CA. Police Chief Ken James: Police Use Guns To Intimidate And Show Power, Not For Defensive Purposes

In a shocking moment caught on camera, Police Chief Ken James of Emeryville California stated that his police department did not use guns for defensive purposes. Guns were only used to intimidate and show power in order to do their jobs in a safe and effective manner.

This bizarre statement was made during an anti-self defense conference promoting stricter gun control laws on California citizens.

The Orwellian practice of changing the meaning and tone of language to promote the left’s agenda is quite common, but it seemed to have backfired on Chief James and only succeeded at making this police force sound like aggressive thugs. Every day we see the media try to convince the public that semi-auto rifles are military assault weapons, and that standard capacity magazines have dangerously high amounts of ammunition that must be banned. These small language manipulations have worked well for the anti-self defense crowd, but to hear a police chief go as far as to state that his police force does not use their firearms to defend themselves and their community, but rather to intimidate and show power is mind blowing.

Chief James is trying to paint all gun owners at aggressive criminals, but the video of the statement only seems to make the Emeryville Police look like the tyranical agressors. For those that would like to ask Chief James a question about his statement, please visit the Emeryville Ca. contact page here. Or mail them at the following address: 2449 Powell Street – Emeryville, CA  94608 – Ph: (510) 596-3700 – Fax: (510) 653-5883.

Thankfully there are hundreds of great law enforcement officials defending our rights and upholding their oath of office, such as Texas Sheriff Jack Brandes.

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  1. Lentenlands says:

    Given the hour and the desperate situation this Nation now faces, why are the traitorous politicians violating their oaths of fidelity to the Constitution not being arrested, impeached and punished? Politicians who introduce legislation to disarm the People should be. In Missouri a bill was introduced along these lines, but we already have a process called impeachment.

    In NY, Gov. Cuomo and Senator Skelos should be arrested, impeached and imprisoned for their crime against the People and their infidelity to the Constitution that they swore fidelity to. If this were to happen across the Nation, the forces of disarmament could not so easily influence politicians to violate their oaths. The reason that politicians and judges spend their careers plotting against and outright betraying the People and the Constitution is that no one ever moves to arrest and stop them. If we continue to do business in America the way that we have, can we ever expect different results?

    Why not demand the arrest and impeachment of politicians working to destroy that which they have sworn allegiance and fidelity to? If this became a popular movement, it might be a game changer and put these rats on their best behavior. Tens of thousands of People clamoring for someone’s arrest and prosecution can be very motivational.

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