Obama – Dividing by Gender

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Author’s Note: This article addresses seven segments into which the President divided the electorate.  It’s presented in seven installments; first two are already on this website.

A Challenge to 2012 Voters – Place National Interests Ahead of Personal Interests

Installment Three – Dividing by Gender


It shouldn’t be news that one of Obama’s re-election campaign strategies is to divide the electorate into segments loyal to him and thereby conquer the Republican presidential  candidate.  Obama’s carefully crafted divisions thus far include: age; economic status; gender, national origin; race; religion; sexual orientation.  Each segment will be addressed with questions and challenges directed to members of that segment.

For this segment and others, it’s important to acknowledge – regarding political philosophy, the overall population is probably distributed on the “bell-shaped normal curve of distribution” – with small percentages at each end of the curve and a majority falling near the middle.  This article is directed at the majority near the middle.

I think many U.S. citizens are concerned about the survival of the USA as a Constitutional republic and world power economically and militarily.  I’m optimistic those concerned citizens will investigate the real issues, ignore sound bites and vote for the best interests of the U.S. at home and abroad, short term and long term.

Dividing by Gender

The “Houston Chronicle” seems to delight in publishing political cartoons offensive to many of their readers.  Example: a 04/08/2012 political cartoon depicted women voters as an anxious female in a bar awaiting an attractive male.  The cartoon was demeaning and insulting to women generally and to intelligent women specifically.

When it involves serious matters of state, there are countless independent women in the U.S. whose brains control their economic and political decisions.  Many of these women are citizens concerned about the future of the U.S. and a mounting burden of debt politicians are loading onto the backs of their children and grandchildren.

Gender isn’t an issue when economic and national security is on the line; women and men can be equally concerned. They realize deficit spending on entitlements – coupled with rapidly increasing national debt and unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Social Security – are no longer sustainable. Some recognize what was a can has become a 55-gallon drum that can’t be “kicked down the road” any longer.

It is possible many women are capable of questioning Obama’s commitment to national security after his plea for – outgoing Russian President Medvedev to communicate to incoming President Putin – the need for more space to give Obama greater flexibility after re-election. These women realize U.S. military strength can’t be squandered to placate frenemies and tyrants.

The rest of this article addresses women deeply concerned about hard-won women’s rights.  Would you like to live in an America where your rights are:

  • sharply curtailed;
  • secondary to those of male Muslims even if you are a Muslim woman;
  • subordinate to male and female Muslims if you are a non-believer or “Kafir”?

If you want to retain your rights, you need to investigate Islam and Sharia law.

Many native-born, non-Muslim U.S. supporters of Islam do so as a civil rights or religious freedom issue.  Few seem to be aware of the totality of Islam which is comprised of religion, culture, economic, legal (primarily Sharia law), military and political components. Focusing on only one or two of those components can lead to blind spots concerning others.  I wrote to a U.S. Senator expressing my concerns about Sharia law; she replied I shouldn’t be concerned because the U.S. Constitution protects us from Sharia.

However – when the state of Oklahoma enacted legislation to prohibit the introduction of Sharia law into Oklahoma’s legal system – the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) instituted a lawsuit by an Oklahoma Muslim who claimed prohibiting Sharia law would violate his religious freedom.  A federal judge agreed and stayed the legislation.

CAIR is the most outspoken defender of Islam in the U.S.  CAIR communications director, Ibrahim Hooper, stated in 1993 he would like to see the government of the U.S. be Islamic sometime in the future.  In 1998, CAIR’s co-founder proclaimed the Koran should be the highest authority in America.  CAIR has been affirmed by the U.S. Justice Department as an American front organization for the terrorist group Hamas.  It was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in American history.   The U.S. Department of Justice started an investigation of the unindicted CAIR officials in 2001.  AG Holder terminated that investigation in 2011.

Contrary to what many Muslims and some Democrats claim, Sharia law has been applied in some state and U.S. courts.  Specifically, a New Jersey judge — hearing a case where a Muslim husband raped his wife against her wishes — ruled the husband wasn’t guilty because Islamic law allowed him to demand sex whenever he wanted it.

Fortunately, that decision was reversed on appeal as was a case where Dearborn, Michigan police wouldn’t allow a U.S. citizen to distribute Christian literature within a Muslim “no-go zone”.  In 2011, a Pennsylvania judge refused to prosecute a Muslim who attacked an atheist in a Halloween costume — who in the Muslim attacker’s opinion — was defaming the prophet Mohammed.  The judge: released the attacker and lectured the victim; said he was also offended by the victim’s portrayal of Mohammed.  The judge’s ruling prevailed.

Some Islamic apologists and supporters choose not to remember the 9/11/2001 Twin Trade Towers and Pentagon attacks weren’t in retaliation for U.S. aggression against Islamic countries.  None existed then nor when the Twin Towers were first attacked in 1993.  All those attacks occurred because radical Islamists, then and now, disapprove of U.S. lifestyles and behavior especially those of strong, independent women.  To them, the USA is “the great Satan”.  Do you remember scenes of Muslims in Islamic countries cheering in jubilation after receiving videos of the 9/11 attacks?

Muslims claim Islam is the only true religion.  Sharia law considers non-Muslims as Kafirs who are inferior to Muslims.  Sharia law contains no freedoms of religion, press or speech.  Muslims believe Sharia law is directly from Allah and should, therefore, prevail over the “man-made” U.S. Constitution.

Under Sharia law, devout Muslim women are second-class members of their faith. They: do not have equal rights.  A Muslim woman’s testimony is worth half that of a Muslim man.  When a woman is raped and presses charges she may be charged with adultery.  A man’s testimony is worth that of two women.  To prove her charge, a rape victim would need three female witnesses to outweigh that of the alleged rapist.  Sharia allows the death penalty for adultery, fornication and homosexuality.

As badly as Muslim women are treated, Sharia is even worse on Kafirs, both female and male.  Sharia allows Kafirs to be: lied to*; mocked; plotted against; terrorized and beheaded. 

* Sharia allows a Muslim to tell a fellow Muslim one thing and a Kafir the exact opposite.

Muslims tell Christians and Jews they are “People of the Book” but:

  • Christians – only those who believe Jesus was a man who was a prophet of Allah; there is no Trinity; Jesus was not crucified, not resurrected; that he will return to establish Sharia law.
  • Jews – must believe Mohammed is the last in the line of Jewish prophets.

Otherwise, Christians and Jews are also Kafirs to be treated the same as other Kafirs.


(1)    Are you concerned enough for your country to investigate and determine issues of substance then vote for what you find to be in the best interests of the nation rather than cast your ballot for personal gain?

(2)    Will you investigate Islam in its totality rather than believe the propaganda of CAIR?  A good beginning source: “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims” by Bill Warner.


  • Look beyond television sound bites and political rhetoric to determine which candidate best supports national defense and national security.  Vote for the one who has specific plans to keep America strong economically and militarily.
  • Independently of local Muslims, investigate Islam in its totality. Also, learn about ALAC (American Laws for American Courts).
    • Unless you can refute the information herein about Islam and Sharia law, challenge your state legislature to introduce ALAC in their next session.
  • Watch the documentary movie “2016: Obama’s America”.  Decide if Obama represents your values and deserves a second term to reshape the USA.
  • If you can’t watch the movie, visit this website and read former P&G VP, Lou Pritchett’s “Open Letter to President Obama”. http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/youscareme.

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