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Reasons For Opposing President Obama And His Re-Election

This opinion article is one of more than a dozen in less than seven days almost all attacking President or his administration directly or indirectly. Four, or more, articles employed humor in an attempt to deflate Obama’s balloons of narcissism, omniscience and, thanks to U.S. mainstream media, omnipresence.

My goal is to deny Barack Hussein Obama a second term as U.S. President! So, it’s fair for either friend or foe, to question why I’m so opposed to Obama’s re-election.

My goal isn’t directed at Obama as a person, his race, religion or any other irrelevant characteristic. It’s because an Obama second term is, without question, the greatest threat ever to the survival of the USA,


Does President Obama Deserve A Passing Grade On Foreign Relations?

After gradually beginning to appreciate what seemed to be incisive, thoughtful sometimes seemingly cerebral op-ed items by David Brooks (against all my previous misgivings about ”New York Times” columnists) I was blindsided by Brooks column, “It’s hard to fault Obama on foreign policy front”. The column seemed totally out of character and a mindless endorsement of Obama’s many foreign policy blunders.

Then – with the 07/24/2012, “Unity ends as candidates spar over foreign affairs” – I realized Brooks’ column was part of a carefully orchestrated scheme to proclaim Obama’s unparalleled wisdom in all affairs – domestic, international and personal.

The most striking aspect of Brooks’ tribute: no mention of what – in December 2010 – Obama proclaimed a foreign policy victory


Barack Hussein Obama – U.S. Whiner-in-Chief

What’s the difference between Air Force One’s jet engines and President Obama? When Air Force One reaches its destination and the jet engines are shut down, they stop whining! Not so Obama, who recently whined about: Mitt Romney taking Obama’s phrase, “You didn’t build that!” out of context so it was “misinterpreted”; media fact-checkers advising his campaign staff they falsely accused Romney of: outsourcing jobs and illegal reporting to the SEC.

Earlier this year on a visit to Chicago Obama whined: “Lincoln, they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me.”

Obama is a grand master at whining. He also conducts a huge chorus of whiners with the largest contingent in DC comprised of Democrat Congresspersons, Cabinet heads and thousands of other appointed administration officials. Satellite choruses appear in every swing state. Many mainstream media members harmonize with these whining choruses.


Mainstream Media’s Concept Of A “Profile In Courage” Equates Courage With Stupidity

The “Houston Chronicle” reprint of the “Los Angeles Times” “McCain’s profile in courage” is factually challenged and inaccurate. McCain: acted out of misguided loyalty without checking facts; misstated Representative Bachman’s letter while the Times, as did MN Representative Keith Ellison, erroneously attributed her letter to a single “discredited” source.

To gain perspective – on what Ms. Bachman actually said about Huma Abedin and to understand the multiplicity and authenticity of Bachman’s sources – Senator McCain, the “Chronicle” and “Times” should read Ms. Bachman’s lengthy reply to Rep. Ellison’s mistaken demand for Rep. Bachman to end her McCarthy type witch hunt. Its instructive Democrats must reach back into history almost 60 years to find a “creditable witch hunt”.


None Dare Call Major Hasan A Terrorist

A heavily redacted report – by former FBI Director William Webster – following a two-year review of the Fort Hood “shooting rampage” by Major Hasan declined to assign individual blame for “failing to prevent the November 2009 tragedy”.

Describing the deadliest attack on a U.S. military base (13 killed, 32 wounded) as a “tragedy” is acceptable since “tragic” can also mean “disastrous”. However, Mr. Webster’s statement “(Major Hasan) arrived at the deployment center 11/05/2009 and opened fire shouting ‘God is Great’ in Arabic” contradicts the Department of Defense classification of the major’s massacre as “workplace violence”.

From Day 1 the Commander in Chief of all U.S. military has appeared more protective of Major Hasan than in securing justice for the families of those killed and wounded and, indeed, for all U.S.