Now Or Never: Sign Don’t Fund Obamacare Petition

August 2, 2013 11:06 am 162 comments

Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee have set up a website where the American people can voice their support for Don’t Fund Obamacare.

Senators Cruz and Lee’s plan is for the American people to rise up en masse to pressure the House to pass a Continuing Resolution that will fund the government after Sept. 30, 2013, — EXCEPT for those functions tied to Obamacare (i.e., the Affordable Care Act).

As Sen. Cruz stated, the Obama administration knows “that in modern times, no major entitlement has ever gone into effect and then been undone. So they just want as many people receiving subsidies because once that happens, it is likely Obamacare will become a permanent feature of our economy.”

Using the leverage that the House has over the federal budget, it should vote to stop (or delay) any funding to Obamacare because if we allow Obamacare to proceed after Sept. 30, the health exchanges and subsidies will go forward.  Once people are handed federal dollars to help them pay for their healthcare, they will become “addicted to the subsidies, addicted to the sugar.”

Needless to say, that is exactly what the Obama administration wants. Their actual intent is to put the squeeze on employer-funded healthcare, put private insurance companies out of business, and drive the country into the single-payer plan where the federal government would be in control of each person’s healthcare, deciding who should live and who is expendable.

To hurry along the process of driving people away from employer-funded healthcare and into the government health exchanges, community organizers right now are being hired around the country to sign up as many people as possible for the health exchanges. However, there are no penalties if people are signed up who cannot verify their eligibility and/or cannot afford to pay the monthly insurance premiums. The idea is to herd as many people as possible into the “single payer” plan (now being referred to as “Medicaid expansion”).

Sen. Max Baucus was right: Obamacare is a train wreck. That is part of Obama’s plan – to destroy our old healthcare system so that people are forced into his single-payer plan.

The way to stop this train wreck is to defund such Obamacare functions as these community organizers who are signing up people “willy-nilly” for the health exchanges just to put them onto the government dole.

Congress needs to pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the government past Sept. 30 — EXCEPT for mandatory or discretionary funding for anything and everything in the Affordable Care Act.  To pass such a CR, it would take 41 Senators and 218 House members.

When Obama and the Democrats start screaming about shutting the government down, every American needs to be ready to say with one voice, “Why is President Obama threatening to shut down the federal government in order to force Obamacare down the throats of the American people?” We need to place the blame squarely where it needs to be placed – on Obama and his miserable healthcare plan.

By stopping (or delaying) the funding for Obamacare, this will give the American people the opportunity to repeal it completely in the elections of 2014 and 2016.

Please sign the petition. Whether you choose to give a donation or not, your name will still be added to the petition.


  • Betty turner

    Defund Obamacare. We don’t need or want another socialist program to break this country and the idea of personal responsibility.

  • IRS will be in control of running every aspect of Obamacare yet IRS wants all IRS employees exempt from having to purchase Obamacare. That should tell everybody that there is something seriously wrong with Obamacare. Defund Obamacare and don’t look back.

  • please don’t fund OBAMACARE!!!!!!!!!

  • Do not fund Obamacare. It is destined to fail, and as Harry Reid stated, will eventually be replaced by single payer, universal healthcare. This has failed in Great Britain, Canada, and other countries. We don’t need big government and the IRS controlling healthcare.

  • william ruperd

    Don’t fund Obama care ever.

  • Stop Obama care before it starts. Save the USA.

  • Bobby Wistoski

    Don’t fund Obamacare. It will be the final draw to destroying America.

  • Fran Himelfelt

    In theory it sounds great that everyone has health insurance;having health insurance does not equal good health care or access to to good health care

  • kenneth crager

    Defund obamacare

  • I wish to sign the petition to defund Obama care.

  • anthony &Tish petricca

    we must stop this socialistic program which will take over 1/5 plus of our nations economy.This will take our country into more of an abysmal state than it already is away with or change obamacare..

  • Defund Obamacare our Nation

  • Linda Messenger

    This will break this country!

  • Ronnie Mossburg

    Defund Obama care……

  • Richard W. Webster

    Please , Please , Please Do not fund 0bamacare ,, it’s a death sentence for seniors . . .



  • Bonnie J. Fitzgerald

    Dont fund Obamacare Now or never

  • Melvin Hinkle

    it is a bad law.

  • WE the people want Obama care to be defunded linda brooke

  • don’t fund obama care. This is just abid by obama to become king!!!!!!!

  • The breaching of the Constitution and theft of the freedom to choose has to STOP NOW.

  • This is going to be the final step to The downfall of this country

  • Do not fund obamacare. It is killing our economy and free enterprise system. It is also unconstitutional requiring Americans to purchase health care. It is creating taxation without representation because our legislators, president and supreme court are no longer listening to the majority of the people.

  • Obama knows,obama care will break the nation. This has always been his goal.

