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The First 2012 Presidential Debate – Did Obama Meet His Match?

Too many people think “change” is the same as “progress”. Romney’s challenge is to convince a majority of voters that, in an Obama presidency, change is synonymous with neither progress nor success. He must repeatedly stress Obama’s actual record as President.

In 2008, Obama was the least qualified presidential candidate in modern history. Barack didn’t understand the economic and fiscal challenges and problems facing the nation. His first term proves he lacks solutions for problems such as unemployment, annual budget deficits and a rapidly increasing national debt. Obama didn’t run against McCain in 2008; he campaigned against George W. Bush. Once elected, he blamed Bush for the “economic mess I inherited”.


How To Transform The Muslim World

Obama’s foreign policies have been a disaster, but we need to think very carefully about what we are to do in the future. As a democratic republic defending democratic republican values, we do not need to inject ourselves deeply into the politics of other nations. The world is very sadly littered with failures from this process, the most notable probably being the 40 odd year civil war in Guatamala. Jimmy Carter was rightly repulsed by this, and attempted to have a foreign policy that instead of being anti-communist was based on human rights. This too, sadly was a disaster, as Carter was no master of Realpolitik.

We need to take very small baby steps. I see in Libya, especially, a repugnance for what happened to our ambassador and staff. We may not like the governments, nor what they stand for, but that is who the people have elected, and we must respect that.

Romney: “I’ve Done It Before And I’ll Do It Again”

There have been several famous presidential debates throughout American history: Lincoln – Douglas, Kennedy – Nixon, Reagan – Carter, and now Romney – Obama.

Republican nominee Mitt Romney so thoroughly defeated President Obama last night it was reminiscent of a young Mike Tyson knocking out Michael Spinks without ever breaking a sweat. From the opening question Romney scored a standing eight count and continued to mercilessly pound Obama on point after point.

Despite the president having the sizeable advantage of PBS’s, Jim Lehrer moderate the event, there was no question that Mitt Romney was the undisputed winner.

Lehrer, who at times seemed to be like a kindergarten teacher trying to help a bashful child with stage fright get through his lines in the school play, often fed President Obama lines and generally tried to help him respond to questions.


Does Obama Deserve A Passing Grade On His Middle East And Islamic Countries Policies

Mainstream U.S. Media have absolved Obama of responsibility for radical Islamists riots and invasions of U.S. Embassies but viciously attacked Romney for questioning: Obama’s Middle East/Arab countries policies; the lack of heightened embassy security on the 9/11/2012 anniversary.

Obama’s Middle East/Islamic countries policies began with his June 4, 2009 Cairo speech in which Obama apologized to Muslims for what he and they consider U.S .transgressions against them.

My two part article – “Islam for Dummies” was prompted by a “Houston Chronicle” letter headlined “Arab discontent” in which the writer opined the mindless and unrestrained Muslim mob violence, starting 09/11/2012, was “likely the result of our constant interference into the internal affairs of so many important places in the Islamic world over the past decade.”