Pro-Life? So Were We

July 8, 2013 9:54 am 5 comments

Like so many others, we had been involved in the pro-life movement.  We supported pro-life organizations and attended pro-life churches.  Then, Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) came on the scene.  We thought this was great!  Another pro-life movement helping us, to raise awareness.  But we soon discovered that AHA was not behind the pro-life movement.  They said the pro-life movement had not been effective.  How could they say this?  It has done so much!  We were quick to defend all of the hard work done by the pro-life movement.  It got us to take a hard look at all of the statistics, so we could justify all of the good, which had been done.  But all of the research only showed one thing; AHA was right.

In the 40 years following the Roe v Wade decision, even with all of the pro-life bills, legislation, regulation and restrictions, the abortion rate continues to climb.  If we say a young mom must have parental consent, we are saying that abortion is acceptable, as long as you have your parent’s consent.  Or, by saying you must first see an ultrasound image of your baby, we are effectively saying that once you do, you can then go ahead and kill your child.  And then there are the standard exceptions.  Rape, incest and life of the mother.  Politically, these have become the normal negotiating tools.  However, think about what this means.  To say that you are pro-life, “with exceptions,” is to say that you are pro-choice.  You are supporting legislation where one of the choices is abortion, under certain circumstances.  At the last minute, predictably, these exceptions were even included in the most recent fetal pain bill, in Texas.

And, although we celebrate when abortion clinics close, the reality is that it doesn’t achieve anything, either.  When one clinic closes, a new one will open or the one in the next town or state gets busier, taking-up the slack.

We do realize there is much more in the Texas 20-week fetal pain bill.  Supposedly several abortion clinics will have to close.  However, as has been proven time and time again, the abortionists will find a work-around and if some clinics close, others will pick-up the slack (even if they have to go to other states).  More importantly though, we are still conveying the message of when it is okay to murder your own child; as long as it is prior to the 20 week deadline (or before it can feel pain).

If you have been part of the pro-life movement, we ask that you take a step-back and examine for yourself how effective all of the work has been.  Without asking, we would dare say that if you consider yourself pro-life, you want to see the end of abortion.  This is just saying you also wish for complete abolition.  Despite the divisiveness and what you may have heard about AHA, we all want the same result.

Many in the pro-life movement have asked; what has AHA has done?  How many babies are they saving?  And although you may feel that there are drastic differences, there are not.  AHA is not a club that you need to join.  It is an ideology.  They believe in saving as many babies as possible, just like you.  Many associated with AHA are also standing on sidewalks at abortion clinics, all across the US.  For the most part, just like other pro-lifers; AHA is sharing the gospel, offering assistance and pleading with the parents.  Many are also involved with local crisis pregnancy care centers and they have even started their own help site, connecting abortion minded parents with local pregnancy care centers:

Hand of Hope Community

So again, just like the pro-life movement, AHA does of course hope and work to “save as many babies as possible.”  The major difference though, is that AHA is trying to encourage everyone to stand for nothing less than 100% abolition.  All of the compromising legislation is unnecessary.  It has been and continues to be a waste of our time and resources.  We, collectively, will make a much greater impact, by not supporting compromising legislation.  Our country already has laws against murder in place.  What is needed is for those in authority to uphold our existing laws:

We should not be supporting any bills that negotiate to “save some,” at the expense of “some.”  Any such regulation has appropriately been nicknamed; “…and then you can kill the baby, legislation.”

You may already be familiar with Don Cooper, of World Life organization.  He was extremely active in the pro-life movement.  Recently, during World Life’s one year anniversary, they and Abolish Human Abortion made the announcement of joining, with Don becoming AHA’s new executive director.  This is the announcement video:

Later, during an AHA conference, Don Cooper repented for supporting the pro-life movement:

Don apologized especially for supporting “with exception” legislation.  The two ladies that you saw at the end of the above video are those “exceptions.”  You can see their testimonies, here:

Anna Richey was raped and a mother at only 13 years of age:

And Juda Myers, whose mother was attacked by eight men and raped, still chose life for Juda:

There is so much more information available at:

Please don’t feel threatened by AHA’s ideology.  Just as with the abolitionists of slavery, abortion can also be abolished.

Rance Bennett


  • Patti Smith

    I know Juda and Anna from Choices4Life. My story is also on their site. I am very uncomfortable with the 20 week ban legislation as I believe if passed it only leads to apathy towards all the babies left behind. Either life is life or its not. No exceptions for rape or incest. Either a life is life or its not. “For the greater good” is another term for elitism. I believe ALL life is of value, sacred and Must be protected from conception to natural death.

  • I appreciate the humbleness here to show how someone can be wrong and see the truth. Thank you so much.We have all been deceived at one time or another. I am grateful to those who have corrected me when I wasn’t following the bible.

    This bill has nothing at all that resembles anything biblical. There are many more similar bills but this one seems to be the one with the greatest gaping hole to allow for abortion. Giving the “if there is undue burden on the woman” clause is making this a waste of time. Everyone will apply of that card and no babies will be saved.

  • I would like to see abortion totally banned and only performed in one very rare circumstance: when the pregnancy is putting the mother’s life in danger and saving both lives would be impossible (as in the case of an ectopic pregnancy). However, I still believe something is better than nothing. Any law that makes abortion less easily accessible is still going to help to bring the rate down and sets a precedent for an even tighter law in the future. We have to be realistic politically – A bill that bans abortion completely is very unlikely to be passed in our current cultural climate. Let’s take back any ground that we can gradually and keep campaigning until the ideal has been reached.

    • Rance Bennett

      Sure, you can support legislation where some babies will die… if you want to keep dishonoring our Lord. His commandment is; “Thou shalt not murder.” He didn’t list any exceptions. By negotiating with some, to save some others, we are showing we have zero faith in God. He may not tell us how he is going to stop abortion, but we are to remain faithful:

      “Loving God means keeping His commandments, and His commandments are not burdensome. For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith.” ~I John 5:3-4

      “If, to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disprove, how can we afterwards defend our work? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair. The event is in the hand of God.” ~George Washington

      “If God hates sin, I don’t know how He could approve of somebody sinning, in order to accomplish a supposed good.” ~Grant Keeter

      “Dear Christian: You can be compassionate, without compromising scripture. Be careful not to ever associate God’s Holy and perfect nature with what He clearly says is sinful. He does not contradict Himself. Do not conform to the world.” ~Britani Anthony

      Stand your ground! Quit negotiating to save some, at the expense of some others. ALL were and are created in God’s own image.

    • The answer is to take back the culture through the Gospel–legislation will not stick from the top down, it has to rise up from the people. Until then, we are squandering assets trying to pass “and then you can kill the baby” bills when we should be pouring ourselves into loving our neighbors and serving God in order to turn hearts to Him. Abortion should be unthinkable, regardless of whether it is legal. We will not abolish abortion by trying to force legislation, we will abolish abortion by changing our culture. Monumental task? God is able! And we are willing!

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