U.S. Voters Have Rights But Few Responsibilities

August 1, 2012 6:37 am 2 comments

In Election Year 2012, throughout the US, there’s a hue and cry for citizens’ (and non-citizens’) liberties and rights but no mention of citizen responsibilities.  Translation: there is loud volume about “voters’ rights” (not to be devalued by requiring a photo ID to prove the voter is actually the person registered to vote).  But, there isn’t even a whisper that — by casting individual ballots — voters have an irreversible responsibility in shaping our nation’s future.  The best expression of that responsibility: the Catholic Church video “Test of Fire” when it states: “Your vote will affect the future and be recorded in eternity.”

For much too long the US has suffered the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) without a corresponding ACRU (American Citizens Responsibilities Union).  The ACLU defends individuals’ (citizens and non-citizens) civil liberties to dissent, protest and weaken our nation’s fabric.  An ACRU could strengthen the national fabric if enough citizens will accept and fulfill responsibilities commensurate with our liberties and rights.

Consider a citizen’s right to vote.  The requirements for a U.S. born citizen to vote are: 18 years old; register to vote with the county or parish clerk; present the registration certificate and vote in the next election through whatever methods provided.  No tests are required to determine an individual voter’s knowledge of US: history; Constitution; economics, including taxation and government spending.  The DOJ opposes requiring voters to display a valid photo ID as proof the person voting is the one registered to vote.

On the other hand, applicants for U.S. citizenship must be prepared to answer 100 questions about US: history; Constitution; economics including taxation and government spending.  Citizens born in the U.S. should be required to be at least one-tenth as knowledgeable about our nation as legal immigration citizenship applicants.

Why not place, on the 2012 election ballot a Constitutional Amendment to

  • require each voter registration applicant to pass a test about the U.S Constitution, history and economics before qualifying to vote because the
  • right to vote carries an equal responsibility for each voter to be informed about the U.S. Constitution, history and economics including annual budgets, taxation, deficit spending and the national deficit?
  • A test, in English, will be administered to each voter registration applicant.  Applicants must score 70% to qualify to vote in the next election.  Those failing can re-apply before the next following election.

Following are 10 questions.  These may not be the final questions but any fair minded, rational, unprejudiced individual must admit they are an excellent beginning.,

U.S. History

  • In what year did the U.S. Declaration of Independence issue?
  • From what nation did the U.S. declare its independence?
  • What war resulted from the Declaration of Independence?

The U.S. Constitution

  • The U.S. Constitution was drafted in what city and state?
  • The first 10 amendments to the Constitution are known as:
  • Name the three branches of government described in Articles 1, 2, and 3:
  • Which branch of government has the power to declare war?


  • Which branch of government has the power to levy taxes?
  • The U.S. government can spend more money than it collects in taxes annually. True or False?
  • U.S. national debt currently exceeds $10 trillion.   True or False?


  • I’ve always said they should have a test to qualify voters, but of course that will never happen. They won’t even make a person show ID to prove that they are a US Citizen, let alone prove that they are bright enough to vote.

  • Excellent points, Neil! There are more requirements to get a driver’s license than there are to vote. Also, is it right that people can vote themselves money and benefits (welfare) at the expense of their fellow tax-paying Americans?

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