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God Ekes Out A “Win” At Dem. Convention

As we told you yesterday, the Democrats’ platform is radical and hostile to Middle American values. The major media and Democrat politicians initially laughed at us for pointing out that God had been dumped from their platform. But by the end of the day, their hair was on fire as it became apparent that their moderate camouflage had been stripped away.

There is no way that FDR, with his D-Day prayer, or Harry Truman, who recognized the modern state of Israel, or John F. Kennedy, with his tax cuts and willingness to stare down our enemies, would have any place in today’s Democrat Party.

Once it was clear the Democrats were on the verge of a major debacle, the left-wing media


Obama – Dividing By Religion, Part Two – Muslim Heritage

Obama’s claim of the “Muslim Heritage in America”

This article addresses the “Muslim Heritage” Barack Obama claimed for the USA in his Cairo Speech in which he said “I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.” To justify that claim, Obama said: “The first nation to recognize my country was Morocco.”

The claim about Morocco will be addressed in a brief historical review of the Barbary Wars following an excellent response to Obama’s unsupported claim,

First, please allow me to introduce Jack Woodard. Mr. Woodard’s blog includes a “Share this” option so it’s my privilege to share, verbatim, his refutation of Obama’s statement. It’s titled: “Refuting Obama’s False and Foolish Claim of Islam’s Place in America’s History”.


Obama – Dividing By Religion, Part One

It’s well established that one of Obama’s re-election campaign strategies is to divide the electorate into segments loyal to him and thereby conquer Mitt Romney. Obama’s carefully crafted divisions thus far include: age; economic status; gender, national origin; race; religion; sexual orientation. Each segment will be addressed with questions and challenges directed to members of that segment.

In writing this installment it was apparent three parts are necessary due to Obama’s blatant attacks on Christian’s religious freedoms and his unqualified support of Islam. The three parts: (1) Obama’s Attacks on Christianity, Judaism and Israeli national security (2) an American citizen’s excellent refutation of Obama’s claim “Islam has always been a part of American History“ which segues into (3) Obama’s unqualified support of Islam.