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Sex-Obsessed Left Horrified By ‘Purity Culture’

Hey, gals, want to avoid being raped? Put away that Lady Smith 38. No need for pepper spray. Self-defense classes? Not necessary. The solution is simple. The best defense against rape is to just cast away your “deeply troubling” Christianity and become a secularist slut.

So goes the advice of one Katie McDonough, Salon. com assistant editor, fertile fount of millennial wisdom and – well – and whatever else.

In an article published at Salon Feb. 20 titled, “The right’s warped ‘purity’ culture: 4 ways evangelical views of sex took over America,” Ms. McDonough provides an unvarnished glimpse into the profligate mind of the postmodern “progressive.” (Yes, you read that right. Purity is warped and biblical sexual morality has taken over America.)


Help For Sex Trafficked

In the past decade human trafficking has become a global epidemic with an estimated 21 to 30 million people currently enslaved according to research. The attitude towards prostitutes is often of disgust but many times these girls had no desire to be in this industry. They are primed and trained to smile and learn to act like they enjoy what they are doing. But those who have heard the horrors behind the scenes are more apt to offer compassion and solutions. CHOICES4LIFE is reaching out to women who have no solutions. Our safe house is a partnership with a former police officer who has personal experience helping victims.The safe house is security guarded giving peace to those who fear for their lives and giving hope of a future of freedom.


The Real Deal – Cyberbully’s Use Blog’s To Falsely Destroy Their Opponents

In today’s high-speed Internet world, the ability to communicate to the masses does not require a network news channel. The Internet has helped expose some secrets that powerful individuals and governments would have gone to great lengths to keep hidden. Sir Winston Churchill is credited with saying “A lie will travel around the world before the truth gets its boots on.”

Today your neighbor just might be a blogger. A local blogger here in Houston focuses on saving consumers money by identifying store sales and directing them to coupons. She is spotlighted on a local morning television show and helps consumers save thousands of dollars. This most would agree. is a good thing.


Kidnapped Nuns No Longer Bear The Cross

A new video of the twelve Christian nuns kidnapped in Syria recently appeared. In it, the nuns are taped sitting in a room and being questioned by an unseen man, presumably a member of the kidnappers. He asks them how they are, if they’ve been mistreated, etc.

They respond that they are being treated fine, that they very much look forward to being returned to their convent, that they heartily thank the world for its concern, and that they continually pray that God grant peace to all nations.

Their words say one thing, their expressions and demeanor another. Put differently, as female captives of Islamic jihadis, what else could they say but what they were told to say?

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Qatar To Send Brotherhood Leaders to London Haven

According to new media reports, Qatar’s government has called on the top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Group (al-Gama‘a al-Islamiyya)—including Assam Abdul Majid and Tarek al-Zomor, the leaders of the Islamic Group, and Muhammad Mahsub, Ashraf Badr al-Deen, Mahmoud Hasayn, and Hamza Zawba, the formal speaker of the Brotherhood’s Justice and Freedom Party—to leave Qatar and go to the English capital, London.

Sources say this move comes after Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations have begun to pressure Qatar for being a haven to Brotherhood and Islamic Group leaders.

Earlier, Turkey refused to accept these Islamist refugees.

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