The Daily Democrat Refuses to Post Birth Announcement Without (Rapist) Father’s Name

October 20, 2013 7:02 pm 1 comment

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Juda Myers

Photo Courtesy Monica Kelsey

Every loving and proud mom wants to share the joy of a newborn with the world. Mariah is no different. She loves her precious baby boy and wants to place a birth announcement inThe Daily Democrat newspaper in Decatur, Indiana. She was told she would need to include the father’s name on the announcement. After explaining to Sarah that she had been raped and that she placed charges against the guy Sarah’s response was “I don’t care”. Monica Kelsey, prolife speaker and also conceived in rape has been helping Mariah get through this difficult time of moving past society’s stigma of giving birth to a rape conceived baby. Monica in her attempt to share what had happened at the paper actually had her own FaceBook Speaker page shut down for “bullying” The Decatur Daily Democrat. It is now back up. It would seem that a paper calling itself “Democrat” would espouse to their mantra against the “War on Women” and jump at this opportunity to be compassionate toward a female victim. But after repeated attempts by the public to get an apology and get the paper to do what is right many people are simply being hung up on when they ask for Sarah. One woman in particular Tayhise Martinez Williams also a mother of a rape conceived child called The Decatur Daily Democrat and asked to place a birth announcement. When the issue of the father’s name came up Tahise asked, “What if I don’t know the father’s name?” The woman said, “It may be a different story.” But when Tayhise mentioned rape the woman hung up on her.

Putting a rapist’s name on an announcement is beyond cruel. In some states the rapist actually would have rights to the child if named as the father. In 31 states rapists havecustody rights to a child conceived in rape. Shauna Prewitt is working diligently to get laws changed as she knows firsthand about rapists’ rights! As a mother of a rape conceived daughter she was forced to drop charges on a rapist so that he would relinquish his rights. Right now a sixteen year old fights a custody battle with her rapist – a twenty something year old Army man. Missouri didn’t protect minors by law and he was acquitted. (See video)

Society is absolutely against the mother and her rape conceived child. Remember the attacks on Senator Todd Akin and Senator Richard Mourdock because they wanted to protect the babies and mothers of rape conception? They even received threats on their life and their families’ lives. Society truly wants to eliminate babies conceived in rape instead of focusing on the criminal rapists. Mariah like most mothers who conceived in rape realized that that rapist is not responsible for the gift of her son’s life. That happened supernaturally. Over and over the same scenario happens. One fourteen year old girl in Indiana had her parents’ home spray painted because she chose life for her rape conceived child. She gave birth to her son and together with her parents is raising him. Her classmates have turned on her and are actually terrorizing her. Even her doctors before she gave birth, slandered her saying that she was just “trying to save her reputation and is lying about being raped!”

What is wrong with a society that claims to be pro woman, progressive and “tolerant”? As more girls and women stand boldly loving their babies conceived in rape perhaps this re-victimization will end. This is not unlike blacks walking into a “white” establishment in the 60’s only to be told they didn’t “know their place.” Seems mothers of rape conceived babies are getting the same message and prejudice. It would seem that to be pregnant by rape and want the baby is impossible to many. Society believes no woman would want to “give birth to a rapist’s baby.” But what they fail to understand is that baby belongs to the woman. One woman said to me, “A man stole my body but society wants to steal my baby.” The first abortion law passed in this country in 1966 in Mississippi to allow for the killing of any child conceived in rape and still in the womb. Every hospital that I know of presents the “emergency” contraceptive or morning after pill to any woman who was raped. Many times they don’t even ask if the female wants to take it because it’s assumed no one wants that ‘kind’ of baby. I am making a public appeal to The Decatur Daily Democrat. As one conceived in rape and not wishing to give any credit to the men who raped my own mother in MO, I ask The Daily Democrat to stop the war on women and respect Mariah. A rapist does not deserve to be called “father.”

For those who wish to make a civil attempt to contact The Daily Democrat here is their info: The Decatur Daily Democrat 141 S. Second Street
Decatur, IN 46733
Phone: (260) 724-2121
Fax: (260) 724-7981

Ron L. Storey Publisher
J Swygart Editor
Ashley Thieme Reporter
Mike Lamm Reporter
Diane Barkey Office/Business Manager
Pam Mohr Circulation Manager
Elizabeth Klug Graphics
Amy Yates Classified Manager
Jannaya Andrews Decatur Daily Deomocrat Associate Editor / Berne Shopping News Editor

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