Texas Rated Number One For Business – California Comes In Dead Last

May 11, 2012 9:48 am 1 comment

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As a Business Development consultant called on by CEOs around the nation to help them grow their business in tough times and good ones for decades now, one of the privileges I have is to live in the family and business friendly State of Texas. Years ago after a successful career at Microsoft and 9 other corporations, our family decided to take time to move from Washington State to a place of our choosing. We spent two years looking at several States close to the water with warmer climates like Hawaii, Florida and California. One day our research showed Texas as a possible great place to check out.

By God’s Grace, we discovered Houston, TX and after just a few days here, we fell in love with the friendliest large city in the nation. In my years of traveling for IBM, I had the blessing of working at several large cities around the nation. We knew we had uncovered one of the best kept secrets in our country when we found Houston, that is so much better than the California Gold rush. Houston is not only warm in climate and close to the water, which was among our personal criteria, but also has some of the warmest and most personable people I have ever met.

One of the most incredible joys we have in the Greater Houston area, is having people from all nations share in our great city. We found more restaurants and variety of international neighborhoods than we had seen in most cities, except maybe New York, but amazingly, the cost of food was about 75 to 90% cheaper than NY.

Having a great place to live with friendly neighbors is a great comfort to many families, but on top of that Texas also provides a wonderful place for Patriotic citizens to share a conservative family friendly environment where honoring God is not considered a “dirty word” as it sadly is in too many States these days. While we obviously have our struggles here as liberal philosophies try to brainwash our children into an antiChrist socialist mindset, and we must diligently fight for our freedoms at all times, Texas provides a much friendlier climate towards those wanting to raise families in safer environments. While Texans can carry guns for self defense, and protect their families, and our Police officers are often free to stop criminals from harming law abiding citizens, sadly California like many other liberal influenced structures, too often ties the hands of law enforcement officers with overregulations on those who put their lives on the line to protect citizens from criminals intent on harming others.

Also, Homeschoolers have wonderful large conferences in the Greater Houston area, where parents who sacrifice a lot of time and money for their children’s feature are able to be encouraged and gain access to the latest educational breakthroughs. Houston also offers elite early education schools like Annunciation Orthodox School Saint Anne’s Catholic School , http://www.secondbaptistschool.org/and numerous other great private and some top ranked public schools . Texas is also home to highly ranked Universities like Rice University , Houston Baptist , University of Houston,  Baylor, University of Texas and many others too numerous to mention.

However, for those who prefer the flexibility of homeschooling that can encourage the lifetime love of learning by flexibly changing curriculum to match a child’s interest at specific times, Texas offers a special encouraging atmosphere of freedom. With the help of Homeschool Legal Defense Fund and our conservative representatives in Government, Texans are armed with the law to fight against any encroachment by the liberals who from time to time, try to snuff out freedom of education. Many know of the advantages of homeschooling that can be seen across the nation as homeschoolers win national competitions in numerous categories, drawing a number of Ivy League University recruiters to recruit our children; but, one of the great benefits parents enjoy in homeschooling, is that they can pass along the most important value: honoring God and his commandments. After all a person without character and integrity is not worth much, no matter how much money is made. And of course, every truly succesful CEO knows that Integrity is uncompromising principle required of an employee and consultant one brings on board to meet objectives. While homeschool parents have yet to gain equal access to their own tax funds, they do what they can with what they have to provide optimal education in God honoring homes in the wonderful State of Texas.

One other criteria we were looking at, was trying to divest ourselves from risks of having too much money tied into personal housing costs. One thing that troubled us most about California and Hawaii, was high prices on Real Estate that even surpassed what we were having to endure in Washington State. When our family was looking at housing costs in the Greater Houston area, we discovered that unlike Seattle area where living in a decent neighborhood would cost from 700k for older homes to 1.5 million dollars for new homes, that in Houston, many family friendly neighborhoods had wonderful options for under 200k for homes in safe neighborhoods and large properties. In California, we discovered housing “bargain” costs to often be around 1 million dollars for just a condo and to get a House in a decent neighborhood close to work would often cost 2 to 4 million dollars. While admittedly there are some wonderful neighborhoods in Houston that have higher priced homes, for the most part that is an option that one can choose to have their money tied into, or a family can choose to have that part of their income invested in other more profitable investments.

Besides all these great advantages, Texas is once again ranked #1 among CEOs as Business friendly State! Californians sadly continue to suffer from the job killing policies of their socialist induced policies that push away Business Executives. It’s amazing that sometimes China is friendlier than California these days. We all want to be free to run business without having more burdens snuff out the creativity of our employees! Let Freedom reign and success with integrity continue to the glory of God.

To read more about the survey, look up Chief Executive’s survey of 650 CEOs at http://chiefexecutive.net/best-worst-states-for-business-2012

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  • This is a great success story and proves what I’ve been saying all along…life is better in TEXAS.

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