  • kathy orgeman

    please do not fund Obama care. It is going to be a disaster.

  • Please don’t fund OBAMACARE for the good of this country.

  • please do not fund Obama care. It will be a disaster.

  • stephen lawhorn

    stop all funding of affordable care act before it puts another nail in the freedom of the USA.

  • Don’r fund OBamacare. There was nothing wrong with our health care that a few good tweeks couldn’t cure. Give us back our old health care program….leave government out of our business.

  • i don’t want this bill to go through

  • please do not fund obamacare,

  • Have enough courage to defund this debacle!!

  • Eugene a. Caruso

    While there may be a good point or two (preexisting conditions)about obamacare the greatest poetion of it is poison to this country. Please do not fund obamacare as it is written it will destroy this country.

  • Donnie Neveling

    I’m a Marine Vet. I did not fight for this. Just stop it.

  • my dr. office visit has gone up from 15.00 to 25.00 and my specialist fee has gone up from 15.00 to50.00 per visit I am a senior citizen on social security 81 years old.
    this has to stop.
    thank you




  • Carmen Jauregui

    Please don’t fund ObamaCare!!!

  • Carmen Jauregui

    I’m not for the Obamacare!!!!! Please do not fund.

  • Elaine Rosedahl

    Finally a republican w/a back bone — PUSH BACK

  • Charles Sweet

    As a senior citizen in my late seventies , I am well aware that our medical care will be reduced and/or rationed. Those who don’t think we are headed for Government Controlled Health Care with all of it’s devastating consequences better think again.

  • i do not want our health system changed.please don’t fund Obama care !!!

  • It blows my mind that there so many American people who buy obama’s lies. The truth is right in front of them, if only they would see and listen. The public school system and universities are liberal indoctrination. The road to recovering what our founding Fathers gave us, is going to be long. There is so little representation of the people. We have a congress that only represents themselves.

  • Please don’t fund this ,it is bondage FOR” THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA”

  • max bridgeman

    If you don’t do it now, it will possibly be too late and never get another chance!!

  • max bridgeman

    If you don’t do it now, it will possibly be too late and never get another chance!!

  • Don’t fund Obama care

  • junior and debbie riley

    do not fund

  • junior and debbie riley

    do not fund this disaster.

  • Obama Care is a huge lie. Repeal it in its entirety. Nothing less.

  • Merle P. Robb

    I like the healthcare i have . Obama and the Dems need to stay out of my business an pay more attention to what they are sending on useless programs and what they are doing to the Economy and all the free stuff they are giving to people who didn’t need it.



  • Don’t fund Obama Care. It would Kill any chances of our financial rehabilitation.

  • please stop this now before its to late.

  • Christine Jones

    I pray that this will work, and the will of the American people will be heard.

  • Martha & Tom Whitehead

    Don’t fund Obamacare.

  • Martha & Tom Whitehead

    Don’t fund Obamacare

  • Don’t fund obamacare

  • Do not fund Obama care. This is the worst thing he ever came up with and was approved without even reading it.
    Maybe we should stop paying for everyone that don’t want to work and would rather live off of us that do.

  • MaryAnn Woods

    Please defund Obamacare. My employer has just told me how much more I have to pay for health care next year for less coverage. I do not want the government taking care of my health care. They screw up every thing they touch. Mr. Obama said health care is a right for every American. If that is so, why do I have to pay so much more for a Socialist program that most American do not even understand. Defund it before it is too late.

  • Defund ObamaCare

  • JerriLin Norman

    Please don’t fund ObamaCare we cant afford it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Jerry Petricka

    Obama Care is non-functional and nothing more than another policy of the Obama administration to expand government and decrease our freedoms! We need to take a stand that says we don’t want it. I’m asking every congress person to refuse to fund this legislation!


  • Daniel Pierce

    Obama is a traitor to this country. The American people need to fire his a??!!!!!!!!!

  • We have to start some place. Stand up be counted do what we want not what’s best for you. We (american’s) don’t want this! We don’t want the IRS in control, we don’t want our medical records out there. We don’t want Obama care when 1. the IRS won’t have it. 2. Our leaders don’t want them or there staff to have it! You wrote and read the LAW??? Why was it passed??? The courts won’t help us. We will elect those who act on our behalf.

  • Merritt Crenshaw

    Country cannot afford it! Against it!!!

  • gordon trammell

    I will not support obama care ,
    These are things I think we need to worry more about the elderly, the poor and the homeless The american dollar is not worth anything anymore, he don’t need to worry about syria he needs to worry about thing here.
    at home, our economy is upside down right now,

  • Don’t fund Obama Care.

