thinks they are living in, issuing their own ‘Fatwa’ and adding a bounty for the arrest of a person that is not running from the law, nor has been formally charged with any wrong doing.  This is crazy! Not that I support Mr. Zimmerman, but I have no reason to doubt his story since I was not there, law enforcement says he acted within the law (at least until they say otherwise). We are a country of the rule of law and should conduct ourselves as such and we should not expect any less from our leaders. Leaders are supposed to lead and be the voice of reason in times like this; we expect the normal citizen to wear their feelings on their sleeves but our leaders should be calm and reasonable and look at the facts, not the turbulent emotions that accompany ignorance of the circumstances, and lead others to be so as well.

You see, the liberal press, the Democrat Party, and the Obama administration will use any event, tragic or not, to move the country’s attention from the absolute, utter failure of the Obama administration to any event that will capture the country’s attention.  Between now and November, you can count on these three entities to either cause, or capitalize on any distraction that will keep the country from examining the record of the Obama administration.

We are a country of rights, right to self defense within the confines of the law, and it is not that the law that gives someone rights to kill another and go free, if that happens then we should be looking for ways of repealing that law and not sacrificing the individual that acted within the confines of that law. We kill each other in our communities anyway, the Rap/Hip-hop wars of the 90s left a trail of blood and massive body counts that took some of the brightest of our young men; where is the outrage of the black on black massacre? The same parent that have no problem seeing their teenagers play Grand Theft Auto and other violent, almost real life situation games, are now outraged at gun violence? Our kids kill each other every day in our neighborhoods for some of the flimsiest of excuses; where is the outrage and the protest rallies about these killings? I am not arguing for the right of the individual to become the judge, jury and executioner of innocent kids because of how they dress or how they look, I am asking our society to rethink the things we stand for and adopt the same stand of stamping out violence, bias, discrimination and profiling of all kinds out of our society, then maybe we can be outraged when something like this happens.

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