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The Second Amendment Fact That No One Wants To Talk About

Since the horrible murders of 26 school children and faculty in Newtown Connecticut, the gun control issue has been broadcast on the main-stream news media non-stop.

The left has taken this horrible tragedy and the heartache our nation feels, and used them to completely control the conversation on gun control. Now we even hear so-called conservatives agreeing that more gun control may be necessary to help prevent this type of tragedy from ever happening again, while they ignore the fact that areas with greater firearm freedoms have less violent crime, and areas marked as “gun-free zones” have produced nearly every mass murder in the last 60 years.

They’ve already convinced the public that semi-automatic firearms are “assault weapons” based on how they look, not how they function. They have the media repeating talking points such as “no one needs these

AAA Says Not To Use E-15 Ethanol – Could Hurt Car

According to, the EPA, influenced by special interest groups, approved E-15 ethanol gasoline even though 95% of the cars on the road (228 million) could be damaged by using it. Three states so far are selling E-15 ethanol gasoline — Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa; but the EPA is pushing its use across the rest of the country. Car manufacturers have adapted cars to be able to use E-10 but not E-15. Can your car tolerate the high ethanol levels? Older cars are particularly susceptible to being damaged by E-15. Also, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Volkswagen, etc. have said their car warranties will not cover fuel-related claims. AAA is advising not to purchase E-15 ethanol gasoline.


“Guns In Schools Can Save Lives” – John Lott

Has anyone noticed that these mass shootings at public schools increased after the 1995 Gun-Free School Zone Act? Passed with good intentions, banning guns would supposedly make schools safer.

But law abiding citizens, not criminals, obey these bans. Instead of making places safer, disarming law abiding citizens left them sitting ducks.

Killers go where victims can’t defend themselves. In the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting, out of seven theaters showing the Batman movie premiere within 20 minutes of the suspect’s apartment, only one banned permitted concealed handguns. The suspect didn’t go to the closest nor the largest, but to the one that banned self-defense. Time after time the story is the same.

Sen. Dianne Goldman Feinstein Is Out to Destroy America

People talk of the one-percent elite who are out to own and control everything in the world. Let’s put a name on one of them: Dianne Goldman Feinstein (D-Calif.). This powerful U.S. Congresswoman is the 9th richest on Capitol Hill, according to reports about the b/millionaires in Congress. Feinstein’s first major attempt at gun control occurred when she ordained a citywide handgun ban as mayor of San Diego, Calif., in 1984, where an attempt at recall failed.

Feinstein, 79, called for more gun control measures after the “Fast and Furious” ordeal. While only verbally slapping the hand of the irresponsible government officials by saying mistakes were made, she tried again to infringe on American’s Second Amendment Right. Currently, she has her sights on becoming the chair of the…


Stand Firm Republicans

Since the President’s recent reelection, he and the liberal political pundits have claimed a mandate for tax increases. What they seem to forget is that the electorate also gave the Republican Party the majority mantle in the House. I don’t recall one Republican Representative campaigning on tax increases during the last election cycle. In fact, most persuaded their districts into electing them based on a promise that they would not yield to President Obama’s call for raising taxes. Let’s not forget that his so called tax on the rich would result in a tax increase for over one million small businesses. Given this background, I was shocked when Speaker Boehner recently proposed a compromise that included tax increases.