Christmas Eve Child Murderer Arrested In Houston

Child murderer Mona Nelson posing with Houston Mayor Annise Parker

This horrifying story may finally be coming to an end. Charges have been filed against Mona Yvette Nelson, 44, in the Christmas Eve murder of 12 year old Jonathan Foster.

Jonathan was abducted from his home, murdered and his body was burned and dumped in a ditch on a night when most children were enjoying the Christmas holidays and creating memories with their families. Now Jonathan’s family will be living through the tragic nightmare of losing a child, under the most unusual of circumstances.

It seems that Nelson had a connection to the family through young Jonathan’s baby sitter. It is not known if the victim was sexually assaulted. Autopsy results are pending.

Mona Nelson had a rap sheet that dated back to 1984 and had previously spent time in prison.

Mona Yvette Nelson, 44, was charged Wednesday night with capital murder for the death of 12-year-old Jonathan Foster.

According to investigators, Nelson is a family acquaintance from the North Forest area.

Nelson was being held Thursday in Harris County Jail without bond. She was not present for her probable cause court appearance Thursday morning. Her next court appearance is slated for Monday, January 3rd.

Officials said surveillance video from an office building near the culvert where a burned body was found captured images of Nelson’s truck as she disposed of the body in the ditch.

The body was spotted by a passerby Tuesday morning in a ditch in northeast Houston near the Hardy Toll Rd. It was charred beyond recognition and dental records had to be used to determine identity.

Harris County Insititute of Forensic Sciences identified the body late Wednesday as Jonathan’s. It was a discovery his loved ones had been fearing and police have been expecting.

Jonathan was last seen alive Christmas Eve. His mother first told investigators he was with a babysitter, but she later admitted he was home alone.

Nelson’s criminal record dates back to 1984 with charges for criminal mischief, aggravated robbery, possession of marijuana, passing a bad check, theft and terroristic threat. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, she was found guilty of aggravated robbery in 1984. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the same charge in 1991, possibly for probation violation, officials said.

Nelson was in TDCJ custody 1991-94 and was paroled through October 2001.

There is real evil in this world, and Mona Nelson is an example of why each of us needs to hold our children close. Love and protect them every day because predators like Nelson are more common than we would care to imagine.


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  1. BillKneer says:

    It never ceases to amaze me at the evil man can do. May the Lord have mercy on her soul I am not sure I can.

  2. DD Rowland says:

    Is he gay? Maybe they were at a gap party and that is how then know each other. Parker needs to be careful with whom she spends time.


  3. Todd Sawyer says:

    Huh? How horribly slanted! Regardless of who Annise Parker is, anyone could have a picture taken with a person who could go on to do horrible things. Because Ms. Parker is a politician she is likely to have pictures taken with all kinds of people. What do you expect? That all politicians (regardless of political affiliation) would or could control who takes their picture? I bet I could go online and find a number of pictures with politicians and someone who was a psychopath/criminal. How about Mike Huckabee? A super guy who paroled an inmate that went out and killed Washington police officers? I doubt if he knew that was going to happen. I am sure he would have denied parole. This picture in the article is irresponsible, malious, and simply in poor form — a low of lows. How offensive to Ms. Parker and the citizens of Houston that she represents.

  4. BillKneer says:

    Todd are right many people can have there pictures taken with any politician. But i do not understand what is slanted this story has said nothing about that Mayor.

    This is a sad case of a sick individual harming an innocent child.

    Personally i am no fan of the mayor or her life style. She sets a bad example for others by living a life that chooses to go against the values of this nation and this nations God. but we can argue that in the next campaign.

  5. A.M. says:

    Talk about missing the point. A child’s life has been brutally ended and some people are more worried about the Mayor of Houston. This post is not about Parker, but about the young life of Jonathan Foster.

    This is a Houston news story and this is a popular photo of Mona Nelson. If you care to forward a photo of Mona Nelson with Mike Huckabee, I’d be happy to post it. Heck, send me a photo of Mona Nelson with Elvis. I don’t care. The photo isn’t the point.

  6. HoustonBorn says:

    I think it’s very bad taste to post a picture of Nelson with the Mayor. Come on! If you want to be a respectable, factual news source, how about a mug shot? The Mayor has nothing to do with this woman’s crimes. This is like posting a picture of this murderer in a field full of bunnies– completely out of context.

    • A.M. says:

      Annise? Is that you?

      I take offense to your accusation that I aspire to be “respectable” or a “factual news source”.

      On another note – I like your bunny idea and may use it in future blog posts.

    • BillKneer says:

      Would it have been better to put a picture of me up there on the article? I mean i do look much better.. But i have not had my picture with her..

      But really this is not about Mayor Parker but it seems those around her want her name out there so you keep coming here and saying her name. Aaron did not say anything about Mayor Parker only those who do not like this peace have…

  7. Reina says:

    I agree with A. M. and Mr. Keener that this is NOT a story about the Mayor. This is a horrific story. I pray for the family of the victim and the murderer. I can’t even imagine what the little boy’s mother must be going through. The only comfort is knowing that the boy is in a better place with no more suffering.

    Little side note on the photo…you could have cropped the photo to just show the murderer’s face….

  8. Dee says:

    Why is the death penalty not being sought? This is the worst crime imaginable….this is what the death penalty is for and this is Texas so what gives? Could Annise be protected a fellow gay?

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