Obama’s Presidential Campaign Playbook?

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Although I’m not privileged to have access to Obama’s presidential campaign playbook (Revised 2008 to incorporate Illinois-style politics), many plays called by the Obama campaign are rather obvious.

Chapter I – Defending the President’s record while attacking the presumptive Republican nominee.

  • Obscure Obama’s actual record as President.
  • When impossible to obscure, spin Obama’s record to present his failed initiatives and policies as significant accomplishments.
  • Never let a crisis go to waste; if no crisis exists invent one (an Illinois addition).
  • Attack Romney with false accusations.
    • After discredited by the Washington Post and Annenberg Foundation, repeat the accusations in order to solidify them in voters’ minds.
  • Fabricate personal accounts by former employees of Bain Capital; tell poignant stories although facts disagree with the pitiful tales; thereby foster Obama’s predilection to “never let facts get in the way of a good story”.
  • Call for Romney to release 10 years of personal income tax records although, Obama continues his refusal to release his college and university transcripts.

Chapter II – Vilifying the Vice Presidential nominee while misrepresenting his budget.

  • Immediately vilify Ryan as a deficit reduction hawk who will:
    • repeal the Affordable Care Act;
    • slash spending on Medicare and Social Security;
    • remove all safety nets; send the elderly, minorities and other disadvantaged citizens crashing to their untimely deaths.

Chapter III – Maintaining cozy relationships with mainstream media, both electronic and print, to assure the media deliver Democrat claims intact while filtering and falsifying Republican messages.

  • Favor individual “journalists” with private interviews of Obama, Michelle and their White House inner circle.
  • Provide media with personal anecdotes of the First Family; emphasize their “every day humanity”; de-emphasize an unremitting penchant for expensive vacations, on Air Force One at taxpayer expense, in Spain, Hawaii and Mexico.
  • Stroke the media’s liberal bias – while agitating them with horror stories about evil Republicans – enabling NY Times and Washington Post columnists to demonize Republicans generally, Mitt and Paul specifically.

Chapter IV – Divide the electorate into segments with particular attention to the seven beholden to Obama and Democrats.  (That topic is addressed in other website articles.)

Chapter IV ends our perceived playbook of Obama ‘s 2012 campaign strategies.  Can he pull it off again?  Can he conduct another “American Idol” type campaign – in which an undiscerning and uninformed electorate coupled with a compliant main-stream media – allow empty rhetoric to prevail over a demonstrably bad four years of ineptitude?

That answer is neither clear nor certain.  So far it’s been smooth sailing for Obama’s campaign of deception and misinformation  but there is a potentially fatal flaw in Obama’s grand design of: do anything; say anything; spend every fund-raising “dime” (Obama is partial to the 10 cent piece.); to assure his re-election at any cost.

What is that fatal flaw?  There may be enough concerned citizens who vote and are keenly aware of Obama’s actual record that they may, prior to November 6, publicize Obama’s record to independent voters and disaffected Democrats – who on November 6 – could reject Obama’s rhetoric about another four years to give him “greater flexibility” to finish dismantling the U.S. as an economic and military superpower.

Need an example?  It was provided in a “Wall Street Journal” 08/18/2012 article: “What’s Really in the Ryan Budget” by Daniel J. Mitchell who analyzed what Paul Ryan’s budget actually proposes versus Democrat attempts to promote hysteria about Ryan cutting spending to the bone while abandoning welfare spending and safety nets.  Mitchell’s points are in “quotation marks” to differentiate them from my statements.  If at all possible, read Mitchell’s article for a more comprehensive analysis of Ryan’s budget..

First, it’s necessary to forget the concept of zero budgets – where every unit of government would justify each line-budget expenditure – as if no history existed for that expense.

  • “Annual budgets assume the current ‘spending rate’ will continue.  On Obama’s watch (where the national debt has increased by $5 trillion) the annual increase would be 4.3%.”
  • “The Ryan budget would reduce Obama’s spending rate from 4.3% to 3.1%, a reduction of 1.2 percentage points (hardly slashing to the bone)
    • but the 2013 annual budget would still be 3.1% greater than the 2012 spending rate for which there is no 2012 budget.
  • The Ryan budget would reduce Medicare spending.” However, Obama’s original ACA goal was to save $500 billion (half a trillion) by eliminating Medicare Advantage.  Now, $700 billion is tossed around but Democrats assure Medicare recipients their benefits won’t be reduced; rather $700 billion will be “saved”.
  • Obama advocates only one solution for balancing the budget, increase the tax rate for “one-percenters”.
    • Obama refuses to reduce entitlement spending and possibly lose votes he has already bought with taxpayer dollars and borrowed funds that resulted in him increasing the federal debt by $5 trillion.
    • Why isn’t mainstream media calling on Obama to account for already spending the U.S. into virtual insolvency?
  • “Ryan, on the other hand, deserves considerable credit for addressing necessary spending cuts including two “third-rail” entitlement programs, Medicare and Social Security.”

Why is it necessary to address the sacred cows: Social Security; Medicare?

  • The “official” budget addresses only “on-the-book” items.
    • When expenditures for future benefits of programs – such as Social Security (both retirement and disability benefits) and Medicare – are greater than those programs “reserves” (AKA U.S. government debt instruments) those future expenses are excluded from the budget and classified as “unfunded liabilities”.
    • It should be noted – with Social Security retirement and disability, as well as Medicare tax receipts, failing to cover expenditures for all three programs in 2009 – Obama persuaded Republicans to decrease withholding of Social Security and Medicare taxes in order to place more take-home-pay in U.S. workers’ pockets.  A brilliant idea, eh?
    • Would rational thinkers agree to continuing to underfund those programs, or might they see the need for Ryan-type budgeting?
    • Might overburdened taxpayers, perhaps, think the inmates are firmly in control of the asylum?
  • Two of the greatest unfunded liabilities are Medicare and Social Security.  The most recent estimates of each are from 2009 projections of the “Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report (06/11/2009 www.http://ncpa.org).
  • Social Security – $17.5 trillion; Medicare – $89.3: total – $106.8 trillion.
  • Medicare, since its inception in 1965 has added, on average, $1.9 trillion in unfunded liabilities each year; Democrats aren’t the only culprits.
    • George W contributed significantly to that average with his Medicare drug benefit for which no offsetting taxes were enacted.
  • Federal budgets address the annual budget deficit.  Since expenditures are greater than income, funds must be borrowed to cover total expenditures.
  • As a matter of magnitude here’s a simple comparison of U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the current National Debt; each is approximately $15 trillion.
  • Paul Krugman, a Nobel prize-winner in economics, delights in expressing GDP as a percentage of annual budget deficits and claims U.S. deficit spending is a safe and positive route to economic recovery.
  • Here are more points from Daniel Mitchell’s WSJ article:
    • “Under Democrat Bill Clinton, government spending consumed 18.2% of GDP;
    • Obama’s spending spree increased the percentage to 24%.
    • If unchecked, the percentage will jump to 35% by 2040 compared to 18.75% of output under the Ryan budget.
    • Ryan’s budget would reduce the percentage to 20% in 10 years.”
    • On the other hand with “greater flexibility” assured by his re-election, Obama’s profligate spending will be unsustainable.

The 2012 electorate is aurally and visually oriented.  To better relate to them – with sincere apologies to songwriter, Irving Gordon and his 1950s hit, “Unforgettable”, here is a 2012 “Unsustainable” version: “An Ode from Medicare to Social Security (SSI)”

Unsustainable, in every way, and forevermore that’s how you will stay. That’s, why, SSI, it’s incredible that a program so unsustainable, thinks that I am unsustainable too.

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