  • DON’T FUND OBAMACARE!!!!!!!! It is a disaster and will fail, even Harry Reid says so. He wants to replace it with a single payer system……….WHAT????? Are you nuts???? What is wrong with the private enterprise????? The Federal Government has never managed anything well. Abolish Obamacare and hey here is a novel idea…..lets fix the system we currently have. And for those that abuse the program, prosecute and mean come down HARD on them, fast and furious!!!!!!!!!! Want to save money, lets get rid of all the pork barrel programs that cost us money and do nothing. Kill the sacred cow programs by abolishing them.
    SINGLE PAYER?????????? How about SINGLE TERM for ALL politicians, then you can work for THE PEOPLE and not the lobbyist rising money for your next term. It has my vote. One tem, no retirement, and oh, ya never get to return either. Do what ya said you would do, then get the hell out and go back home and work for a living.

  • kennneth nichols

    Obama care is a looming disaster for America. It needs to be stopped now before it’s too late.

  • Don’t Do It
    Thank You
    Manuel Cantu

  • Don’t fund Obamacare. Keep Social Security Medicare. At least it was paid for by me…I should be able to reap the benefits.

  • Kevin Christopherson

    I want the government out of my life, My wife and I raised our three children without government help, all on a truck drivers pay we live with in our means it’s time for the government to do the same

  • donotfundobamacar

  • Congress, Do Not Fund Obamacare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dont fund obama care

  • I’m against Obama care, I can’t afford it, and neither can our Country.

  • I am a small business owner and I can’t afford this bill, Please do not fund this bill.

  • I voted for Ted Cruz because I want to win. This is the last chance to do anything about the massive power grab on the GDP and does nothing to improve healthcare. If the labor unions want a pass but leave everybody hold the bag. I run a small business in healthcare and I am fighting everyday from big corporations taking all my business. But capitalism is our only system it maybe not fair all the time but its the best we have. Socialism doesn’t work has never worked for hundreds of years. Please really help the middle class and stop this president’s oleen ioolinsky dream.

  • Please defund Obama care this will break this country.I really believe this is the intention the program and why it was created.

  • Steve M. Beard & Andrea B. Beard

    Now or never don’t fund the Obama Care!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve M. Beard & Andrea B. Beard

    We have been trying to sign this petition but not allowing us. We don’t want to support the Obamacare !!! Defund it!!! We believe in God we trust!!!

  • Mr, Eules Sanders

    Do not fund Obama care WE can’t afford our medical now.
    congress should have to go on Obama care too if is good enough the people it should be for them

  • Please stop Obamacare, we can not afford it!

  • Please do not fund obamacare. It is a disaster that is designed to fail.
    How can you add several million new patients who are not required to pay premiums to the system without raising the premiums of those who will be paying.

  • Now Or Never Fund Obama care!!!!!!
    Why should it be forced on everyone when the Government has their on insurance?

  • Sandra Rutledge

    Please vote to defund Obamacare. I feel this is a terrible law and will harm or allow many to die before their time. Many cannot afford to purchase individual health insurance. Voting to defund this harmful law will be a great service to your fellow countrymen.

  • All seniors that have medicare, supplemental medicare, and other insurances that have been provided when they retired from their former employers have had higher deductible prices added, insurances canceled and have had to start paying on their retirement company provided insurances.


  • Defund Obama Care

  • De fund Obama care, bad for the country.

  • Get back to common sense and let people and doctors work together .


  • Wanda Jean Darden

    Please do not fund obamacare. We cannot afford this socialist program.



  • As a small business owner – I cannot afford Obama Care. Please vote to not fund Obama Care.

    Save our country now.

  • don’t fund obama care

  • barbara libassi

    i don’t want obama care

  • sandra spinniken

    Please do not fund Obama care

  • Maryjoyce cooney

    stop it while we can


  • My husband and I have worked all our lives and have not had a vacation in 20 years. We simply cannot afford it and we sure can’t afford what is coming down the pike with obama care. Defund Obama Care PLEASE!!!!!!

  • thomas l. schulz

    dont fund obama anything

  • Defund obamacare

  • do the right thing, don’t sign it

  • Please defund this initiative, Obamacare, immediately. We must start restoring the job market of the USA by “getting the government out of the way” as our folks regain dignity with decent, full-time employment. Enough with all the high taxes to pay for programs that don’t work but keep people under the thumb of the government.


  • Don’t fund ObamaCare! The Obama Health Care Plan is a joke! It will have an effect on all working people in America. It’s bad enough that Obama wants to destroy our nation, but this bill will only add to his plan. If it’s passed, it will put millions of Americans out of work and countless businesses will have to close their doors. Don’t fund!

  • Don’t fund ObamaCare!

  • It’s all a lie…..Don’t fund this bill!

