Obama Pushes Anti-Christian Judge. Stop Friedland!

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Judge Michelle Friedland

President Obama is pushing yet another pro-homosexual, anti-Christian judge upon the American people, by promoting Judge Michelle Friedland to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

A vote by all 100 Senators to confirm or deny Friedland is scheduled April 28th.

According to JudicialActionGroup.org, Friedland Sought to Deny Constitutional Rights to Religious Students. Friedland represented the University of California and argued that to deny the constitutional rights of religious students. She promoted discrimination against religious students by rejecting courses for admission purposes that simply expressed a religious viewpoint. Friedland argued against the First Amendment rights of religious students.

Friedland was praised by the ACLU for opposing natural marriage between one man and one woman, and given a Homosexual Award for fighting the California Constitution’s Proposition 8. She also worked against religious liberty, seeking to ban faith-based families free exercise rights, by mandating they affirm the heterosexual lifestyle.

Watch! Dr. Chaps’ 7-minute TV commentary on the Senate confirming bad gun-grabbing judges after Harry Reid’s Nuclear Option

Friedland is an Executive Board Member of the Leftist, Anti-Constitutional “American Constitution Society,” which opposes the Constitution’s proper interpretation according to its text and meaning, and instead “promotes persuasive and accessible methods of interpretation that give full meaning to the guarantees contained in the Constitution, and debunks the purportedly neutral theories of originalism and strict construction.” Friedland would continue her efforts to use the courts to defy the meaning of the Constitution.

Although Harry Reid broke Senate rules to limit filibustering Judges, it is still quite possible (and has already been done) to stop some extremist bad judges. Michelle Friedland is an extremist that must be stopped!

Let’s petition all 100 Senators to vote NO and STOP Judge Friedland, now!

NEW PETITION! Stop another bad judges from Obama’s promotion to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Select, sign, WE WILL FAX your petition to all 100 Senators (saving you time), to OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER Judge Michelle Friedland.

Senate approves 3 of 3 bad judges after Harry Reid kills Filibuster

After YOU sent tens of thousands of petitions to Congress, and we demanded the Senate FILIBUSTER three bad judges, Millett, Pillard, and Wilkins, Republicans stood tall, until Senator Harry Reid broke the rules to overcome our filibuster.

Sadly, yesterday the U.S. Senate approved the third bad judge, Robert Wilkins, without a filibuster, because of Harry Reid’s lawlessness.

The Senate has confirmed one of President Barack Obama’s key judicial nominees. The confirmation of Robert Wilkins to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia completes an overhaul of the country’s second most powerful court,” reports HuffPo.

Their headline: Senate completes overhaul of key appeals court.

“The Senate voted 55-43 to confirm Wilkins. He gives Democratic appointees a 7-4 majority on the politically influential D.C. Circuit, which hears appeals on White House actions and federal rules and regulations.

“Wilkins confirmation is a fresh demonstration of Senate Democrats’ ability to push through most presidential nominations by a simple majority.”

President Obama has now packed the DC Circuit with liberal judges, SO RADICALLY LEFTIST, anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual that NONE of them could be confirmed by 60 Senators.

Over the past 5 years, our petitions have helped block at least six bad judges. But this year, the lawless Obama Administration persuaded Reid to violate Senate filibuster rules to enforce their political will, against the people.

Let’s send a message to the U.S. Senate, that we still oppose Obama’s bad judges. Please sign our petition, here:

NEW PETITION! Stop 3 bad judges from Obama’s promotion to DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Select, sign, WE WILL FAX your petition to all 100 Senators (saving you time), to OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER Judges Pillard, Millett, and Wilkins.

Obama Pushes 3 Bad Judges on DC Circuit. Let’s Demand a Filibuster!

President Obama has nominated and is aggressively pushing three bad judges for promotion to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, one level below the Supreme Court, and often a stepping stone for a future Supreme Court Justice.

Let’s sign a brand-new petition to all 100 Senators to OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER these three judges, Cornelia T.L. Pillard, Patricia Ann Millett, and Robert Leon Wilkins.

Watch! Dr. Chaps’ 7-minute TV commentary on Judicial Seizure of Home-schooled Children,with commentary by Col. Ray Moore of Exodus Mandate.

According to Judicial Action Group, all three judges have abused the Constitution:

Cornelia T.L. Pillard abused judicial power by: (1) suggesting that abstinence education may be unconstitutional, and (2) arguing in favor of the finding of a new non-textual “right” to abortion in the constitution. Pillard was founding co-director of a dangerous transnational law center that threatens U.S. constitutional sovereignty. In addition, Ms. Pillard attacked and questioned the Virginia Military Institute.

Patricia Ann Millett indicated her willingness to depart from the Constitution by suggesting that the question of gay marriage should not turn on the text of the Constitution but on some malleable theory of fundamental fairness. Millett called President Bush’s appointment of Justice Samuel Alito “a sorry statement about the appointment process thus far [and] where it’s gotten us in the last 8 years.” Millett also suggested that the Supreme Court should have a certain “look” and that gender should play a role in the selection of Justices.

Judge Robert Wilkins has abused judicial power. Wilkins held in Texas v. Holder that a Texas voter identification law was invalid because it would result in retrogression in the position of racial minorities for them to produce identification. In Dearth v. Holder, Wilkins held thatAmerican citizens do not have the right to purchase firearms for self-defense if their primary residence is not in the United States. In Wesby v. District of Columbia, Wilkins found police officers individually liable for nearly one million dollars for arresting participants in a prostitution party at a home where the owner had not given any of the participants’ permission to be on the premises.

Friends, we MUST stop Judicial Supremacy, or America will end up like Europe, ruled by tyrants like the Judge who ordered police to seize children from their Christian parents simply because they were home-schooled.

Please help us today. Sign our NEW petition to all 100 Senators to filibuster all three.

NEW PETITION! Stop 3 bad judges from Obama’s promotion to DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Select, sign, WE WILL FAX your petition to all 100 Senators (saving you time), to OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER Judges Pillard, Millett, and Wilkins.

God Bless you, in Jesus’ name.

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