Racism, Hate, And Violence – Political Tools For The Left

I have been watching how a very sad and unfortunate incident has become a cheap political tool. It is sad that a teenager died in such a sad circumstance, but the fact that it has been used to stoke racial tensions a few months before a very important election is quite ugly; it seems that Democrats have already found their excuse in case they lose this election. The President has a very bad case of ‘Foot in Mouth’ disease and diarrhea of the mouth regarding the Trayvon Martin case; he has the knack for stepping into explosive racially sensitive issues at the wrong time, using the wrong words, that is the exactly the same thing he did in the Louis Gates Jr, issue.

But we should not be surprised; he just got caught on a hot microphone saying something he had no business saying on the world stage. As for the same old cast of unruly characters that are always looking for racial issues to be a part of, we would be stupid to expect more from them. It kind of surprises me to see what country the New Black Panther Party thinks they are living in, issuing their own ‘Fatwa’ and adding a bounty for the arrest of a person that is not running from the law, nor has been formally charged with any wrong doing.  This is crazy! Not that I support Mr. Zimmerman, but I have no reason to doubt his story since I was not there, law enforcement says he acted within the law (at least until they say otherwise). We are a country of the rule of law and should conduct ourselves as such and we should not expect any less from our leaders. Leaders are supposed to lead and be the voice of reason in times like this; we expect the normal citizen to wear their feelings on their sleeves but our leaders should be calm and reasonable and look at the facts, not the turbulent emotions that accompany ignorance of the circumstances, and lead others to be so as well.

You see, the liberal press, the Democrat Party, and the Obama administration will use any event, tragic or not, to move the country’s attention from the absolute, utter failure of the Obama administration to any event that will capture the country’s attention.  Between now and November, you can count on these three entities to either cause, or capitalize on any distraction that will keep the country from examining the record of the Obama administration.

We are a country of rights, right to self defense within the confines of the law, and it is not that the law that gives someone rights to kill another and go free, if that happens then we should be looking for ways of repealing that law and not sacrificing the individual that acted within the confines of that law. We kill each other in our communities anyway, the Rap/Hip-hop wars of the 90s left a trail of blood and massive body counts that took some of the brightest of our young men; where is the outrage of the black on black massacre? The same parent that have no problem seeing their teenagers play Grand Theft Auto and other violent, almost real life situation games, are now outraged at gun violence? Our kids kill each other every day in our neighborhoods for some of the flimsiest of excuses; where is the outrage and the protest rallies about these killings? I am not arguing for the right of the individual to become the judge, jury and executioner of innocent kids because of how they dress or how they look, I am asking our society to rethink the things we stand for and adopt the same stand of stamping out violence, bias, discrimination and profiling of all kinds out of our society, then maybe we can be outraged when something like this happens.

Democrat Trickle Down Economics – Sit Home The Rich Will Take Care Of You

Barack Obama says if you and your wife make up to $250,000 a year, he will raise your taxes, and according to Barack Obama you are a rich person. According to Barack Obama, it does it not matter if you have 5 or more children, it does not matter what other commitments your households have, you will have to pay more taxes because you are “rich”. What Mr. Obama really wants to do is to take your money and give it to the “less fortunate”, which happens to include me and a lot of other people in the United States who make a lot less than that amount.  This is nothing but wealth re-distribution a la Obama, which hurts job creation, and in turn, hurts the “less fortunate.”  “Spread the wealth” Obama ideology is akin to a buffet prepared by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with the standard imported caviar served at DNC parties from Moscow, the Moscow of Lenin and Stalin.  Let’s face it:  Obama wants to turn this country into a communist enclave by fostering class warfare – taking from the rich and giving to the poor – Robin Hood economics. I feel like I am hearing the leaders of the Bolshevik revolution talking about uniting the workers of the world against the bourgeoisie, effective class war. Fostering class war has never worked, or else the USSR would still be around today.  Class war only works to achieve one objective: control.  Class war works to consolidate power over the rich, by making them fearful, and over the poor, by making them dependent.

