Richard Dillon

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Richard Dillon is a long time conservative Republican activist. Raised in Indiana and Ohio, he arrived in Houston 35 years ago to attend Gulf Coast Bible College in the Heights area. Like may Houstonians, Richard was not born here, but got to Texas as fast as he could!

Richard is currently employed as a computer engineer for a fortune 100 company, and has been a poll watcher an d precinct chair for the last 10 years. When time allows, he enjoys music and the shooting sports.

Richard has a strong desire to share the Republican message, encourage conservatives, and call them to action. He seeks to remind those who are like-minded that they are not alone. Richard encourages the need to look for others who share common values so that we can all join together, in a common voice, and seek representatives who reflect our values. More importantly Richard seeks to hold our current elected representatives accountable for their decisions.

Bill Kneer

Read articles written by Bill Kneer on the Patriot Statesman and the Texas Edition

Bill Kneer has been politically active for many years, starting within his own community serving on his home owners association  board and later becoming the Social Media Director of the Harris County Republican Party (Houston Texas).

Mr. Kneer is coffee expert, a hard working political activist and a professional networker. When he isn’t communicating with  his thousands of friends online, he is out four to six nights per week attending conservative events and helping his community.

Bill is married, has two children, and lives in Houston Texas.

Neil Stovall

Read articles written by Neil Stovall on the Patriot Statesman and the Texas Edition

Neil Stovall enjoyed two business careers: first in Marketing with Baroid Division, NL Industries, a drilling fluids company providing oilfield products, equipment and service; next in Continental Airlines Corporate Security managing security training for selected airport employees. Retired from Continental Airlines he serves as a volunteer at faith-based organizations.

Neil gravitated to the Patriot Statesman in an effort to optimize his opposition to Obama’s 2012 re-election since he thought, if re-elected, Obama would destroy the USA as a Constitutional Republic, economic and military superpower.

Post November 6, 2012 and Obama’s re-election – despite 35 Patriot Statesman articles opposing Obama and/or his policies – Stovall switched his strategy and suggests those opposed to Obama establishing an Imperial Presidency join him.  The revised strategy is based on the proverb: “It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.

He thinks there’s only one winnable strategy for those opposed to Obama’s policies.  Whether Republican, Independent, or the odd Democrat, we must become the “Party of Better Ideas”.  Specifically, rather than rail against Obama’s ideas we must offer better ideas, supported by logic and economic reality.  We must then require our Representatives and Senators – at both state and national levels – to present those ideas and vigorously defend them versus Obama’s ideas.  Articles will be forthcoming on education and immigration reform.

None of Stovall’s 35 plus Patriot Statesman articles was invalidated by Obama’s re-election.   Almost one-third of the articles challenged seven special interest groups to “place national interests ahead of personal interests”.  Unfortunately, those groups chose their narrow personal interests over national defense, national security and economic reality.  So, no pre-election articles will be withdrawn.  Rather, they will be “mined” for additional ideas to light candles.

Stovall’s challenge to readers of these articles: join him in developing – and presenting to elected representatives – better ideas in the form of logical, workable, and economically sound alternatives to Obama’s proposals.

Neil is a native Texan who moved to Houston in 1957. He married another native Texan, Barbara Montgomery Wilcox, in 2004. They have two sons, seven grandchildren and one cat.

Raymond Ibrahim

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RAYMOND IBRAHIM, a Middle East and Islam specialist, is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum. A widely published author, best known for The Al Qaeda Reader (Doubleday, 2007), he guest lectures at universities, including the National Defense Intelligence College, briefs governmental agencies, such as U.S. Strategic Command and the Defense Intelligence Agency, provides expert testimony for Islam-related lawsuits, and has testified before Congress regarding the conceptual failures that dominate American discourse concerning Islam and the worsening plight of Egypt’s Christian Copts. Among other media, he has appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, PBS, Reuters, Al-Jazeera, CBN, and NPR.


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Anthony is Chief Marketing Officer of G21 Partners. His unique Business development success includes changing Microsoft’s global marketing strategy to close 200 international contracts in less than 4 months bringing in over 100 million dollars in new joint venture marketing alliances. Prior to implementing his specific strategy, they had hired the brightest Marketing and Sales experts from around the globe and had not closed one contract in almost two years. He has also quadrupled sales for smaller companies in the 1-10 million dollar range. If you have the need to increase sales dramatically in the next 9 months without spending more money on advertising, SEO, direct mail marketing , or any of the other traditional high cost marketing systems, call to schedule a relaxed no obligation introductory meeting at (888) 308-6105 – Ext 101

Michael Joe Thannisch

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Michael Joe Thannisch (Mar Michael Abportus) was born 1955 in Houston, Texas. Came to know Jesus at a Billy Graham Crusade in the Astrodome in 1965. BSA God and Country Award in 1968. Graduated Conroe High School in 1974. Rice University in 1979. From 1984-1998 he served as an Episcopal missionary in Honduras, building congregations, missions to seaman, and teaching at the elementary, secondary and theological seminary level. He also had a mobile dispensary on the Miskito Coast and was diocesan Verger for a time. Studied at Sta. Maria Theological Seminary and on own. Was ordained in the Christian Church, Synod of St. Timothy, Palm Sunday of 2005, and consecrated Bishop the same year. Currently building a congregation in La Porte, Texas. Being a tentmaker Bishop, Mar Michael also serves as an office manager to a dental office, just east of Stafford, Texas.

Active in the Republican Party on and off since 1976 having served on the precinct level, and as alternate delegate to the state convention in Corpus in 1984. Michael is a fiscal and religious conservative.

