Dividing By National Origin – Part Two – Polarity Of Magnets

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Author’s Note: This article addresses seven segments – into which the President has divided the electorate – so it is presented in seven installments.  This is Part Two of Installment Five “Dividing by National Origin.  Part One is accessible on this Patriot Statesman.

A Challenge to 2012 Voters – Place National Interests Ahead of Personal Interests

Installment Five – Dividing by National Origin – Part Two – Polarity of Magnets


It’s well established – one of Obama’s re-election campaign strategies is to divide the electorate

Into segments loyal to him and thereby conquer the Republican presidential candidate.  Obama’s carefully crafted divisions thus far include: age; economic status; gender, national origin; race; religion; sexual orientation.  Each segment is/will be addressed with questions and challenges directed to members of that segment.  Four articles are accessible on the Patriot Statesman.  The final two are expected to be posted mid-to-late October 2012.

This article addresses whether it is in the best interests of the U.S. to continue to allow illegal immigration while current illegal immigrants receive entitlements paid for by deficit spending and unfunded liabilities that threaten the country’s solvency.  The article examines: current national debt; unfunded liabilities; U.S. Constitutional issues.  It also covers two topics rarely mentioned regarding illegal immigration: the law of unintended consequences and polarity of magnets.

Dividing by National origin

The following narrative is from Part One:

The U.S. has a highly diverse and multicultural population because its residents and citizens arrived in the U.S. from many nations.  The division by national origin primarily concerns which residents are in the U.S. legally and how those who are here illegally should be treated.

The problem is compounded because the U.S. government doesn’t fully enforce existing immigration laws.  Meanwhile, illegal immigrants, their advocates, apologists and supporters feel passionately that immigrants have a right to enter the U.S. illegally.  With those decisions, U.S. citizens choose which “laws of the land” they will obey and disobey.

Advocates and opponents of illegal immigration each hold firm positions – that are well known within each camp – so this article doesn’t rehash those.  Instead it will address:

  • false assumptions about U.S. economic and debt status;
  • Constitutional issues the President raised by deciding which laws are constitutional;
  • Part One examined “The Law of Unintended Consequences”.  It’s accessible on Patriot Statesman website.
  • Part Two examines the polarity of magnets, specifically the poles that:
    • attract illegal immigrants to the USA:
    • repel illegal immigrants to leave their villages and towns, then
    • suggest possible actions to make those villages and towns economically attractive.

The following may shed much needed light on our subject without overheating the discussion.

  • False assumptions about the USA
    • Illegal immigrants, activists and apologists view the USA as a rich nation that can afford to absorb all the sizeable costs of illegal immigration but the USA is actually a debtor nation.
    • At 6:40 p.m. (CDT) 10/10/2012 the “official” National Debt was $16.164 trillion while Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $15.409 trillion.
    • National Debt has increased by $6 trillion on Obama’s watch but the official national debt is dwarfed by unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare.  At 6:45 p.m. 10/10/2012 unfunded liabilities for the two programs totaled $120.945 trillion (SS = $15.946 trillion; Medicare = $104.999 trillion.)
    • More striking are National Debt (ND) and Unfunded Liabilities (UL) per taxpayer: ND = $141,183; UL = $1,056,486.
  • The U.S. Constitution specifies three separate branches of government: Executive – headed by the President, executes laws passed by Congress; Legislative, enacts legislation and sends it to the President; Judicial, the Supreme Court rules on legislation when necessary to determine its constitutionality.  President Obama usurped:
    • judicial powers by ruling the Defense Of Marriage ACT (DOMA)  unconstitutional.  The U.S. Supreme Court alone decides constitutionality;
    • legislative powers with his Executive Order implementing the DREAM Act that Congress didn’t enact.
    • in so doing, he violated his oath to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution to the best of his ability.
    • He doesn’t enforce U.S. immigration laws; won’t allow individual states to do so.

