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Blaming The Constitution For “Dysfunctional U.S. Government”

On 06/03/2012 the “Houston Chronicle” reprinted an op-ed article – by Texas University Professor of Law and Government, Sanford Levinson – headlined: “Blame the U.S. Constitution for dysfunctional government”.

At the time I said: blaming the U.S. Constitution for dysfunctional government is comparable to blaming marriage licenses for dysfunctional marriages. Dysfunction, in both instances, is due to the failure of humans involved dishonoring their: oaths to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. constitution; wedding vows.

I have nothing to offer on dysfunctional marriages. However, elected, appointed and hired federal office-holders should be required to: honor their oaths to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution; be removed from office when they violate their oaths.

Striking Similarities between Barack Obama and John Wayne – Continued

Author’s note: my apologies for not including the most striking similarity between Barack Obama and John Wayne. However, it only occurred to me a few days after my article published; then I had to locate a year-old column to document one similarity. Actually, there are two additional, somewhat interrelated, similarities.

Neither Barack Obama nor John Wayne let facts get in the way of a good story:
In Kathleen Parker ‘s July 17, 2011 column – “Obama tale about mother wasn’t ever quite accurate” – she held Obama accountable for claiming his mother’s cancer treatments weren’t covered by her employer’s health insurance when, in fact, she was unable to qualify for disability insurance. Obama’s narrative at the time involved people without medical insurance and the story was much more poignant when it involved his mother.


Suggested Presidential Debate Questions For President Obama

The July 26 “Houston Chronicle”, page A6 “Debate topics, dates set” reports “the committee sponsoring this fall’s three presidential debates” has set dates, locations and topics (domestic policy and foreign policy) for all three debates.

In a fair (Forget “perfect”!) world, the 2012 Presidential debates would feature equally tough questions for both candidates about their presidential qualifications and, for Obama, specific questions about his record as president.

Realistically – given the near total abdication of 2008 mainstream media and debate “moderators” to seriously challenge then-Senator Obama about his presidential qualifications choosing instead to allow him to spout empty rhetoric – there’s no reason to believe mainstream media will not again roll over and replicate their performance in 2012, this time probably chalking it up to “deference to the office of the presidency”.

Obama On Better Controls For Gun Sales

The 07/26/2012 “AP”/“Houston Chronicle” report “Obama hints at better controls for gun sales” was surprisingly balanced with Obama acknowledging “that some responsibility also rests with parents, neighbors and teachers to ensure young people ‘don’t have that void inside them’.” It would have been appropriate for Obama to accord that same responsibility to churches, synagogues and mosques.

A more incisive and knowledgeable response – by Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper (D) – stated more gun control laws aren’t the answer because James Holmes would’ve been able to make a bomb. That remark, apparently, was made before Aurora Police revealed Holmes’ apartment was “booby-trapped” with bombs, AKA Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Striking Similarities Between Barack Obama And John Wayne

Author’s note: this article was inspired by Aaron Matthews’ penetrating analysis of parallels between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln. My thanks to Aaron, whose comparisons led me to consider two very disparate icons, Obama and John Wayne.

21st century Progressives admire; some adulate Barack Obama whereas thoughtful Republicans question Obama’s character, ideology and veracity. Even so, 10 striking similarities exist between Barack Obama, and legendary action movie star, John Wayne.

Four dissimilarities follow the 10 similarities.

Barack Obama was born in the 20th century to an Anglo-Saxon mother, a citizen of the USA.
John Wayne was born in the 20th century to an Anglo-Saxon mother, a citizen of the USA.

Barack Obama had a grandmother who was born in the USA.
John Wayne had a grandmother who was born in the USA.

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