Congress Slams Air Force For threatening Religious Freedom. Take action!

Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA)

Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) publicly grilled Air Force leadership for their failure to protect religious freedom for Academy cadets, who were threatened with punishment for posting Bible verses on their public white-boards outside their dormitory rooms.

Last month we reported cadets at the Air Force Academy are under fire because they exercised their First Amendment right to post bible verses on their personal white boards in the hallway outside their rooms.  Many displayed scriptures with positive, uplifting Bible verses proclaiming their faith in Jesus Christ, and encouraging others.

But certain anti-Christian complainers demanded the scriptures be erased, and the Superintendent of the Air Force Academy admitted that senior officers met with and pressured at least one cadet to remove the Bible verses, and he complied, and erased them.

Had he not erased the Bible, he would have been punished, admitted at least one Air Force lawyer, who apparently has never read the First Amendment of the Constitution, and also wants to violate DoD regulations and federal law passed by Congress last year.  This drew the attention of the U.S. Congress, who grilled Air Force leaders last week in hearings on Capitol Hill.

Watch!  Congressman Randy Forbes grills the SecAF and CSAF demanding religious freedom for Academy cadets

This video is proof that YOU are making a difference by faxing Congress, and signing our petitions to defend religious freedom for members of our military.

Thankfully, it appears we are making progress, since my own Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) sent a letter signed by 22 Congressmen demanding the Air Force restore religious freedom for all members of our military.  There will be more to come.

Let’s keep up the pressure, and sign a petition to Congress demanding military freedom:

Please select here to sign urgent petition, and we will fax all 100 Senators (saving you time!) to PROTECT MILITARY CHAPELS, CHAPLAINS AND TROOPS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM to oppose immorality, restore the good chapel amendment from H.R. 4310.

Or you may choose our Free Petition Option Here.

God Bless you, in Jesus’ name,

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