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Mustang V6: It’s Not Just For Secretaries

For years, the conventional wisdom was that the entry-level model of Ford’s Mustang was the choice of secretaries (excuse me, “administrative assistants”), college girls and rental car fleets. Oh, and let’s not forget old geezers who favored the V6 Mustang convertible for slow cruising on the boulevards of Florida. Any red-blooded American male worth the Alpha honorific who desired a Mustang opted for a GT model with the requisite V8 engine. Things have changed. Time to push the conventional Ford pony car wisdom out the door along with your father’s Oldsmobile. We have technology and the product planners at Ford Motor Company to thank for it.

Let me admit my pro-Ford bias up front. I’ve always been a Ford guy, and the blue oval company’s decision to go it alone, rather than run to Uncle Sam for bailout money a couple of years back like GM and Chrysler did, only served to confirm my bias.


MSNBC Host Backpedals After Insulting Veterans On Memorial Day Weekend

MSNBC Host Chris Hayes is “uncomfortable” calling our fallen military men and women “heroes,” but after the blogosphere torn him to shreds, he decided to issue an apology for his rather unpatriotic opinion.

Hayes states:

As many have rightly pointed out, it’s very easy for me, a TV host, to opine about the people who fight our wars, having never dodged a bullet or guarded a post or walked a mile in their boots. Of course, that is true of the overwhelming majority of our nation’s citizens as a whole. One of the points made during Sunday’s show was just how removed most Americans are from the wars we fight, how small a percentage of our population is asked to shoulder the entire burden and how easy it becomes to never read the names of those who are wounded and fight and die,


Barack Obama And The Democrat Socialists Of America

President Barack Hussein Obama’s past has been shrouded in mystery, and the media has done all they could to protect him because they share his anti-American views. In the 2008 presidential election cycle Barack Hussein Obama was not vetted by anyone in the media nor by our Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

Now today, four years later, our country is spinning out of control and we are in danger of losing a nation due to the fiscal and moral destruction of all on which our nation was built. Barack Obama and the Democrats on the Left for the last four years have done all they could to wash away the pillars that our nation stands upon.

During the Cold War American Republicans and Democrats alike stood side-by-side against communism,

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The Delicious Irony Of The Chris Matthews ‘Jeopardy’ Meltdown

The most delicious irony of all is being witness to MSNBC’s moronic Chris Matthews EPIC FAIL on Jeopardy after repeatedly mocking Sarah Palin for how he imagined she would perform as a contestant on the same game show:

In the Hindu world of karma, and the biblical realm of you reap what you sow, MSNBC news anchor Chris Matthews received his due on the May 14th airing of the game show Jeopardy. In a special presentation of ‘Power Players’, where Matthews went head to head against former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and CNN’s Lizzie O’Leary, the host of Hardball came up quite short in both earnings and prestige by finishing dead last, and accumulating only $2300.

The irony of Matthew’s failure in the popular trivia based gameshow,

Republican Front Runner Mitt Romney Does All He Can to Ensure the Reelection of Barack Hussein Obama

Throughout this Republican primary many of us on the social conservative side have had many questions and doubts about Mitt Romney. In the past Mitt Romney has shown that he is not the conservative “Ronald Reagan” nominee that we would all have liked to have had at the top of the ticket to defeat Barack Hussein Obama.

Many, including myself, have long thought that Mitt Romney holds many views in common with the Democrat party. As Obama and the left is busy stealing our healthcare he was using the blueprints that Mitt Romney made as he nationalized healthcare in Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney in April 2010 on camera admitted there were similarities between Romneycare and Obamacare. In the end he said “he would eliminate some of the differences, he would repeal the bad and keep the good”.

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