(End of Part One narrative)

Polarity of magnets

All magnets have two ends, commonly referred to as north and south poles. The determining factor of whether a magnet attracts or repels is the pole. Magnets attract when a north pole is introduced to a south pole.  If like poles are introduced, either north to north or south to south, the magnets repel.  How Do Magnets Attract & Repel? | eHow.com

  • So, magnets have two poles: one attracts; one repels.  Yet the ongoing, acrimonious debate about solving the national problem of illegal immigration – into the USA across the border between Mexico and the U.S. – focuses entirely on one magnetic pole.
    • That’s the attraction – to citizens of Mexico and Central American countries who live in poverty in small villages and towns with no economic opportunities – of possible jobs in the U.S.  Billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars, especially in the states bordering Mexico, are spent annually providing education, health care, and other financial aid to illegal immigrants unable to find “living-wage jobs” for their families.  (Please refer to “False Assumptions About the USA”.)
    • Why not address the other magnetic pole, the one that repels Latinos from their hardscrabble villages and towns into an expensive, dangerous and too often, unrewarding illegal entry into the U.S.?
    • The Mexican government wages war against Mexican drug cartels with substantial financial support from the U.S. government.  Why not divert some of the money spent by the Feds, U.S. border-states and supporters of illegal immigration to address root causes of poverty in the small villages and towns?
  • Mexico is (or was) an agrarian nation. Why not provide training and funds for “rural renewal” to impoverished villages to plant community gardens and become self-sufficient in raising most of their food from local crops?
    • Bumper crops, in excess of local needs, could be sold or bartered to other villages.
    • How about micro loans for crafts and trades so that Mexican goods, especially souvenirs, can be made in Mexico rather than China?
  • Latinos, especially Mexicans, are inordinately proud of their: country; customs; flag; heritage; soccer team.  Why not provide “rural renewal” aid that enables them to sustain those prides while remaining in their native country?
  • Obama calls for other countries to send the U.S. their best and brightest but let them remain in their home countries to address infrastructure and solve chronic problems.
  • The U.S. remains rich in resources of technical expertise in agriculture and commerce.   Provide resources to educate and train the best and brightest, along with the less privileged, to increase their knowledge and raise their standard of living.

Obama appears more interested in “fostering democracy” in Islamic countries – Egypt and Libya where radical Islamists attacked and sacked U.S. embassies in Benghazi and Cairo – than in fostering economic growth and political stability in Mexico and Central American countries.


  1. Are you concerned enough about your country to investigate and learn about this issue on which Obama chose to divide the nation?  Can you separate facts from emotions and vote in the best interests of the nation?
  2. Do you understand the U.S. is a debtor nation not a rich nation?  Are you a taxpayer? (About half of U.S. households pay no FIT.)  Do you think it’s fair to saddle individual taxpayers with: $144,183 of National Debt; $1,056,486 in Unfunded Liabilities?
  3. Should a President – who has violated his oath to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution to the best of his ability – be rewarded with a second term?
  4. Rather than commit money and time to strengthen the magnetic pole attracting illegal immigrants to the U.S., why not divert those resources to enable Latinos to improve economic conditions and standard of living in their native countries?


  • Investigate Obama usurping the Constitutional powers of Congress and the Supreme Court; vote based on the results of your investigation.
  • Check out other Neil Stovall articles on the Patriot Statesman website about Obama’s presidential campaign.  Start with Part One of this article then three of the more recent:
    • The First 2012 Presidential Debate – Did Obama meet his match?
    • Does Obama Deserve a Passing Grade on His Middle East and Islamic Countries Policies and Troop Withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan?
    • Does Obama Say One Thing and Do Another?  An Examination of Obama/Democrat Canards about Romney
  • The Catholic Church has a powerful video “Test of Fire”.

  • See the documentary movie “2016: Obama’s America”.  Decide if: Obama is: ignoring the U.S. Constitution; following a personal agenda rather than protecting U.S. interests and sovereignty.

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