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Here’s Looking At You, Citizen

I am the eye in the sky, Looking at you
I can read your mind
I am the maker of rules, Dealing with fools
I can cheat you blind
And I don’t need to see any more
To know that I can read your mind
– The Alan Parsons Project

Those who share George Orwell’s concerns about Big Brother can forget the black helicopters and start worrying about the drones. Those Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to which the U.S. military in Afghanistan has shifted so much of its intelligence-gathering duties have become popular with domestic law enforcement agencies as well. And therein lies the potential problem. An Air Force intelligence brief has recently surfaced which holds that should UAVs incidentally capture surveillance video of Americans, the data can be stored and analyzed by the Pentagon for up to 90 days:

Texas Rated Number One For Business – California Comes In Dead Last

As a Business Development consultant called on by CEOs around the nation to help them grow their business in tough times and good ones for decades now, one of the privileges I have is to live in the family and business friendly State of Texas. Years ago after a successful career at Microsoft and 9 other corporations, our family decided to take time to move from Washington State to a place of our choosing. We spent two years looking at several States close to the water with warmer climates like Hawaii, Florida and California. One day our research showed Texas as a possible great place to check out.

By God’s Grace, we discovered Houston, TX and after just a few days here, we fell in love with the friendliest large city in the nation. In my years of traveling for IBM, I had the blessing of working at several large cities around the nation.

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