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Exploiting Christian Persecution To Demonize Israel

What’s worse than the silence of Western Christians concerning the Muslim persecution of their coreligionists in the Islamic world? Answer: Cynically exploiting that persecution for a political agenda—in the case of a recent Daily Beast article, to excoriate the state of Israel and its supporters.

Titled “Why Won’t the West Defend Middle Eastern Christians?” and written by Diarmaid MacCulloch, a Fellow of St. Cross College, the article touches on the persecution of Christians, but primarily as a springboard to attack American Christian support for Israel. Consider the following excerpt:

… one of the silences which I find most frustrating is precisely the lack of noise from Western Christians about the fate of ancient Christianities in the Middle East.

Women, You Are Called ‘For Such A Time As This’

I love the Old Testament account of Queen Esther, a beautiful young Jewish woman who put her life on the line to serve God and save her people.

Esther had been orphaned as a child and raised by her cousin Mordecai. She was elevated from a life of relative obscurity – via rather unique circumstances – to sit atop the throne of the Persian Empire. King Xerxes chose her, from many, as his queen following a royal bridal contest. He was unaware that Esther and Mordecai were Jewish. It is unlikely that he would have chosen
Esther had he known. Mordecai was then appointed to a low level government position.

After Mordecai unearthed a conspiracy to assassinate King Xerxes, he quickly advised Esther. She, in turn, warned the king, giving full credit for the discovery to Mordecai who was richly rewarded for his loyalty.


A Presidential Campaign Play Surprise from a “NY Times” Columnist

In my August 19, 2012 article “Obama’s Presidential Campaign Playbook?” Chapter I included these actions:

Obscure Obama’s actual record as President.
When impossible to obscure, spin Obama’s record to present his failed initiatives and policies as significant accomplishments.
However, I didn’t anticipate how thoroughly some Democrats have already accepted Obama’s failures as accomplishments worthy of a second four years. That lesson was driven home 08/26/2012 with the publication of three “letters to the editor” in the “Houston Chronicle” extolling Obama’s Medicare “plan” and foreign policy successes. The letters were in response to “NY Times” columnist David Brooks’ 08/23/2012 op-ed praising Romney/Ryan’s Medicare Plan. That column is presented in Chapter III so the three letters follow comments about Brooks op-ed item.

Ash Wednesday

With polemics prevailing in the current cultural climate, this Ash Wednesday, on which Western Christians begin Lent, the following reading from Isaiah is instructive and useful for reflective purposes: Shout the message! Don’t hold back. Say to my people Israel:
You’ve sinned! You’ve turned against the LORD. Day after day, you worship him and seem eager to learn his teachings. You act like a nation that wants to do right by obeying his laws. You ask him about justice, and say you enjoy worshipping the LORD. You wonder why the LORD pays no attention when you go without eating and act humble. But on those same days that you give up eating, you think only of yourselves [a] and abuse your workers. You even get angry and ready to fight.

Why We Should Resist The European Financial Transactions Tax

London, December 17, 2011 – The European Commission has recently proposed the imposition of a Financial Transactions Tax. This is completely the wrong priority and would especially harm the UK. As Conservatives we have an instinctive distrust of higher taxes and this article sets out the theoretical, historical and practical reasons to oppose this tax.

Growth stalling, confidence plummeting, credit restricted. So what does Europe want to do? Introduce a financial transactions tax that by its own admission could wipe out almost 2% of EU GDP. Plans for such a tax demonstrate either breathtaking naivety, an unbelievable ignorance of basic economics or just plain stupidity. Perhaps most disheartening is that it is Conservative European leaders such as Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy who are some its loudest supporters.