Hate Speech Must STOP

January 25, 2014 7:00 am 1 comment

Today I’ve been bombarded with articles with hate speech against those persons placed in their mother’s womb after rape. “Demon seeds” “certainly a woman’s choice” in cases of rape. What gives these people the right to say they are worthy of being on earth but people like myself are not? Allen West, “Bishop” Paul S. Morton, Sr.Billy GrahamSean Hannity and so many people who proclaim to be prolife will stand boldly against innocent babies placed in their mother’s womb after rape. What deception! What arrogance! What ignorance! Bishop Paul S. Morton went so far as to say we were demon seeds.

I am tired of hearing the hypocrisy. If we said anything like kill babies because the father was black or kill them because we think they might be homosexuals the world would have us standing before a firing squad. What gives people the right to the prejudicial suggestion of murdering me and my peers and insulting our mothers? And people who call themselves leaders of God’s people are blaspheming God by giving credit to the devil for life. Enough is enough.

Even people who claim to be for saving the life of the unborn speak incredibly insensitive things. On Jill Stanek Prolife Speaker Facebook page she writes:

“Profound, and a great response to those who oppose incremental legislation. Bryan Kemper”She proceeds to repost a quote from Bryan Kemper of Stand True Prolife Outreach.
“You can’t throw a baby under the bus who is already under the bus.” – Bryan Kemper

Sounds heartless to me and I must comments like that from people who are fighting for the unborn cut to the core. So they don’t think we are worth fighting for?

My comment was:
“OUCH! I’d think responsible caring people wouldn’t just look at the baby under the bus and walk away. REAL pro life people would GET UNDER THE BUS and rescue that baby!!! If you were under the bus I’d do everything I could to save you.”

What is wrong with people? What ever happened to treating people the way you want to be treated?

If you know of someone conceived in rape or a mother who has given birth after rape please have them contact me. We must unite to stop the hatred. It won’t end if we remain silent. There have been a few who have spoken out but the world still thinks we are one in a million. I have said for years that the world needs to see the thousands even millions of us and then they will forced to see truth. Bullies surround their victim when that person is alone. The term “ganging up” is appropriate. Silence keeps the bully powerful. But when we stand up to the bully they usually cower and run. NOW is the time for all of us to stand up to the bullies demanding our death.

I dare anyone to look at any baby and tell me they know how that child was conceived simply by looking at them. The pain that society causes women and children of rape conception should result in some action. Those who speak hate speech against women and children of rape conception should be forced to spend time with those they speak of. I’m asking for education. Each person who says a rape conceived baby should/could be destroyed should spend time with someone like Monica Kelsey- a former sailor in the Navy, a current firefighter and EMT. Let them don a fire suit and run into a burning building and really save a life! She puts her life on the line every day to save another person. Or what about Ray Martinez who spent most of his adult life serving his country in the military or serving his community as a police officer or later as a mayor?  How about Curtis Campbell who is a  youth minister at his church in San Antonio? Pam Stenzel who teaches kids around the world about sex related diseases and how abstinence is the only way to truly avoid them. She is saving lives. Ryan Bomberger, a singer, defender of life, and adoptive father is definitely the exception because his example of a Godly man is exceptional. Irene Van der Wende heads Silent No More in The Netherlands and is offering healing to women and saving babies. Sharon Isley is a chemist. Russell Saltzman is a pastor. There are countless others who have contributed greatly to society and the world is a better place because we are here.

We don’t deserve to be treated like criminals. Even the rapist isn’t ever going to be killed for his crime. This is one of the most illogical discrimination I can think of existing today.

How we come into this world does not determine who we will become. God gives that right to each of us as individuals. Hitler was conceived in a marriage, born to married parents and raised by parents that never divorced. But look what he did with his life. THAT’S the choice!

I hope that looking at this rationally and logically someone will get it! Please don’t attach a death penalty to a completely innocent human being. You may have heard the saying, “Treat others the way you would want to be treated.” or “What goes around comes around” or “What you sow is what you reap.”  No one wants to treated unjustly and killing an unborn child has to be the most horrible of injustices.

Please sign the petition against hate speech.

If you’ve changed your mind after going through this website I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment.


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  • Michael A. Pickering

    Young lady-

    I began reading your tirade, and decided to check your claim about Allen West’s position on abortion following rape. I found nothing remotely resembling something akin to your claim. Consequently, I couldn’t be bothered reading the remainder of your rant. Rather than sully the names of those who profess to be pro-life, you should be attacking the baby murderers who stand behind it for anything at all, especially convenience.

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