Confirmed: Qatar To Expel Brotherhood

Dr. Kamel Helbawi, a former spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, confirmed that Qatar is preparing to evict many Muslim Brotherhood leaders who had fled to Doha seeking refuge after the Egyptian military ousted the Muhammad Morsi government in July 2013.

Earlier reports had said that Qatar—home of Al Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood’s propaganda mouthpiece—was being pressured to expel those Brotherhood leaders hiding there by Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

It is believed that they will be sent to London, England, which has not ratified the international extradition agreement.

Helbawi, who is also the founder of the Muslim League in Britain and secretary-general of the Islamic Unity Forum in Europe, made his remarks on the Egyptian TV show, “Liberty Lounge.”  The host repeatedly asked him if reports that Qatar is kicking the Brotherhood out were true or a rumor, and he repeatedly confirmed them to be true, adding that he is sorry to see the “disintegration of the Gulf States.”

In the same interview, the former Brotherhood spokesman said that the organization is suffering from internal disputes, especially among the youth, which “is causing great consternation for the leadership.”

Raymond Ibrahim – Islam Translated


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