Reasons For Opposing President Obama And His Re-Election

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This opinion article is one of more than a dozen in less than seven days almost all attacking President or his administration directly or indirectly.  Four, or more, articles employed humor in an attempt to deflate Obama’s balloons of narcissism, omniscience and, thanks to U.S. mainstream media, omnipresence.

My goal is to deny Barack Hussein Obama a second term as U.S. President!  So, it’s fair for either friend or foe, to question why I’m so opposed to Obama’s re-election.

My goal isn’t directed at Obama as a person, his race, religion or any other irrelevant characteristic.  It’s because an Obama second term is, without question, the greatest threat ever to the survival of the USA, as an economic and military superpower and, equally important, as a Constitutional, representative form of government.

Although he took an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, Obama usurped the powers of the Supreme Court when he and AG Holder elected not to defend “DOMA” because they considered it “unconstitutional”.  For the constitutionally illiterate, that decision isn’t the executive branch’s to make; it resides solely with the Supreme Court.

Equally unconstitutional is Obama’s executive order – in effect, implementing the “Dream Act” that Congress – the Constitutional source of legislation declined to enact.  Mainstream media, liberal Democrats and illegal immigration activists and apologists laud the President for taking this unconstitutional action.

Mainstream media parrot those sycophants without referencing the downside of the executive order.  Since mainstream media refuse to honor their journalistic responsibilities, my articles will challenge Obama almost daily on important, often vital, issues .

Back to Obama’s “Dream Act” executive order – whereby 800,000 illegal immigrants will avoid deportation if they meet certain criteria – it would have been more humane and impressive were it not a patent ploy to further segment the country and strengthen his re-election possibilities.

I’ve long advocated that illegal immigrants – who have jobs or employment opportunities with U.S. employers – should be granted work permits but without being placed on a fast track to citizenship.  On the other hand, I wholeheartedly favor immediate citizenship for illegal immigrants who served in the U.S. military and proved allegiance to this country.

However – others meeting Obama’s criteria for non-deportation and all members of their families – should be required to clear the same citizenship hurdles as legal immigrants to the U.S.  Obama and Democrats already count on votes of millions of U.S. citizens who consider themselves entitled to U.S. taxpayer funded benefits.

Based on their actions (e.g. carrying Mexican flags in “protests”) and words, most of the 800,000 illegal immigrants (excluding those with military service) feel entitled to benefits and privileges of U.S. citizens although they personally have neither allegiance to, nor love for, this nation.

Having lost the Democrat House majority, Obama can’t grant amnesty and citizenship to 10+ million illegal immigrants in the U.S. before November 6.  Instead, he hopes to pick up 4 million votes with his executive order by leveraging the 800,000 five-fold based on family size.

Add former ACORN officials – now operating as “Project Vote” and “The Black Institute” – to register millions of voters.  Combine those with AG Holder – prohibiting Florida from purging its voter rolls and Texas from requiring photo IDs – and Democrats have their odious recipe to re-elect Obama.

The local newspaper recently printed two letters in response to the executive order; both contained unchallenged falsehoods.

One cited a reference to the number of jobs DREAM beneficiaries would fill at the expense of U.S. citizens and claimed Republicans were blocking Obama’s job initiatives due to their unwillingness to compromise.  That letter was published the same day House Speaker John Boehner announced the House of Representatives has sent over 60 jobs bills to the Senate where Harry Reid has bottled them up because of his and Obama’s unwillingness to compromise.

The other letter stated DREAM beneficiaries “came to the U.S. at a young age, have grown up in American schools, developed American values and are American in every sense except their citizenship”.  However, many of them haven’t developed American values.  They favor the Mexican flag over the U.S.  The most infamous photo is of Mexican students, at a California school, displaying the Mexican flag on top of an upside down U.S. flag.

Obama displays the same lack of love of country and disrespect for its symbols which explains why he considers Dream Act beneficiaries “American in every sense except their citizenship”.

A disturbing and unanswered question: “Why is Obama trying to change the USA into something other than a Constitutional, representative form of government?”  Originally, it appeared he loved European models that tend to the left and socialism.  Then, as his preferential treatment of Muslims became more obvious, it seemed possible he was promoting Islam within the U.S. including Sharia law as a parallel set of laws for Muslims.

The documentary movie, “2016: Obama’s America” makes a case that Obama is actually motivated by his Kenyan father’s anti-colonialism.  However, what motivates Obama to weaken, and perhaps, destroy the U.S. isn’t relevant.  He was elected U.S. President to protect and preserve the U.S. Constitution and to represent all U.S. citizens.  His election provided no mandate for any cockamamie political concepts or forms of government not specified in the U.S. Constitution.

It was most frustrating for Obama to win in 2008 based on rhetoric when he had no record, or more accurately, when mainstream media declined to vet his credentials and record.  Now, although his record is so lacking, he chooses to attack Romney, untruthfully and unfairly rather than defend his record on unemployment and the economy.  It appears mainstream media may allow Obama again to campaign on empty rhetoric rather than hold him accountable for his actual record as president.

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