God Ekes Out A “Win” At Dem. Convention

September 6, 2012 11:22 am 0 comments

As we told you yesterday, the Democrats’ platform is radical and hostile to Middle American values. The major media and Democrat politicians initially laughed at us for pointing out that God had been dumped from their platform. But by the end of the day, their hair was on fire as it became apparent that their moderate camouflage had been stripped away.

There is no way that FDR, with his D-Day prayer, or Harry Truman, who recognized the modern state of Israel, or John F. Kennedy, with his tax cuts and willingness to stare down our enemies, would have any place in today’s Democrat Party.

Once it was clear the Democrats were on the verge of a major debacle, the left-wing media jumped into damage control mode. They rushed to assure us that Barack Obama had personally intervened to restore God and Jerusalem in the platform.

Really? Then why didn’t he intervene before last night? The Democrat platform was drafted last month in Detroit!

So now we’re supposed to believe that Obama really wanted Jerusalem recognized in his party’s platform as the capital of Israel? Then why can’t his State Department or his own White House press secretary answer the very simple question, “What is the capital of Israel?”

By the way, the Democrats still fail to condemn Hamas, and they still fail to reject the Palestinian demand to swamp Israel demographically with millions of so-called refugees.

We’re also supposed to believe that Obama wants God back in his party’s platform. But this is the same man who told Pastor Rick Warren that it was above his pay grade when Warren asked him at what point do babies deserve human rights. This is the same man who repeatedly voted to deny medical treatment to babies who survived abortions. This is the same man who twisted Scripture to justify men “marrying” other men.

But I don’t doubt that Obama did personally intervene yesterday. He had a four-alarm fire on his hands. The phones were likely ringing off their proverbial hooks from furious Jewish voters and black pastors who were already on edge before the convention began. No doubt they were livid as they learned that Jerusalem and God had been ripped out of the platform.

So what did the Democrats do? What they do best — they rigged a vote!

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, serving as the convention chairman, called for a two-thirds voice vote to amend the platform and reinsert the deleted language on Jerusalem and God. But it was clear God didn’t have the votes. So Villaraigosa called for a second vote. Again, it was clear God didn’t have the votes. So Villaraigosa called for a third vote. God still didn’t have the votes, but this time the chairman overruled the delegates, many of whom booed and hissed.

Let’s be clear about this: They weren’t objecting to language that Republicans use all the time and which is found in our Declaration of Independence — that our liberties come from God. No, they were booing a simple reference to our “God-given talents.” And, by the way, the same convention that booed God last night cheered Bill Clinton, and tonight they will cheer Barney Frank!

My friends, I suspect God would have preferred to lose the vote. Why would He want to be in a platform of a party so committed to the destruction of His innocent, little unborn children?

The Bottom Line: The Democrats Are The Extremists!

Please don’t miss the main point: At least half of the delegates pledged to Barack Obama do not believe Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. At least half of the delegates pledged to Barack Obama don’t want to acknowledge God in their party’s platform.

What more should anyone need to know to realize that today’s Democrat Party is a radical secularist party that bears little resemblance to the party that existed in recent years?

Just consider the marriage issue. Their keynote speaker last night, Bill Clinton, signed the Defense of Marriage Act after it had passed the House of Representatives and the Senate by landslide, bi-partisan margins of 342-to-67 and 85-to-14. Just 16 years later, this president is refusing to enforce that law, wants it repealed and has embraced the radical notion of men “marrying” other men.

And it’s not just the delegates gathered in Charlotte. These folks represent many radicals who are burrowed into virtually every federal agency, who run every major union and who spin the news every night on most networks. They don’t want God in the public square. They want abortion-on-demand and same-sex “marriage.” But the American people do not!

The Republican Party, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should make this assault on faith and values a constant theme, along with unemployment and deregulation.

In every swing state that is up for grabs — Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia — the people have voted to defend traditional marriage. Overwhelming majorities would be shocked that God lost three votes at the Democratic National Convention — IF they know about it. And that is as much a failure of the GOP inside-the-Beltway establishment as it is media bias.

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