Can US Tax Dollars Buy The Loyalty Of Evil People

Over the last few days I have sat back and watched the unraveling of the US Pakistan relationship due to NATO solders defending themselves.  Pakistan has been and still is a safe place for terrorists to hide yet we do nothing about it but give them American tax-payer dollars and then turn a blind eye in hopes that it will all work out in the end. The American tax payers, since 911,(just after the “Religion of Peace” radicals acted on the orders from the Koran) have given 6.08 BILLION to that nation and for what, for them to allow safe harbor for Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists?

Our American soldiers and those of our allies put themselves in harm’s way to help make the world a little safer for you and me by fighting against the hate and intolerance of the Islamic religious racists and we use property in Pakistan as a base because they are our “friends”. Our “friends” that hid the killers of American soldiers and “we the people”. For many years we searched for Bin Laden as he continued to plot the death of all us “infidels”.  Where did we find him? A few blocks from a Pakistani military base. Pakistan hid Osama Bin Laden just like they do other Islamic religious zealots.

NATO troops are continually attacked and then the terrorists run to Pakistan for safe harbor and this time we struck back and now Pakistan has the guts to say we were in the wrong and they have closed down the border and have left our boys and girls without supplies, to make it easier for the hateful believers of the Koran to kill?

I say it is time for America to take a stand and pull all US aid from Pakistan. 608 Billion since 911 and we still have an enemy. This tells us that we cannot buy loyalty and friendship. Take that money and use it to fund operations from another base, or give it to Israel and let them take an active role. If we do not have the courage to do the right thing,  give the money to someone who does, someone that really is our friend.

The US has a history of funding the lesser of two evils and then hope it all works out in the end. The US tax dollars funded Mubarak’s tyrannical rule and yes that bought us a few years of peace but it left a door for the Muslim Brotherhood and now we have lost the Egyptian people as our friends and today the hate filled Muslim Brotherhood is growing and will become a bigger problem in the future.

The US gives aid to about 192 nations in this world and how many of them really like us? Many of them hate us but use us for our cash and then work against us. As America digs a hole that we or our children will NEVER get out of the enemies we give our money freely to plot to kill us literally and economically. Why?

Texas Representative Ted Poe in March of 2011 explains our foreign aid:

We give cash to almost every terrorist nation in the world.  We spend an estimated 4 Billion dollars per year and we take in about 2 Billion dollars per year. This does not take a rocket scientist to see we cannot continue this! Now we need to and should help those of our friends in need as we can.  We need to have a loyal friend in the Middle East and we have one in Israel. But for us to help anyone we must help everyone and that is just plain stupid.  Rep. Ted Poe suggests we break up the aid by nation and vote each one up or done by its individual merits and that is the right thing to do. We should not say “if we help Israel we have to also help those who what to killer her”.  That is like buying a liquor store owner a gun to protect himself and then giving the thug that is going to rob the store a gun so that we make sure and treat all equally.  “We the people” can see that this is stupid and foolish; why can’t our elected representatives see it?

Money cannot buy loyalty and friendship.  If people hate you and want you dead, money will not save you. It’s time we rethink our foreign policy. There is no need to borrow money from China so we can turn around and giving it freely to the Chinese people in the form of aid. There is no sane reason why we should give money to terrorist nations then buy their oil because we are too foolish to drill our own.


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