A perfect example is Obama’s disputed healthcare legislation.  Obama says health care should be a “right.” In the socialist paradigm, any “need” is enshrined as a “right.” “We the people,” many uneducated, will be only too happy to receive insurance from the government.  What could be the problem with “free,” taxpayer funded healthcare?  The only problem, is again, like socialist revolutions that have failed everywhere, the government cannot run healthcare for 230 million American citizens(let alone the millions of illegal aliens), and that excludes medical tourists (people who come here as tourists knowing that they are sick, and end up in the emergency room knowing they cannot pay), which no one is even talking about anymore. How much will that cost? Forcing employers to pay a fee incentivizes small business owners to dump their workers on the government. And even then, others are still left uncovered.  What will happen to the unemployed who do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid? The government cannot even run itself; how can it run health care?
Why do I want a bunch of guys who cannot run a campaign to operate my bank, my doctors’ office, and my mortgage company? What are we becoming? Cuba? Shouldn’t the government just concentrate on taking advantage of the American people day in day out as they are presently doing? Obama claims that he will balance the budget, he will get America working again, and that is good news because America needs to start working again, but with all that new spending he is proposing, balancing the budget will not be accomplished even if he was to serve for 3 terms. When the government just spent $700 billion to bail out Wall Street fat cats with no demonstrable effect on jobs or growth, and Obama claims he wants to “spread the wealth” around, why should we trust him with new spending ventures? Under Obama’s tax plan I will not see my taxes increase, but is that really fair? The beauty of capitalism and democracy is that people work hard, it breeds competition and ingenuity, which encourages upward mobility.  To penalize people for being successful in business is crazy. It does not make sense.
Our only choice is strap on our seat belt for the bumpy ride that will be the next year with the socialists running the Senate and the White House, it’s time to recite the Lord’s prayer and ask God to deliver us from Obama. But Thank God there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I can see November 2012 from here.  Will we repeat the same mistake?

Dr. Prophet Mbong runs Zoe Heritage SP, an Evangelistic and Publishing business. He is a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and an ordained Methodist Minister. He is the Author of Miles’ Vision of an Essential Church – 140 Years Later (an expose on hypocrisy of Black Liberation Theology, Affirmative Action and its Preachers). He is also Author of The Jonah in Us: Finding faith & the Purpose of Life, A personal experience)

Texas Death Panels – Why Is Texas Killing Old People?

With the noise making about the health care reform now called health insurance reform, people on the left and right are busy throwing stones and shouting down each other, including our governor who if he is not threatening secession is headlining a ‘tea party’ with Glen Beck. Then is the first in line to call the Federal Government to send vaccines, or playing politics with stimulus money to pay unemployment insurance but turns round and borrow money from the Federal Government for the same purpose (Thank God for some sensible people in the Texas Legislature) How I wish November 2012 will come quickly let’s get this joke over with.

Anyway back to the killing old people stuff. During the governorship of George W. Bush, the Texas Legislature enacted a little known provision called The Advance Directives Act as part of a Health and Safety Code, Title 2, Subtitle H, Chapter A, sections 166.001. It basically creates a death panel unlike the one both sides are screaming about in the Federal House Bill.

Listen here for a testimony of how it works. This is managed care

And as Glen Beck said before he became a turncoat, getting better in this country can actually kill you!
The State of Texas authorizes the insurance companies to stop paying the doctor to keep grandma alive and authorizes the doctor to pull the plug on grandma. Now check this out from Texas Kaos:
Focus on Section 166.046, Subsection E, which allows:

If an attending physician refuses to honor a patient’s advance directive or a health care or treatment decision made by or on behalf of a patient, the physician’s refusal shall be reviewed by an ethics or medical committee. The attending physician may not be a member of that committee. The patient shall be given life-sustaining treatment during the review.

So if a patient or his /her families don’t agree with the physician, it goes before a board to decide the patient’s fate. But wait, there’s more:

If the attending physician, the patient, or the person responsible for the health care decisions of the individual does not agree with the decision reached during the review process under Subsection (b), the physician shall make a reasonable effort to transfer the patient to a physician who is willing to comply with the directive. If the patient is a patient in a health care facility, the facility’s personnel shall assist the physician in arranging the patient’s transfer…

So what happens if these Texas death panels end up winning – against the wishes of the family?

