Praise For Chilean President Praising 11 Year Old Pregnant By Rape

July 11, 2013 8:59 am 0 comments

Seems President Sebastian Pinera is getting attacked from around the world for stating that an 11 yr old was “brave and mature.”

In an article from BBC NEWS website they state that

Forensic psychologist Giorgio Agostini said the girl would not have the mental or emotional capacity to understand her situation. “What the president is saying doesn’t get close to the psychological truth of an 11-year-old-girl,” he told the Associated Press news agency.”It’s a subjective view that is not based on any scientific reasoning” The girl’s case has already sparked a public debate about abortion.”

BBC NEWS also stated “Experts criticised Mr Pinera’s comments as having no scientific foundation.”

Not sure where these “experts” find their basis for such statements but having spoken to hundreds upon hundreds of women and children of rape conception I can say with proof that evidence shows giving life after conception from rape is far better than killing an innocent baby.

I’ve been told by those who had abortions for rape conceived “I was raped and allowed to live but I turned on my own innocent baby and killed my baby. I am worse than the rapist.” I did not say this but a mother said this to me. There may be some who have aborted rape conceived babies and feel they did the right thing. But far more women have come to me saying how they were grateful for their child that gave them “life” after rape. They also told me most people cannot understand their love for that child.

Why is it that society wants to make a woman or girl the mother of a dead baby and think that is somehow better or even compassionate? Of the seven women I spoke with who aborted rape conceived babies all but 1 regretted that decision. Six admitted to being suicida. Most even attempted to kill themselves not because of the rape but because they killed their baby. Only one defended her position for killing her baby. The majority of women pregnant by rape I’ve spoken with said they were happy they did not abort. There were some that chose to raise their child and others who chose to place them for adoption. These women showed signs of a healthier happier overall view of themselves and their lives.

The news reports that Giorgio Agostini”a forensic psychologist has worked on DOZENS of child sex abuse cases.” (emphasis mine) So just where is Giorgio Agostini? “Dozens” makes him an expert? Is he shoving his bias on these girls and women in the same fashion that my mother received from her doctor? Scared and vulnerable after rape and especially being pregnant woman might succumb to the pressure to abort.. To have someone act as a “professional” suggesting it is best to abort and that a 14 yo is not mature enough is appalling. Having talked to HUNDREDS, I’ve seen just the opposite. I’ve seen women become even stronger and come to the rescue of their child where immature adults are taunting her to kill an innocent human.

This horrible treatment of women pregnant by rape must end. Society must stop killing innocent children and stop the rape and abuse. Preventing the abuse will prevent babies from being born this way. Killing the innocent has never been a reward for any society.

One 14 yr old is currently feeling the attacks on her and her baby conceived in rape in the US. It started with a doctor being fired by the girl’s mother for not treating her properly. He retaliated by spreading a lie to all the doctors in the area saying she was lying and was trying to “save her reputation” by crying rape. Call after call resulted in doctors saying they would not take her. She delivered her son prematurely and he stayed in the hospital for weeks. After she returned to school she was met with attacks of not being raped and insults.

She is hated for loving her baby.

Had she been sleeping around everyone would have applauded her for keeping her baby. But instead they have gone so far as to spray paint her home. This is not an isolated case as I’ve been told over and over that women are treated terribly by family and friends when choosing to give life to a rape conceived baby.

What is wrong with people? The criminals aren’t treated this badly.

Sadly groups that profess helping the abused promote the same kind of prejudice.

Pandy’s is one such organization who banned me from reaching out with the Honor for Life Award to women who gave birth to their rape conceived children stating “we honor all women.” In another group representing RAINN on LinkedIn I was attacked for defending the life of the rape conceived AND the mother who chooses life. I even offer help to those who did abort rape conceived babies. After presenting scientific evidence for the life of the child and also presenting actual mother’s and children’s testimonies plus those who regretted abortion I was banned for being insensitive.I do not know if this represents the organization as a whole. But there was one woman who defended her abortion and my heart goes out to her. And still another who called the woman who aborted a hero for killing her baby. These women do not represent the majority of women pregnant by rape at any age.

Let’s stop the violence both before rape and after.

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