  • If anyone wants to see this country back the way it was when Regan was in office, then go republican. The democratic party is bankrupting our country and now they want to force healthcare on us. We’re already insurance to death, open your eyes people. The gas, oil, and insurance companies are the ones taking our money and we’re getting nothing to show for it. You can thank Jimmy Carter for it also. There’s absolutely no reason at all for gas to be as high as it is, nor is their any reason to have to be paying out these ridiculous insurance prices either. IF you have a claim, they drop you and will not pay for nothing, they steal our money and laugh all the way to the bank.

    Don’t vote for this Obama crap!!!!!!!!

  • DO NOT FUND OBAMACARE It will finish destroying our economy.

  • Thomas Williams

    Unfund. Stand strong!

  • Why are you making health care impossible for everyone? I ended up on the state insurance and paid dearly which isn’t far either. We can’t afford to keep making mistakes. Stop all the excess spending and make everyone in the Senate and House have the same insurance we have to have. Why must we suffer at the expense of stupid laws. DON’T FUND THE OBAMA CARE! Think of us.

  • james scroggins

    dont want or need obomacare,dont need someone telling us what we have to do,this is suppost to be the land of the free,how are we free if we can be forced to take a insurance and pay for it if we dont want it

  • no Obama care

  • Don’t Fund Obamacare!

  • Don’t fund Obama care!

  • DEFUND!! this will accomplish Obamas dream of breaking the dollar. you know he wants us to become the 19th country to join the European union.

  • Nancy said at the get go that you have to pass it to know wat in it. That told me that will not be good for America.

  • I do not support Obama Care! I will not vote for anyone who votes to fund the monster. Everyone in Washington, DC should be on this plan first. Lets here how wonderful this program is taking care of them. First up should be Obama and his family. If this is so great why he is signing close door agreements to supplement government employees Cadillac plans?

  • Please don’t fund this.My middle class life keeps going down when wll this stop.

  • We must not let the radial liberals get their way on Obamacare. We know that all elected officials have their own Insurance (provided through our tax dollars). Please for the sake of all Americans do not fund Obamacare. Think of your families. We will be waiting and watching to see if you stand with us on this very important issue. May God give you the wisdom to do what is right.

    Thank you,
    Judy Rinacke

  • Do not fund Obamacare.I do not believe he is an a American citizen.He does not belong in the drivers seat.Get him out now!Goverment does not tell people what to do. Thi is AMERICA, if u dont like it here, leave.Its we the people.not comunism.Wake up people,Wake up before its to late.This guy is an idiot. not a preident.Nobama.

  • Please don’t fund Obamacare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah, Ted Cruz and all you others who are speaking for the regular American people and not the government! I listen to the radio (KHOW) and the news on tv on how the politicians we voted into office will speak up for us who voted for them to do this and then they don’t. So bravo for those of you who are actually doing so. Maybe if we get this thrown out we can get this lying, self-serving commander in chief impeached next. GO, GO Ted! Keep it up and those with him.

  • dont fund obamacare

  • James mclaughlin

    Dont fund Obama care¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please don’t fund Obamacare!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t fund Obamacare. He is never going to do anything good for the people, because he is not one of us.

  • Do not fund Obamacare or we are all going to suffer!

  • Lawrence Hunter

    Don’t fund obamacare!!!!


  • Do not fund Obamacare it is not good for the country

  • Do Not Fund Obamacare. It’s just a path to Socialism that even the Demos will regret in the long run.


  • Do NOT Fund OBAMACARE—NOT a good thing for our country. Slippery slope to SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, IN MY OPINION.

  • Obamacare will destroy our healthcare, our economy, and our God given right to freedom!! vote no on obamacare before we lose all of our rights!!

  • Henry J. Henke, Jr

    Please!!! Do Not Fund Obama Care.

  • don’t fund Obama care!!

  • alicia fabian

    Do not fund Obama carea. No American with common sense and knowledge would let this happen. The people who do not want America to ever be strong again are the ones who want this the weak minded and uneducated idiots who think obama is doing anything good for this country. We as Americans need to stand together and prevent obama care and we also need this so called president out of office!!!!

  • Billie Wofford

    please don’t fund obamacare as it is no good for the people. If they think it is so great why is his family not on it

  • I dont know how people can be so ignorant. And cant see, whats coming to them, and this country. Befor people voted for this, Obama care they should have read and studied what was coming to them. Stop being ignorant. Do not fund Obama Care. By being ignorant that’s how the government and dictators get to run your country.

  • A note to my three representatives in Washington ( Sen. Alexander, Sen. Corker, and Rep. Roe, PLEASE do not vote for Obamacare in any form and don’t trade off agreement to fund any part of it for an increase of our national debt in the coming showdown over our debt limit. BE MEN OF INTEGRITY, and stank up for what is right and good for America as our founding forefathers intended. Remember, what is fair for the goose is fair for the gander. You deserve no more or no less that “We The People”. We are your employers.

  • Don’t fund it!!! Defund ObamaCare

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