A person does not commit an offense under Section 22.08, Penal Code, by withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment from a qualified patient in accordance with this subchapter.

Here is the link to the full Act.

Someone call Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Chuck Grassley and Newt Gingrich to come and safe us from the Texas Death Panels! It’s these buffoons that are making Republicans look foolish for being against laws that have been in the books for years, these fact-less so-called leaders are destroying the party when they speak from both sides of their mouths without regard for facts. And why are these Democrats including Mr. Obama always on television talking about what is not in the bill? How come no one is telling us what is in the bill and how much it will cost? Both the Left and Right are fighting to please their extreme bases forgetting that their bases are too small to give them an election; it is the sane, logical independents in the middle that decides an election. I hope they take note.

Dr. Mbong owns Zoe Heritage SP,  A Publishing and Speaking Agency based in Houston Texas, A Conservative Ordained Minister and Social Conservative. Dr. Mbong is an Author whose books are on sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at www.zoeheritage.net

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A Clinton Dynasty? Heck No!

During the 2008 Presidential election, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama took time off the Campaign trail to attend the Alfred P. Smith Memorial dinner in New York. When it came time for the roasting, Senator McCain took the floor first and made fun of everyone from Senators Obama, Hillary Clinton and New York’s senior Senator Chuck Schumer. When it came to Senator Obamas choice “the chosen one” made joke of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s changing of the rules to give himself the opportunity to run for a third term and then said “when Bill Clinton heard that, he said, can anyone do that?” Boy, was he right?

President William Jefferson Clinton seems to have forgot something in the White House and guess what? He wants to go back there for another 4 years and get it. President Clinton has written a new book in which he dishes ‘good wisdom” to politicians, “just say, I don’t remember” he advised. He is basically telling politicians on how to Monica Lewinskyed the country, it worked for me. Why he might ask himself would it not work for others. He seems bent on avenging his wife’s devastating loss to a political neophyte in the Democratic Presidential primaries. So what does Mr. Clinton propose in his new book? Your guess is as good as mine, but sadly it is not a guess. Mr. Clinton is proposing changing the constitution to allow presidents to run for a third term! What does that mean, it means the United States will be owing Mr. Clinton 4 more years, that will permit him to go back to the White House to pick up whatever it is he either forget in the Presidential private quarters, the Oval Office or maybe he needs to get into the Lincoln Bedroom to do what he mistakenly did in the Oval Office. Is he for real? Is he serious? Oh yes, he is serious, throughout the constitution and lets write another one so that we can just make the rules we want. I guess Mr. Clinton is making that suggestion with an eye to the future that the Democrat will retain the Presidency and Senate and probably take over the House also. President Clinton is like that commercial that says “engineered to amaze” He is always amazing, either by going negative on campaigns, lying to the country or disgracing the office of the President, he is always amazing. Yes, the man that brought you NAFTA and sent about 700,000 jobs across the border according to Mike Thompson of the website freep.com, wants to come back and export the remaining jobs to other countries. Thanks Mr. President, but know, I think we are fine with the 8 years. I do not care if it is a Democratic or Republican President, 8 years is enough, and as disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff said in a 60 Minutes interview, after their time of service in Washington, politicians should go home and find a real job just like other Americans.

Perhaps, our former presidents can learn from one of Mexico’s former President Ernesto Zedillo; After serving 6 years as President of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo took a job as Director of Yale University Center for the Study of Globalization and is also a Professor of International Economics and Politics at Yale. I like what President Clinton is doing with his Global Initiative using other people’s money he is raised using his position as a Former President and perhaps as the husband of a the Secretary of State. Does Mr. Clinton really want to become President again? Well, if you ask him, you will get the answer he has been advising politicians to use which Herman Cain is perfecting “I don’t remember”.

President Clinton, You Are A Hypocrite Sir!