Matt Barber

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Matt Barber is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as vice president of Liberty Counsel Action. (This information is provided for identification purposes only.) “Follow Barber on Twitter

Aaron Matthew

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Aaron Matthews is the liberty lovin’ conservative brother of Chris Matthews. No, not the “leg tingling” blowhard from the failing cable news network MSNBC – Chris Matthews the plumber from Tulsa.

Mr. Matthews spends his time breaking horses, reloading his own ammo, and blogging about freedom and conservative principles from his remarkably feng shui underground bunker in central Texas.

Aaron Matthews is single, a Capricorn, and lives with his two pet armadillos, Rham and Hillary.

Paul Waldmiller

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Paul Waldmiller is an ordained Christian minister. He is a graduate of Empire State College and holds a B.S Degree majoring in Family Counseling. He is also an Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor. Pastor Paul attended Elim Bible School in New York State taking up mission’s related courses. Rev. Waldmiller is currently in the Philippines working for his ministry; Global Family Outreach Ministry and in the Philippines He is helping the poor there with evangelistic outreaches, poor children and family feeding programs with several churches despite his being a victim of a Filipina Migration Scam and death threats against him in the USA from a police officer and victimized by corrupt courts there.

Mark Donahue

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Mark Donahue, after years of laughing alone,  decided to share what nobody else thinks is funny with the entire world. And yes, he is still laughing alone. Probably in a damp room with little ventilation.

Mark Donahue is the owner and editor of The Daily Rash. The Daily Rash and all of  Mark Donahue is satire, merely a parody of the life that we watch around us daily. Based in Chicago, The Daily Rash spoofs the famous people who fill our lives with beauty and who bring us so much joy. Any similarities between our stories and real life are coincidental! Nothing here is very true!

Other News

  • National Judge To Christians: Celebrate Gay Weddings Or Go To Jail

    Judge To Christians: Celebrate Gay Weddings Or Go To Jail

    An administrative judge has ruled Christians must now celebrate sodomy, or face jail.

    Spreading “civil rights commissions” in most cities and states are turning toward anti-Christian persecution, when Democrats and Judges rule that homosexual “rights” take precedence over Religious Freedom to opt out.

    Such was the case last week, when a pro-gay Judge in Colorado supported a pro-gay “rights” commission to enforce a Democrat non-discrimination law that openly punishes Christians.

    Jack Phillips, a Christian baker, was deemed to have no First Amendment protections, no right to protest, no free speech, no freedom of religion. Instead he was warned by Judge Robert N. Spencer that he must personally help celebrate homosexual “wedding” ceremonies or face $500 fines per future incident or jail.

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  • National Why A Republican Governor Vetoed Religious Freedom

    Why A Republican Governor Vetoed Religious Freedom

    Before the Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (RINO-AZ) vetoed a religious freedom bill that would have protected Christian business owners, she was warned not to embrace the homosexual agenda by nearly a dozen law professors.

    “Nearly a dozen leading law professors from Harvard, Stanford, George Mason, Notre Dame and other top institutions across America have endorsed the controversial legislation in Arizona that would strengthen the state’s religious-rights standards,” reports WND.

    The bill has been egregiously misrepresented by many of its critics,” the professors said in a letter to Brewer. “We write because we believe that you should make your decision on the basis of accurate information.

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  • National Dueling Boycotts: Christians vs. ‘Gays’ And Mozilla vs. World Vision

    Dueling Boycotts: Christians vs. ‘Gays’ And Mozilla vs. World Vision

    In recent weeks two dueling boycotts have forced leaders to resign their jobs.

    First the Christian charity World Vision endorsed homosexual “marriage” and faced a severe backlash by Christians. The corporation quickly repented, and issued a statement reversing their policy and returning to “Biblical Authority” for Jesus’ Matthew 19 definition of marriage as valid only between one man and one woman.

    A pro-homosexual board member, Jacqueline Fuller was forced to resign, and now World Vision has fully returned to the Christian faith. The Christian boycott has ended, and it is now safe again for Christians to donate to World Vision.

    However, all is not well, since other companies are now persecuting Christian leaders.

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  • Culture “Brady’s Law” endorsed by National Right To Life leader

    “Brady’s Law” endorsed by National Right To Life leader

    National Right To Life leader endorses “Brady’s Law” in Colorado

    If you’re an insider to the pro-life movement, you recognize the potential divide between “incrementalist” pro-lifers who want to make abortions harder to do, and “personhood” pro-lifers who want to ban all abortions beginning at conception.

    I just conducted a news-making interview that may help bridge the pro-life divide.

    Carol Tobias, president of the National Right To Life Committee (NRLC), was just interviewed on our TV show PIJN NEWS and we discussed our differences.

    Carol then endorsed Colorado’s ballot initiative, Amendment 67, “Brady’s Law” that would protect children beginning at conception, giving them legal status if killed by a criminal.

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  • Christian Persecution ‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Chickens’: Muslim Persecution Of Christians, December 2013

    ‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Chickens’: Muslim Persecution Of Christians, December 2013

    As happens at Christmas every year throughout the Muslim world, Christians and their churches were especially targeted—from jihadi terror strikes killing worshippers, to measures by Muslim authorities restricting Christmas celebrations. Some incidents follow:

    Iraq: “Militants” reported the Associated Press, “targeted Christians in three separate Christmas Day bombings in Baghdad, killing at least 37 people, officials said Wednesday. In one attack, a car bomb went off near a church in the capital’s southern Dora neighborhood, killing at least 26 people and wounding 38, a police officer said. Earlier, two bombs ripped through a nearby outdoor market simultaneously in the Christian section of Athorien, killing 11 people and wounding 21.”

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