Democrat Trickle Down Economics – Sit Home The Rich Will Take Care Of You

Barack Obama says if you and your wife make up to $250,000 a year, he will raise your taxes, and according to Barack Obama you are a rich person. According to Barack Obama, it does it not matter if you have 5 or more children, it does not matter what other commitments your households have, you will have to pay more taxes because you are “rich”. What Mr. Obama really wants to do is to take your money and give it to the “less fortunate”, which happens to include me and a lot of other people in the United States who make a lot less than that amount.  This is nothing but wealth re-distribution a la Obama, which hurts job creation, and in turn, hurts the “less fortunate.”  “Spread the wealth” Obama ideology is akin to a buffet prepared by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with the standard imported caviar served at DNC parties from Moscow, the Moscow of Lenin and Stalin.  Let’s face it:  Obama wants to turn this country into a communist enclave by fostering class warfare – taking from the rich and giving to the poor – Robin Hood economics. I feel like I am hearing the leaders of the Bolshevik revolution talking about uniting the workers of the world against the bourgeoisie, effective class war. Fostering class war has never worked, or else the USSR would still be around today.  Class war only works to achieve one objective: control.  Class war works to consolidate power over the rich, by making them fearful, and over the poor, by making them dependent.

A perfect example is Obama’s disputed healthcare legislation.  Obama says health care should be a “right.” In the socialist paradigm, any “need” is enshrined as a “right.” “We the people,” many uneducated, will be only too happy to receive insurance from the government.  What could be the problem with “free,” taxpayer funded healthcare?  The only problem, is again, like socialist revolutions that have failed everywhere, the government cannot run healthcare for 230 million American citizens(let alone the millions of illegal aliens), and that excludes medical tourists (people who come here as tourists knowing that they are sick, and end up in the emergency room knowing they cannot pay), which no one is even talking about anymore. How much will that cost? Forcing employers to pay a fee incentivizes small business owners to dump their workers on the government. And even then, others are still left uncovered.  What will happen to the unemployed who do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid? The government cannot even run itself; how can it run health care?
Why do I want a bunch of guys who cannot run a campaign to operate my bank, my doctors’ office, and my mortgage company? What are we becoming? Cuba? Shouldn’t the government just concentrate on taking advantage of the American people day in day out as they are presently doing? Obama claims that he will balance the budget, he will get America working again, and that is good news because America needs to start working again, but with all that new spending he is proposing, balancing the budget will not be accomplished even if he was to serve for 3 terms. When the government just spent $700 billion to bail out Wall Street fat cats with no demonstrable effect on jobs or growth, and Obama claims he wants to “spread the wealth” around, why should we trust him with new spending ventures? Under Obama’s tax plan I will not see my taxes increase, but is that really fair? The beauty of capitalism and democracy is that people work hard, it breeds competition and ingenuity, which encourages upward mobility.  To penalize people for being successful in business is crazy. It does not make sense.
Our only choice is strap on our seat belt for the bumpy ride that will be the next year with the socialists running the Senate and the White House, it’s time to recite the Lord’s prayer and ask God to deliver us from Obama. But Thank God there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I can see November 2012 from here.  Will we repeat the same mistake?

Dr. Prophet Mbong runs Zoe Heritage SP, an Evangelistic and Publishing business. He is a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and an ordained Methodist Minister. He is the Author of Miles’ Vision of an Essential Church – 140 Years Later (an expose on hypocrisy of Black Liberation Theology, Affirmative Action and its Preachers). He is also Author of The Jonah in Us: Finding faith & the Purpose of Life, A personal experience)

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