A few years ago, I had the misfortune of watching 4 very depressing and agonizing interviews and then started asking myself how come I watched all that nonsense?  I will only talk about two of those interviews, (I) that is the Bill Clinton interview on the David Letterman show and (II) which is the Bill Clinton interview on Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw.

Let me make this clear, I don’t like Bill Clinton, not for being the first black President according to Maya Angelou; I couldn’t care less what color he is. I don’t like Bill Clinton for what he stands for, deceit, lies, hypocrisy and a whole lot of bull crap.

First bull crap: Bill Clinton made Nigeria and irresponsible Olusegun Obasanjo then President of Nigeria to waste millions of Naira and dollars to receive him for three days in 2000, on a trip that was meant to bolster democracy, debt relief and bring prosperity to Africa, the trip included one day stops each in Tanzania on August 28 where the Democratic propaganda machine claimed he and Nelson Mandela helped warring Burundian factions reached a peace agreement and Egypt on August 29. Looking back, the only thing Mr. Clinton accomplished was add the recognition of being the first American President to visit Nigeria. Not minding the wasteful spending to welcome him when he knew there was absolutely nothing tangible he could do for Nigeria in the dying days of his administration, with his vice president running to succeed him. Where did Mr. Clinton visit? Ushafa village, where? Oh never mind, Nigerians have no idea where the place is located anyway, but Bill Clinton does, perhaps that adds to his expertise in Africa and Nigeria. Ushafa village is just outside of Abuja, that wonderland created by corruption, Nigeria’s own Las Vegas, created out of nothing on the desert by Shehu Shagari, developed and hurried furnished and filled up by Ibrahim Babangida after surviving Gideon Orkar’s coup to take him out and save Nigeria from Sani Abacha, Thomas Pickering and Bill Clinton. Let me explain. Ibrahim Babangida ruled Nigeria for eight years, played all kinds of shenanigans, nicknamed himself ‘The Maradona and The Evil Genius’. The West watched with naivety just as they watched Adolf Hitler, Franco and Mussolini. Just as they watch Saddam Hussein slaughter his people for years, just as they watched Vladimir Putin destroyed freedom of speech, gun down reporters and annex another country, just as they are watching and playing with the Mullahs of Iran today. Babangida left Sani Abacha behind when Nigerians hurried him out of office in 1993. Abacha threw out Shonekan and the rest of the Maradona’s dumb gang, install himself the butcher of Nigerians, incorporate the country as his sole proprietorship, all, while the West watched. Guess who was President then? William Jefferson Clinton! A few months later, Sani Abacha hanged Ken Saro-Wiwa, Clinton hurriedly recalled Walter Carrington, then U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria and our son-in-law. Sometime later, Carrington was back in Nigeria to “carry on” his normal duties, until Abacha got fed up and shuttered the embassy with other Western Embassies. Abacha fall of a prostitute and died after eating an apple, according to legend (don’t laugh) leaving the mess that was Nigeria to Abdulsalami Abubakar, General Abubakar could not release MKO Abiola the winner of the 1993 Presidential elections, annulled by Ibrahim Babangida, incarcerated by Abacha, and guess who comes calling to Abuja; Clinton Envoy, William Pickering and the Common Wealth’s Nigerian born Secretary General Emeka Anyaoku to witness the final decimation of democracy in Nigeria. In their very presence, MKO Abiola died after drinking a cup of tea, so they say. And President Clinton “commiserated” with the people of Nigeria on “this terrible loss” and urge for the country to be return to democratic rule. Are you serious? Democracy just died, and yes, democracy died in Nigeria after his burial the carcass of the country got handed over to Olusegun Obasanjo on a gold platter, who then sent a petroleum platted carnival invitation to Bill Clinton to witness how Nigeria squander petro-dollars. What a joke to think that after eight years, in the dying days of his administration at a period he is a lame duck, waiting for inauguration he can support democracy in Nigeria, ironically, a few months before the Clinton Carnival arrived in Nigeria, Niger Deltans in the City of Warri had gone on an all out war against each other, where the returning messiah, Olusegun Obasanjo had sent federal troops to sacrifice these poor people on behalf of Big Oil. President Clinton skipped the Niger Delta area, poverty and carnival don’t mix. President Clinton was still supporting democracy in Africa when his friend Olusegun Obasanjo attempted to turn the constitution on its head and seek a third term, bribed lawmakers, returned corruption to Nigeria as a national game, all while still a very respected Clinton friend.

The reasons for this background are the two Clinton interviews, plus the Saturday Night Live spoof that I watched in recent weeks. Bill Clinton has a problem, and his problem is black, it is the problem of a lot of liberal leaders in the United States. They somehow believe that the more you stand out on the road or take a picture with a black person; it makes you a better person. They somehow believe that the more you shout ‘Help Africa!’ it shows how liberal, or “progressive” (as they call it) you are. I am not saying Bill Clinton is a racist, I am saying Bill Clinton is anti progressive and anti black. Remember the “Jesse Jackson won NC in 1988 and 1992 comment? Remember Joe Biden’s “clean, sharp….young man…. This got to be a fairy tale” and Bill Clinton’s own “this whole……..biggest fairy tale” of course democrats want to forget these because Joe Biden is their VP candidate now they will want to go back sixteen years to live in the Clinton era, which God forbid will put Nigeria back 16 years to Babangida, Abacha, Abubakar, Obasanjo. When Democrats talk about the Clinton era, I think others remember the Clinton era differently. So how bitter is Bill Clinton? So bitter that he does not know that the primaries are over and he did not win. Now I know that liberals are going to jump on me that Mr. Clinton is just angry  his wife didn’t win, but I think it’s because Mr. Clinton is seeing black, big bold black and he seem to see it every where he turns. For a guy that is used to or at least was used to being “The” black man now he has to complete with “a” black man. For a guy who is used to be being the man with the “interest” of Africa in his heart, he now has to compete with an African with the interest of the man in his heart. If you know liberal leaders like I do, trust me, Bill Clinton is not happy, they don’t like competition, that is why liberal and democratic leaders are non-shifting, non-changing. That is the ideology that created delegates and then some “super” delegates, so that these “leaders” will not lose their sense of self importance. When the late General Sani Abacha was butchering Nigerians and everything that represented democracy, guess who came calling to see the ‘great African Leader’? ; Jesse Jackson and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. These ‘great leaders’ recognize another great leader, where Africans and Nigerians in particular didn’t see one. Guess why Africa still has despots and tin gods? We have our loyal and very important American leaders supporting them. What didn’t Bill Clinton say to David Letterman: that Barack Obama, his party’s presidential candidate, is someone who is better than his rival, the Republican nominee. What was Bill Clinton beating about the bush about despite repeatedly being pestered by Tom Brokaw? Bill Clinton couldn’t agree with Tom Brokaw that Barack Obama is a great American.  There lies Bill Clinton’s big black problem, call it bitterness, call it a “loser’s syndrome.” I said he has a black problem.  If you doubt, just watch the SNL spoof of the interview. It is a theme that has occurred so many times during this campaign that it couldn’t be a mistake. When the Republicans assembled in Minneapolis St. Paul, almost every speaker competed for a piece of Obama bashing, even Sarah Palin, in contrast, just a few days before when the Democrats assembled in Denver, speaker after speaker coming out all, proclaimed how awesome their opponent is. What a people. Before democrats start screaming of how color bias Americans are, shouldn’t they first ask their former leader how color blind he is and why is that preventing him from giving a full hearted endorsement and support to the man that could be his successor as the next democratic president.

Why else I don’t like Bill Clinton? He contributed to the second Palestinian intifada, if you ask me I will explain.

Dr. Prophet Mbong runs Zoe Heritage SP, an Evangelistic and Publishing business. He is a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and an ordained Methodist Minister.

He is the Author of Miles’ Vision of an Essential Church – 140 Years Later (an expose on hypocrisy of Black Liberation Theology, Affirmative Action and its Preachers).

He also Authored: The Jonah in Us: Finding faith & the Purpose of Life, A personal experience)

All books available on Amazon, B&N and at www.zoeheritage.net